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Image: Beaver.gif   309x400 39005 bytes 2007.07.21


Quickie sketch just because I was bored. Not very good but I've been spending too much time on stuff lately and thought I should try doing something real quick.\r\n

Tags: beaver, wood  
Image: hamachi.jpg   555x700 50283 bytes 2007.07.13

Suki suki hamachi!

A quick experiment in trying to make the appearance of 'real media' over a pencil drawing using ArtRage 2.0\r\n

Tags: cat fish hamachi  
Image: Zen.jpg   292x368 19559 bytes 2007.07.13


Simplified contemplation piece.

Tags: zen contemplation  
Image: eleloon.gif   323x400 28927 bytes 2006.12.12


It's an elephant balloon!\r\n\r\nIt's winter, it's grey. Have something silly and sunny!\r\n

Tags: elephant balloon  
Image: Wolfen.gif   193x193 13459 bytes 2006.04.02

Goofy little wolf guy. Super quick sketch. Initially inked it with a pen. Re-inked and coloured with Illustrator. I really liked something about the shape of the face and the smile. I don't ususally upload thumbnails like this but it's fun every once in a while. :)

Image: RubberDuck.gif   286x399 11386 bytes 2006.04.02

Rubber Duck is ready to dive!\r\n\r\nNot sure what I was thinking but I really got a giggle out of this so I coloured it on the train and uploaded it. Inked and painted in Illustrator.\r\n

Image: FoxCrop.jpg   258x500 29665 bytes 2006.03.12

Just a quickie drawing. Inked with a dip pen, coloured in photoshop.\r\nNot sure why but I liked something about the design of this character. Weird head shape, very thin limbs, and # signs for pupils? I dunno. \r\n

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