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Image: 00_Title.jpg   800x800 73509 bytes 2005.12.30

Christmas book for 2005. Enjoy!

Image: wolf_and_lamb_complete.jpg   1100x871 219554 bytes 2005.12.15

Everyone thinks that when wolves take sheep off into the forest they eat them. The truth is that afterwards they just dont want to come back. ;)\r\n\r\nTheyre both boy's.. of course

Image: please_rise_for_the_natioal_anthem_small.jpg   1000x1000 126015 bytes 2005.12.15

drawn whilst watching a wierd but awesome movie called "Immortal" titled with a random line from futurama.

Image: monkey_style_kung_fu.jpg   600x887 140849 bytes 2005.12.15

Crane style, Hampster style and now\r\n\r\nMonkey Style\r\n\r\nyou basically beat people unconscious with the stick and then throw poop at their bodies.

Image: man_gegen_man.jpg   600x1000 160191 bytes 2005.12.06

Rammstein - Mann Gegen Mann\r\n\r\nlistened to their new album for the first time. I quite like it :3 this is a song about the sodomy, obviously... Theyre meant to be one creature. \r\nClosest thing i've drawn to porn :/ feeling a little dirty now. 3000x5000 Photoshop CS2 + Graphire 2

Image: slightly_lost_small.jpg   1000x1000 205092 bytes 2005.12.06

Painting for a friends birthday\r\nHes wearing a dress! Its from hawaii!\r\nacrylic on canvas (and permanent marker). 60x60cm. 2-3 hours

Image: The_Emotionally_Insecure_Meteorite_small.jpg   800x800 97775 bytes 2005.12.01

The Emotionally Insecure Meteorite. My childrens book project for this christmas.\r\n\r\nAt this stage, he's still a meteor, if you understand my meaning. This is how all meteor to meteorite transistions take place.\r\n\r\nHe's so sad ._.

Image: ants_will_conquer.jpg   666x892 117643 bytes 2005.12.01

we will come from the shadows\r\n\r\nmis shapes mistakes mis shapes

Image: Team_Superfloat.jpg   762x1000 170391 bytes 2005.12.01

Hooray for Team Superfloat!\r\nNow I need to name the gang so they can go fight for happy in the world of joy.

Image: mr_pink_copy_small.jpg   700x985 113826 bytes 2005.11.21

quick sketch. was going to make it realistic but couldnt be bothered. i think he's cute anyhow.

Image: dead_world.jpg   950x1217 159502 bytes 2005.11.13

*random stupid long name* was a very young *species* when the bombs fell. His *close relative* and *close relative #2* died during the explosions, *close relative #3* died soonafter from the poisoning of the fallout. Soon he was all by himself, wandering about the arid landscape of once vibrant *location* scavenging for food and hiding from gangs that had sprung up to dictate a now anarchistic world. Time would soon tell this story to be one of futility... or something.\r\n\r\nNo reference. no sketch. 10-15 hours or so in photoshop. First time with neither :s I have a few newer works using a better method. None are furry though :p so you wont see em.

Image: another_robot.jpg   1200x697 88465 bytes 2005.11.13

Second drawing whilst listening to the Flaming Lips Album "Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots". He should be pink but I like the flow of colour more in this one hue.

Image: The_Pink_Robot.jpg   1000x1000 198058 bytes 2005.11.13

Little character creation dedicated to the Flaming Lips album "Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots" such an adorable album. I want to make a drawing for every song. Was practising speed painting in photoshop for this one.

Image: Dead_Adults.jpg   571x1000 35085 bytes 2005.09.28

I was listening to The Red Paitings - Dead Adults when i was drawing this so I named it likewise.. I hate naming art.. its like trying to make a hamburger that tastes like the colour of your hair. Ultimately just warps the understanding of the image.\r\n\r\npencil on paper, ~15 minutes

Image: the_sand_man.jpg   710x1052 204615 bytes 2005.09.28

Known to few, the origins of the 'sand man' as the keeper of sleep are mere warped legends of the true creature which enhabits the deep desert. A carnivorous creature, many a man has met his end at the jaw of this keeper of the arid zones of the world, with slumber bringing forth neither dreams, nor an end. The creature dries the bodies of its victims once all liquids have been drained. It is then crushed into a fine powder which is added to the landscape.\r\n\r\n~5 minutes, pencil on paper with no erasing :3\r\n\r\nKraftwerk and Portishead go together like peaches and cream.

Image: feels_like_spinning_plates.jpg   1100x842 157543 bytes 2005.09.28

Spinning Plates, by radiohead\r\nfine point pen on paper, 20 minutes

Image: lawsmall.jpg   732x957 148585 bytes 2005.09.10

I DON'T WANT KNOWLEDGE\r\nI WANT CERTAINTY!\r\n\r\nDrew this from something that I found burned into my eyeballs when i blinked once. Think I'll clean it up into a digital icon soon.. when i can be bothered. Not entirely happy with his face.\r\nDrawn whilst listening to "David Bowie - Law (Earthling on Fire)" from his earthling album. He is mucho grande

Image: roo2small.jpg   556x925 92393 bytes 2005.09.10

I cant draw backs. So i drew this, badly. He has a tail! revel in its thickness. His hand is as gay as me.

Image: bare.jpg   552x464 45388 bytes 2005.08.29

He is bearlike and barelike for he is the nakidity of bea.\r\n\r\nAn experiment with inking and with painting, both with the wacom, and both on the same page :D not too bad for the first attempt with a wacom and no reference if i do say so my narcisistic self :3 \r\nDidnt put the whole image in because i figured it was a waste but the rest of the bear and a bunch of other random squiggles and experiments on a stupidly large page can be found at my deviantart gallery under "brainfart"\r\n\r\nEverything is copyright, or something..

Image: ManOfLizardry.jpg   744x1052 56988 bytes 2005.08.29

He is some kind of lizard man O_O\r\n\r\nIts an A4 scan of an A3 sheet. Rest assured that the hand thats just out of the shot looks super great. Pen on Paper

Image: spaceboy_ink_small.jpg   752x1186 100245 bytes 2005.01.17

Image: faerie_ink.jpg   549x541 28282 bytes 2005.01.17

Image: ThingerReturns2.jpg   794x812 69139 bytes 2005.01.17

Image: TheLittlestLamprey9.jpg   728x828 242490 bytes 2005.01.17

Image: TheLittlestLamprey8.jpg   728x828 252404 bytes 2005.01.17

Image: TheLittlestLamprey7.jpg   728x828 243569 bytes 2005.01.17

Image: TheLittlestLamprey6.jpg   728x828 211897 bytes 2005.01.17

Image: TheLittlestLamprey5.jpg   728x828 245733 bytes 2005.01.17

Image: TheLittlestLamprey4.jpg   728x828 237518 bytes 2005.01.17

Image: TheLittlestLamprey3.jpg   728x828 216756 bytes 2005.01.17

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