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Image: group.jpg   1000x732 302417 bytes 2005.09.21

errr, well kinda an inside joke for\r\n->convention time!!! larp, etc... yay!\r\n(well does anybody understand me? oO)\r\n\r\ni think the chibis turned out well and my boyfriends char duncan also....\r\n\r\nwhatever, has have anyone seen this movie from roleplayers where one guy always is missing? and his charackter is watching trees & so on... here you have the joke too... because k. is in tansania.... whee!!! tansania!!!\r\n\r\nme is luka\r\nfriend from school is tora\r\n*anyone* is yueshi....dont know her really

Image: ork.jpg   1000x775 239341 bytes 2005.05.25

Image: seadr4.jpg   800x668 41045 bytes 2003.07.25

Image: tuch.jpg   800x769 46178 bytes 2003.07.20

It's a little study of shading style (left comic, right "real")\r\n\r\nI love the ass/ left leg part.

Image: 3pixies.jpg   500x649 40644 bytes 2003.03.03

Picture for my friend Ronja D.\r\n\r\nMade with color pencils\r\nin class XD

Image: h-d-saurus-violett.jpg   558x731 34610 bytes 2002.11.01

Which color is best?

Image: h-d-saurus-blue.jpg   558x731 58079 bytes 2002.11.01

I'm so proud of this picture.

Image: h-d-saurus.jpg   558x731 43789 bytes 2002.11.01

The Heterodontosaur has lived 190 Million years ago (Jura)\r\nHis name means: "Lizzard with different teeth".\r\nHe was only 1,20 metres long! Heterodontosaur has eaten plants and was found at the beginning of the 60ties in South Africa.\r\n\r\nPencil/Photoshop\r\nDone after a picture in the journal "Dinosaurier!" (Heft Nr.23)

Image: gryphon.jpg   500x261 24887 bytes 2002.07.01

I think it came out very well. One of my first steps in the gryphhonish area.\r\nMy Mom said it's a "She" because it hasn't got balls. See? She looks a bit narcisstic to me. \r\nShe has the corpus of a lion, the tail of a cat, the wings and antennas like a dragon, and final the head of... well... some carnivorish burdie... (help me, what's that from?? @_@)\r\n\r\nNameless up till now.\r\nPhotoshop/ Pencil/ Copy Paper. Luv it.

Image: chromosomes.jpg   850x586 174852 bytes 2002.06.02

So, this is a picture for a swallow. No, you won't understand. :P\r\n\r\nDescription ('cause I'm sometimes sorta... well... weird...)\r\nYou see an alligator. Not a croc.\r\nIt's wet. (White)\r\nIt's covered with blood. (Red)\r\nBetween it's teeth there's a broken, bleeding blue/violet Chromosome.\r\nIt drools because it wants to eat the other Chromosome, who's getting snapped in a few seconds.\r\nThe alligator's kinda smiling, don't you think so?\r\nWell, and the hypnotic background is just there because I want a confusing pic. XD\r\nHave a nice day, folks. Tomorrow is the end of the world.\r\n\r\nDone with senseless affection, tapestry colours and thick paper...

Image: chralirawoo-real.gif   500x367 53475 bytes 2002.03.09

Chralirawoo again. Bit more realistic now.\r\n\r\nPhotoshop.\r\nDone at home.

Image: jungle.jpg   500x476 34031 bytes 2002.03.09

Revison of an old pic.\r\nI like it. Even much more now. ░_-\r\nFor the ones who died.\r\n\r\nPhotoshop\r\nDone at home.

Image: 222phoenix.JPG   300x300 33133 bytes 2002.03.09

Phoenix! Skreeee!\r\n\r\nOekaki pic\r\nDone at home.

Image: feanarthbanner2.jpg   400x121 18961 bytes 2002.03.09

Homepage banner for Feanarth's lair [<<>>, avaiable in English and German] Go and have a lookie! There are fine artwork, reviews and lotsa stuff ^,^ \r\nThe banner tooks me hours... (I hate toes. Really.)\r\nBut I like it and Fen, too, so it's all nice for my very first Photoshop banner.

Image: chralirawoo.gif   500x367 57753 bytes 2002.03.09

Yay! I proudly present me, a shadow dragon (my dragonish name is Drashy) in a Chralirawoo- a new animal!\r\nThe Chralirawoo lives in the woods, water, or in the air. It walks and runs on two legs, when it's eating, it stands on four. The Chralirawoo eats all it can find.\r\nIt consists of:\r\nChancer: Tail tongs and their colour.\r\nRabbit: Silhouette of horns\r\nLion: Paws, fur and hunger. ^u^\r\nRat: Teeth and ears\r\nWoodpecker: Beak, wings and body/wings colour.

Image: mothersheep.jpg   400x500 26049 bytes 2001.12.02

Maah.\r\nThis one hangs in my room. It's my biggest pencil work (40x50cm) I like it. It's my mother, defamilarized of course ^_^

Image: dolphina2.jpg   500x322 31920 bytes 2001.08.30

Another Formentera-Piccie, you see ^_~ (a quick one, yep. I'm sorry for that, tokee?)\r\nIt's... uhm... Lansa, a dolphina. (Chara no 375) And lookie- she wants to play the game! Uuuuh! o.˘ Hurry up, boys!\r\nLansa's 19 yrs old, got 4 brothers (so be nice to her!) and likes icecream. She dislikes anything what doesn't make fun. The dolphina's student on a college and wants to become a doctor. Anyway. *likes that word ^-^

Image: kittyleandro.jpg   450x515 34247 bytes 2001.08.30

Whee!! I'm back from Formentera! Ugh, that was such an BORING isle! I drew all day (mostly on paper, sometimes in sand, on posters, on stones, on me- yep)\r\nHere's one of thousand new charas... Kitty Leandro! Maybe she's just born for the pic. Maybe not. We'll see. *sigh*\r\nEverything else to say? Uhm... Kitty is *thinks a minute* 24 yrs old, lives in Egypt and works as an barkeeper in the "H˘seki"- Club (h˘seki means jewel, btw) Her parents are both dead (eaten by jackals) \r\nKitty's lesbian and likes her girlfriends tongue. She likes anyway to go out barefeet, Paella, watching TV during the night and drinking dark beer. She dislikes her girlfriend's dog, autos, chocolate and guests who come to the "H˘seki". Enough? o_-*

Image: dolphinmaid22.jpg   500x716 87241 bytes 2001.08.07

It's mo mermaid- it's a dolphinmaid! (Sai, you're soooo funny.. blah) Yeah. Hmmm... she's nameless and hasn't got any identity. Poor dolphinmaid.\r\nThe background sucks. I hate that piccie today. Hmm, come again tomorrow, tokee?\r\nBlubb.

Image: nijaab_w.jpg   300x436 11813 bytes 2001.08.05

Another Nijaa. It's a cut of him from the natives near his homelake ^-~

Image: chicken20.jpg   525x509 165958 bytes 2001.08.05

Hey! A premiere! My first picture here- and my first CG! I'm very proud of that!\r\nAnything else to say? Hm, the "happy chicken" was made for a friend of mine... \r\nEnjoy it... ^^

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