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Image: AcidBunnies.jpg   710x1000 107934 bytes 2007.07.10

Alice versus the Acid Bunnies.

Oh dear. Looks like Alice took a bad trip down the rabbit hole. Poor dear. I hope she's alright.\r\n\r\nPhotoshop over a sketch.

Image: aitnu_ball.jpg   392x500 30011 bytes 2004.06.27

Participated in the FAX2 art exchange this month and got the character Aitnu for Lantairvlea and tried out a few different ideas for the character, I think this one is my favourite.

Image: Aitnu_hanger.jpg   500x563 78055 bytes 2004.06.27

Another version of Aitnu for Lantairvlea from the art exchange. I was really stuck for ideas. I think this is some of the worst photoshoppery I've done in a long time.

Image: Aitnu_Sea.jpg   335x500 50552 bytes 2004.06.27

A third picture of Aitnu for Lantairvlea for the FAX2 art exchange. Inked with a dip pen to do about a million links in the rope. I like the feel this one has.

Image: AlenTheRed.jpg   825x700 190983 bytes 2007.08.02

Red vs Storm

Alen the Red throws her weight hard at the wheel, desperate to stay clear of the rocks, her ship caught up in the ranging storm. This is no way for a free spirit to die.

Tags: squirrel pirate privateer bucaneer storm ship rain squall  
Image: basengii.gif   291x338 21357 bytes 2004.01.31

A random doodle in my sketchbook that I decided to ink in Illustrator. It doesn't feel done but I don't know what to do with it. Point of fact I don't even know exactly what it is. It told me its name was 'Basengii' which seems like a misspelling of 'Basenji' (the oldest domesticated breed of dogs, google tells me) but... He looks only passingly like a Basenji and he has hooves rather than paws. So. Not sure what he is or what to do with him. Odd drawing for me.\r\n

Image: bee.jpg   700x700 43090 bytes 2007.01.28

Happy Bee

Just a doodle from my sketchbook that I did some quick Illustrator and Photoshop to for practice.\r\n

Tags: bee, flower  
Image: blast.jpg   494x700 68689 bytes 2007.07.09

Bolt out of the Blue

Playing around with high-contrast and bright colors since I tend to lean towards muted palettes.

Tags: canine aliens  
Image: bunraku.gif   620x429 34064 bytes 2004.03.29

Okay, I know there's no furriness in this picture but I think that's allowed now and then. This is a scene of a japanese bunraku puppet play. Done entirely in Illustrator this is my first attempt at trying to do artwork that doesn't have hard outlines on everything and it really felt like a lot of work. I still used more line than I'd really like to have but I couldn't quite break the habit and get the picture to read the way I wanted.\r\n\r\nAll in all I think I'm reasonably happy with this piece. Lotsa things I could do to make it better but that's what learning is all about, no?\r\n

Image: burrogrl.jpg   366x550 108803 bytes 2001.07.14

My RLSO really likes this type of banana that you can't find in regular stores.\r\nIt's kind of short and fat and isn't as sweet as regular bananas nor as starchy\r\nas plantains. It's called a burro banana. She's also into the TF thing, so\r\nI did this sketch sort of as a tease with regaurd to that. So the girl in the \r\npicture has just discovered an unusual transformation has taken place, once she\r\ntasted the burro banana. (Originally drawn in September of 1999)

Image: carrote.jpg   500x358 31137 bytes 2001.08.14

Would this martial art's form be called 'Bun-Fu' or 'Carrote'? :)\r\nI really gotta get back into painting. Photoshop is too fast\r\nand convenient.\r\n\r\nCharacter (C) Sherri@FurryMUCK

Image: cat.jpg   339x450 31720 bytes 2003.09.06

A simple piece. I was fiddling with using light colours in multiply mode in Photoshop over a pencil drawing to see what it would look like. I think I like it though it's an awful generic headshot type thing.

Image: cataur.jpg   600x441 90958 bytes 2004.07.28

A cougar taur atop a ridge. Entirely in coloured pencils.

Image: caught.jpg   550x433 132367 bytes 2001.07.14

Caught in the act! These guys were filtching ice cream! Don't they look \r\nguilty?

Image: Centipede_Queen.jpg   600x833 163001 bytes 2009.02.02

The Centipede Queen

Deep beneath the Earth's crust, she moves in ripples, rising like the tide from the flames of the world's core, she comes from within and rushes towards the light.\r\n\r\n\r\nSpent the night tripping, listening to Hallucinogen and drawing centipedes. Now that's a quality evening!

Tags: centipede queen acid lsd psychedelic  
Image: Chawte.jpg   432x600 55140 bytes 2007.07.09


Reading Michael Gagne's Insanely Twisted Rabbits while watching Ren and Stimpy produced this regrettable love child. I fear their children

Tags: ugly horror scary chihuahua rabbit hippo horse monsterous johnk  
Image: cypher.jpg   335x450 39534 bytes 2001.07.14

A chrome dragonoid.\r\n\r\nI was experimenting with photoshop techniques for making metalic finishes\r\nand used it to turn a rather blandish sketch into this. :)

Image: dangerous.gif   500x386 45521 bytes 2009.02.03


When traveling to alien worlds, never trust the indigenous life, no matter how harmless it may appear.

Tags: alien rabbit bunny spacebunny monster dangerous careful mutant  
Image: dark1.jpg   400x389 25887 bytes 2004.03.05

Series of angsty goth wolves. Why? Because I keep getting freakin' angsty goth wolves as my character to draw in every stupid art exchange I participate in. AUGH!!!! \r\n\r\nDone in Illustrator, just monkeying around with style.

Image: dark2.jpg   450x487 39059 bytes 2004.03.05

Angsty goth mood-swings at sunset. Still trying to burn off this gothwolf karma.

Image: dark3.jpg   500x537 105446 bytes 2004.03.05

Angsty Poetry of the Goth Wolf.\r\n\r\nContinued exploration of angsty goth wolves in Illustrator.

Image: dark4.jpg   450x492 40760 bytes 2004.03.05

Gothy Coffee! My personal favourite. Another different style experiment in Illustrator with the same goth wolf.

Image: dark5.jpg   450x399 25165 bytes 2004.03.05

The last goth-wolf (unless I get another one in the next exchange) This one is the simplest of the lot and I finally burned out the goth-wolf ranting (for now) I like the stylization of the hands but most of the rest is pretty meh.\r\n

Image: docking.jpg   759x1000 284680 bytes 2009.02.05

Docking Control

This is docking control. We are always watching. You are cleared to land.

Tags: docking lenses camera cyborg strange surreal  
Image: dragonfly_card.jpg   347x450 38307 bytes 2003.09.06

A weird idea I came up with when thinking about dragonflys and wondering if wyrms ever pupate and become butterflies.\r\n\r\nThis is my first major experiment with using gradient meshed in Illustrator so I'm sorta proud of it in that regaurd. There's no photoshopping at all. Its entirely Illustrator! (Not counting the original sketch which was pencil) Learned a ton working on this one. :)\r\n

Image: dragonlady.jpg   265x450 43024 bytes 2001.10.30

I started painting the other night and just kept going, making broad sweeping brush strokes and this is what came out. I really like a lot of things about this piece. The strikingness of the dragoness caused by the play between positive and negative space, and the complimentary colours. Though I was at first tempted to add more detail to this piece, I decided I liked it left impressionistic, feeling that it lent more to the mysteriousness of her mood.\r\nAnyhow, it's about a 10"x16" piece painted in acrylics on canvas. :) Very fun. Painting always feels much freer to me than coloured pencil and it's nice to let loose and just paint now and then.\r\n-Sammi

Image: drcontese.jpg   452x600 56937 bytes 2006.09.23

Dr. Contese, local apothecary and traveling scholar. There are whispers in the town that he practices the dark arts as well as medicine.\r\n\r\nA piece I spent way too long working on this piece in Illustrator. It's not really complete but I don't think I'm ever going to finish it. :(

Image: Eixip.gif   350x278 13622 bytes 2006.01.26

Random scribble in my sketchbook that I did some quickie colour on in Illustrator. I'm not sure what she is but I think she's pretty.\r\n

Image: fates.jpg   594x800 298862 bytes 2009.02.02


Image to go along with a short story I wrote.\r\n\r\nSee for story.

Tags: chaos fates kitten  
Image: feral_flynn.jpg   317x397 36851 bytes 2002.07.19

This is one of my new acrylic paintings. I did it in May of 2002 but wasn't able to upload it until now because I had to photograph it and I was in the process of moving. This picture is much darker and less vibrant than the original. *sigh* I'd love input on what people think of it though.

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