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Image: orruh.jpg   902x1200 349917 bytes 2009.12.31


Sketch done on 15x20 piece of watercolor paper while watching The Dark Crystal.

Tags: orruh dragon mystic dark crystal darkcrystal  
Image: ragdoll.jpg   1500x750 210640 bytes 2009.02.05

Ragdoll and the Very Dark Path

\r\n"This is fun, Mr. Mushroom!", she cried out as she rode along bumping on his back and none the wiser where he might be taking her.

Tags: ragdoll mushroom shroom path forest woods goblins trip psychedelic bunny  
Image: spacecat2.jpg   223x300 25594 bytes 2009.02.05

Le Chat Mechanique

Did a quick inking and colored pencil job on this for fun.

Tags: space cat future fantasy  
Image: docking.jpg   759x1000 284680 bytes 2009.02.05

Docking Control

This is docking control. We are always watching. You are cleared to land.

Tags: docking lenses camera cyborg strange surreal  
Image: fire-spirit.jpg   700x992 243193 bytes 2009.02.03

Fire Spirit

The fire blazing before her leaped into the pendant at her throat. There was a white hot pain but she bore it and let the fire consume her soul. Then, she awoke, reborn.

Tags: fire dragon spirit horns  
Image: dangerous.gif   500x386 45521 bytes 2009.02.03


When traveling to alien worlds, never trust the indigenous life, no matter how harmless it may appear.

Tags: alien rabbit bunny spacebunny monster dangerous careful mutant  
Image: sleazy_couple.jpg   500x717 82032 bytes 2009.02.03

Sleazy Couple

A sleazy couple makin' out under an underpass. Eeeeeww! Totally not what I normally draw but hey. Variety is the spice of life, neh?

Tags: sleaze sleazy couple pimp moll dog fox underpass  
Image: fates.jpg   594x800 298862 bytes 2009.02.02


Image to go along with a short story I wrote.\r\n\r\nSee for story.

Tags: chaos fates kitten  
Image: Wizard_Tree_Protector.jpg   755x1000 381195 bytes 2009.02.02

Wizard Tree Protector

And as the dragon approached, the aged tree wizard cast out with the staff of a thousand hands and spread out to protect the tiny creatures.

Tags: wizard tree protector dragon canids magic sorcery  
Image: Saturn_Dance.jpg   448x600 143164 bytes 2009.02.02

Saturn Dance

Saturn has returned. Let's have a party!

Tags: Saturn reptile lizard dance party  
Image: Slug_Girl.jpg   600x400 59705 bytes 2009.02.02

Slug Girl

\r\nUm.. Ya... Soo.. It wasn't actually acid, it was shrooms but acid sounds better and my partner likes slug girls and transformations so... I tried to draw her a slug girl but found it darned hard to draw in that state. Tentacles kept sprouting out of everything. It's taken me forever to get around to coloring this. Every time I've gone back and looked at it, I've been like "Woah... Uh..."

Tags: sluggirl slug lsd acid mushrooms shrooms  
Image: Centipede_Queen.jpg   600x833 163001 bytes 2009.02.02

The Centipede Queen

Deep beneath the Earth's crust, she moves in ripples, rising like the tide from the flames of the world's core, she comes from within and rushes towards the light.\r\n\r\n\r\nSpent the night tripping, listening to Hallucinogen and drawing centipedes. Now that's a quality evening!

Tags: centipede queen acid lsd psychedelic  
Image: meatbus.jpg   737x1000 309254 bytes 2009.02.02



Tags: meatbus weird crazy psychedelic  
Image: The_Stack.jpg   576x800 147000 bytes 2009.02.02

The Stack

An experiment in limited color and subtle use of texture from a vector-based image.\r\n\r\nMy friend thinks I've been reading too many french comics from the 70s. :)

Tags: stack alien weird spacepenis  
Image: Your_Idiot_Cousin.jpg   603x800 239384 bytes 2009.02.02

Your Idiot Cousin

Not all psychedelics are created equal. Having imbibed something that was later labeled 'Swamp Water' or 'Stupid Juice', the psychonauts spent the next half dozen hours laying on the floor laughing and feeling far less intelligent than a freshman at a frat party. LSA, the idiot cousin. While the explorers might have sent a message of warning, instead, this is all that was recovered, scrawled on the side of a wall in crayon and ketchup.

Tags: idiot cousin psychedelic lsa stupid swamp water  
Image: Saucer.jpg   600x776 50236 bytes 2009.02.02


Some poor little guy in his flying saucer speeding towards Earth.

Tags: flying saucer ufo alien spaceship silly  
Image: Sariman_Saku.jpg   800x526 123640 bytes 2009.02.02

Sariman Saku

Ah spring. The businessmen are in bloom.

Tags: sariman salarymen saku bloom alien weird freaky creepy  
Image: Leviathan_Approaches.jpg   500x700 128388 bytes 2009.02.02

Leviathan Approaches

They sat on the shore of the strange underground ocean and feasted upon the curious mushrooms that grew within the caverns. Forthwith, the calm blue water stirred. A strange and writhing shape surged up from the depths. The leviathan approached.\r\n\r\nArtRage and Photoshop

Tags: psychedelic leviathn cthulu  
Image: Sudoku.jpg   613x800 96590 bytes 2009.02.02


Just fooling around in photoshop and forcing myself to do something that's higher contrast and uses a more complex palette than just complimentaries.

Tags: sudoku weird  
Image: AlenTheRed.jpg   825x700 190983 bytes 2007.08.02

Red vs Storm

Alen the Red throws her weight hard at the wheel, desperate to stay clear of the rocks, her ship caught up in the ranging storm. This is no way for a free spirit to die.

Tags: squirrel pirate privateer bucaneer storm ship rain squall  
Image: Pega.jpg   616x800 58437 bytes 2007.07.30


*shame* I think I had some kind of flashback to the sorts of posters that were in my room when I was a child. *blush*\r\n

Tags: pegasus unicorn  
Image: AcidBunnies.jpg   710x1000 107934 bytes 2007.07.10

Alice versus the Acid Bunnies.

Oh dear. Looks like Alice took a bad trip down the rabbit hole. Poor dear. I hope she's alright.\r\n\r\nPhotoshop over a sketch.

Image: Trooba.png   667x550 123913 bytes 2007.07.09

Trooba and Blorf

A weird little doodle in my sketchbook that I thought was cute, so I tried drawing it using colored line edges. I really like this one. :)

Tags: silly comic alien tentacles dogs psuedopods surreal  
Image: Chawte.jpg   432x600 55140 bytes 2007.07.09


Reading Michael Gagne's Insanely Twisted Rabbits while watching Ren and Stimpy produced this regrettable love child. I fear their children

Tags: ugly horror scary chihuahua rabbit hippo horse monsterous johnk  
Image: blast.jpg   494x700 68689 bytes 2007.07.09

Bolt out of the Blue

Playing around with high-contrast and bright colors since I tend to lean towards muted palettes.

Tags: canine aliens  
Image: merepony.jpg   471x550 84026 bytes 2007.01.29


It's funny... I don't remember smoking any crack and yet...\r\n\r\nAnother daily drawing. Ink and paint in Illustrator this time. I'm quite pleased with the bubble-brush I made for myself. Hard not to go crazy with bubbles though.

Tags: merepony, equine, horse, pony, mlp, meremaid, hipocampus  
Image: bee.jpg   700x700 43090 bytes 2007.01.28

Happy Bee

Just a doodle from my sketchbook that I did some quick Illustrator and Photoshop to for practice.\r\n

Tags: bee, flower  
Image: drcontese.jpg   452x600 56937 bytes 2006.09.23

Dr. Contese, local apothecary and traveling scholar. There are whispers in the town that he practices the dark arts as well as medicine.\r\n\r\nA piece I spent way too long working on this piece in Illustrator. It's not really complete but I don't think I'm ever going to finish it. :(

Image: Goat.jpg   425x590 82991 bytes 2006.04.04

The heiress to a large fortune but she lived alone, wandering the empty halls and rooms, a dark merlot her only company. She was strange, alien, considered a demon by many.\r\n\r\nYes, I'm still reading Heavy Metal comics, they're incouraging all this inking and hatching. Though one thing I still lack is people. Something I'm most struct by in Heavy Metal is the density of people in the drawings. You seldom see a single person in a scene or even two. More frequently, it's 10 or 20. This is something I definetely need to work on.

Image: MechSquirrel.gif   294x400 90002 bytes 2006.03.09

Weird industrialist mechanical thing.\r\n\r\nOriginally did a much more garish Dr. Suessish colour scheme on this but I was playing around with my layers and got this and though it was more interesting than the colours I'd been working on.\r\n\r\n

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