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Image: fire-spirit.jpg   700x992 243193 bytes 2009.02.03

Fire Spirit

The fire blazing before her leaped into the pendant at her throat. There was a white hot pain but she bore it and let the fire consume her soul. Then, she awoke, reborn.

Tags: fire dragon spirit horns  
Image: fox-parade.jpg   500x400 50255 bytes 2005.10.28

The image says just about everything.\r\n\r\nI did this drawing like a year ago and for some reason, never uploaded it.\r\nIt's a combination of Illustrator and Photoshop.\r\n

Image: foxschl.jpg   600x542 136391 bytes 2001.07.14

My first image to upload to Velar. I drew this in the spring of 1999, and \r\nthough the perspective is a little off, I really was happy with it at the time\r\nbecause it was a point where inking, colouring, perspective and proportions were\r\nall starting to come together, and I made use of scenery to help establish\r\nwhat was going on in the picture.\r\n It's a bored young kit, but I hope, from the other elements, the veiwer\r\ncan figure out where she is and why she's bored. :)

Image: fs_pool.jpg   600x426 118737 bytes 2003.02.24

Did this piece as sort of a charity thing for a friend who is in need to money. It was fun though a lot of work. I get a little obessive with detail now and then. I'm working on another version of this drawing done all in Illustrator and photoshop to compare the look and feel of the hand-drawn one versus the computer drawn one.\r\n\r\n

Image: Goat.jpg   425x590 82991 bytes 2006.04.04

The heiress to a large fortune but she lived alone, wandering the empty halls and rooms, a dark merlot her only company. She was strange, alien, considered a demon by many.\r\n\r\nYes, I'm still reading Heavy Metal comics, they're incouraging all this inking and hatching. Though one thing I still lack is people. Something I'm most struct by in Heavy Metal is the density of people in the drawings. You seldom see a single person in a scene or even two. More frequently, it's 10 or 20. This is something I definetely need to work on.

Image: impawsto2.jpg   500x377 116055 bytes 2001.07.14

The anthropomorphism in this piece is in the medium itself and not so much the\r\nsubject. It's kind of 'conceptual' furry art. Impasto is a style of painting\r\nwhere thick globs of paint are put onto the canvas to make the scene, so the\r\nseries this painting is from is called 'Impawsto'. Because I've taken rubber\r\nstamps of the animal's paw (or in this case hoof) print and used it to make \r\nthe scene.\r\n\r\nIt is not just a scene of a deer, but who he is, make with a mark that he could\r\nmake himself rather than one created by humans, and the piece is about his \r\nplace, this deer's sense of identity in the world.\r\n\r\nPainted in acrylics on 11"x14" Watcolour board, using a stamp of a buck's \r\nhoof.

Image: karou.jpg   650x334 39408 bytes 2006.01.28

Quickie piece done in Illustrator for Karou on FurryMUCK because I was bored and needed something to draw. Came out pretty well, I think although it's not a character type I'd normally draw.\r\n

Image: katrina_firemane.jpg   350x252 35980 bytes 2004.08.03

Two wanderers, Katrina and Firemane. I don't know much about them as they were just passing through.\r\n\r\nBrush ink, marker, and colored pencil on bristol.

Image: kitten.gif   672x358 33558 bytes 2003.12.29

My partner's mother decided to let her little sister pick out a kitten from the SPCA as a christmas present so I offered to make a card for her. Freehanded this real quick in Illustrator in just a couple hours. Sorta happy about that. This time last year I don't think I could have drawn a straight line in Illustrator in as little time as it took me to do this. :)

Image: leave_the_bottle.jpg   600x434 79415 bytes 2004.08.10

"Leave the bottle." was all he said, then he sat there, still as a statue except to refill his glass and take another drink as he tried to forget.\r\n\r\nMarker and ink. Extensive use of a clear blending marker to get the worn look in the fabrics. I think I like it.\r\n

Image: Leviathan_Approaches.jpg   500x700 128388 bytes 2009.02.02

Leviathan Approaches

They sat on the shore of the strange underground ocean and feasted upon the curious mushrooms that grew within the caverns. Forthwith, the calm blue water stirred. A strange and writhing shape surged up from the depths. The leviathan approached.\r\n\r\nArtRage and Photoshop

Tags: psychedelic leviathn cthulu  
Image: mars.jpg   620x777 176624 bytes 2004.03.27

Yes, I know Rendezvous is mispelled. I'm gonna claim it's deliberate for trademarking purposes though. (Mostly because I'm lazy. It's easy to change in Illustrator)\r\n\r\nAnyhow, simple Illustratory thing. An add in an add and 3-breasted martians woo! :) I think I've been drinking too much of that martian brandy or something. :)\r\n

Image: meatbus.jpg   737x1000 309254 bytes 2009.02.02



Tags: meatbus weird crazy psychedelic  
Image: MechSquirrel.gif   294x400 90002 bytes 2006.03.09

Weird industrialist mechanical thing.\r\n\r\nOriginally did a much more garish Dr. Suessish colour scheme on this but I was playing around with my layers and got this and though it was more interesting than the colours I'd been working on.\r\n\r\n

Image: merepony.jpg   471x550 84026 bytes 2007.01.29


It's funny... I don't remember smoking any crack and yet...\r\n\r\nAnother daily drawing. Ink and paint in Illustrator this time. I'm quite pleased with the bubble-brush I made for myself. Hard not to go crazy with bubbles though.

Tags: merepony, equine, horse, pony, mlp, meremaid, hipocampus  
Image: mousetrap.jpg   550x401 92554 bytes 2004.07.26

Sometimes the better mouse IS the better mousetrap. O_O\r\n\r\nThe little mouseboy is alright tho. He's @_@ not x_x! I hope he learned somethin' about chasing mouseygirls tho. \r\n\r\nBrush inked and coloured pencil on bristol.

Image: orruh.jpg   902x1200 349917 bytes 2009.12.31


Sketch done on 15x20 piece of watercolor paper while watching The Dark Crystal.

Tags: orruh dragon mystic dark crystal darkcrystal  
Image: Pega.jpg   616x800 58437 bytes 2007.07.30


*shame* I think I had some kind of flashback to the sorts of posters that were in my room when I was a child. *blush*\r\n

Tags: pegasus unicorn  
Image: per_film3.jpg   359x450 56654 bytes 2001.09.09

Me 'n' my camera. I've been doing animation for a long time 'n' now I'm starting ta work on film cause it's somehow neater than video, so I've been reallyreallyreally obsessed with my camera 'n' stayed up late drawin' it 'n' stuffs. :)

Image: pergenius.gif   531x406 23522 bytes 2001.07.14

"Genius at Work" Persimmon drawing herself drawing herself drawing herself\r\ndrawing herself while standing on her head.

Image: perself.gif   318x400 38083 bytes 2001.07.14

Persimmon is my character on FurryMUCK. She likes to draw, but where does an\r\neight inch tall squirrel find writing utensils in her size?

Image: pioneer.jpg   500x407 110864 bytes 2001.07.14

The first feline space explorer to set foot on an alien world.\r\n\r\nPainted with acrylics, using airbrush and conventional brush techniques \r\non 11x14 marker board.

Image: pixie.gif   544x400 87887 bytes 2001.07.14

A pixie caught in a dryder's web. At first, this was on a white background \r\nwith a black web, but as I inked, it seemd to look better and better the more\r\nblack I added. I eventually ended up inking almost the entire page.

Image: precious.jpg   412x550 58071 bytes 2004.05.04

Charcoal and chalk pastel. Just a quick rough-out for an idea I haven't decided if I want to develop yet.

Image: ragdoll.jpg   1500x750 210640 bytes 2009.02.05

Ragdoll and the Very Dark Path

\r\n"This is fun, Mr. Mushroom!", she cried out as she rode along bumping on his back and none the wiser where he might be taking her.

Tags: ragdoll mushroom shroom path forest woods goblins trip psychedelic bunny  
Image: RavenDance.jpg   450x388 21688 bytes 2005.11.13

Done in photoshop from an inked sketch.

Image: reef.jpg   600x450 177592 bytes 2001.07.14

"The Reef of Souls" ... I spent a lot of time working on this piece. It's \r\nsomething I thought about for a long time. I first logged into furry about\r\n10 years ago. At the time, I had a lot of issues going on in my life and \r\nVR was a place to escape to... Or maybe it was a siren's song dragging me down.\r\nI failed out of college and spent a majority of my time online, never doing \r\nanything else. Eventually I got my head straightened out, started spending \r\nless time online, and even went back to school where I now carry a 4.0...\r\nNow and then though, I see other lost souls, drifting helplessly towards the\r\nReef.\r\n In the image itself, you can see their spectral furry forms, being drawn\r\nfrom their corporeal being and drawn away.\r\n Painted in acrylics on a cotton machine-weave heavy duty canvas. 18"x24"

Image: rider.jpg   550x301 61102 bytes 2002.01.14

Half woman, half machine, she raced across the plains. There was only one who could match her speed and when they had run all they could, and raced for as long as they wanted, they surrendered to one another.\r\nDone in marker and ink on bristol.

Image: Sariman_Saku.jpg   800x526 123640 bytes 2009.02.02

Sariman Saku

Ah spring. The businessmen are in bloom.

Tags: sariman salarymen saku bloom alien weird freaky creepy  
Image: Saturn_Dance.jpg   448x600 143164 bytes 2009.02.02

Saturn Dance

Saturn has returned. Let's have a party!

Tags: Saturn reptile lizard dance party  

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