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Image: cuatro_revamped_#2.JPG   637x825 75016 bytes 2004.05.11

This is a sketch of a character revamp for a series which is now in progress. This sketch is just a reference sketch for the in progress project. Copyright,Sandy Panico.

Image: Lion_component_and_transformation_process..JPG   629x781 53948 bytes 2004.05.14

I've gone back to revamp Cuatro, and this is component #1 the lion, which makes up a quarter of the robot, when separated. Also, this is the lion's transformation process. Again, this work is in progress, these are just sketches to configure for comic book series.

Image: modelsketch_spyder.JPG   712x984 129481 bytes 2005.05.11

This is some sketchwork for my comic book series, just fleshing out some of the main characters when it comes time to use them.

Image: viper_sketch.JPG   850x1100 88662 bytes 2007.06.09

Viperstrike sketch

I went back and revamped an old character of mine known as Viperstrike. He can convert his form into a Dodge SRT10 Viper roadster, but the 2008 model looked so much better than the version I used before so I based his design on the newest automobile model.

Tags: Automorph Gryph.  

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