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Image: Battle_of_witts..jpg   607x810 164270 bytes 2004.03.05

Another one of my finest pictures. Perhaps one that's taken me the longest. Here, a battle between mage and vigilante. Desmond, on the left, and Reinaldo Garcia on the right. The funny thing about Reinaldo, I've had many people take one look at him and immediately link him to Elivs Presley. This of course, was done accidentally. I had no idea he looked like Elvis. The only thing I meant to be was very particular about how this piece was composed. Medium of choice, Paint Shop Pro.

Image: comic_book_cover..jpg   637x825 128985 bytes 2004.03.05

This lively fellow is Reinaldo Garcia, main character to Tales of a Spanish Knight. Here, he's featured in a possible front cover design which was crafted in Paint Shop Pro. It wasn't easy, and it took a few weeks to create. I am trying to also revive the swash buckling genre in comic book industry, thus this little guy's creation.

Image: Copy_of_havoc_the_cat_game_cover.jpg   640x579 112383 bytes 2008.01.22

Havoc the Cat game cover.

I've strayed off my beaten path, and created something more simple and fun. Just a character I cooked up and something for this month's art compo.

Image: Copy_of_Novatron_Tiger_Gryph_Jay.jpg   700x784 159817 bytes 2008.03.14

Novatron Tiger Gryph_Jay

This is the second installment of a new series that's in the works. This fellow just happens to be a bit meaner than the leader.

Tags: NTG  
Image: February_illustration_psp.jpg   599x712 145600 bytes 2004.03.25

This is the second of my series of calander drawings, I intend to make for Tales of a Spanish Knight. In this illustration, Reinaldo is featured with his heart throb, Serenity, a character my friend K cornell designed. She gave me the full go ahead to feature Serenity, in my comic book series by K. Cornell. So I credit Serenity to her and Reinaldo I credit to myself. Again this was done in Paint shop Pro like the other images.

Image: Los_vigilantes..jpg   637x825 140569 bytes 2004.03.14

This is the second digitaly produced piece for a twelve month calandar project for my comic book series, entitled, Tales of a Spanish Knight. Here, is father, Ignasso, Jose Garcia, and his son, Reinaldo, Ignassio, Garcia. This piece is perhaps a little different than my normal works because it's one of few where I was able to experiment with dynamism in the characters poses. It's also comprised of multiple layers at different opacities, using paint shop pro.

Image: pageeight.jpg   409x640 177726 bytes 2005.04.20

Yipeeee. Okay this is a re upload but this one is better. Okey dokey enjoy.

Image: pagenine.jpg   791x1024 302689 bytes 2005.05.11

This is number nine, and unfortunately, my compressor over compresses the material, so I thought I'd try to upload it a dfferent way. Hope it works.

Image: Storm_side_rescue.jpg   637x825 138060 bytes 2004.03.05

This pic is one of my first done with digital media. It's a piece that comes from another comic book idea of mine, known as the Power's three. Two powerful sorcerers,and a female kitty with phenomenal magic abilities.

Image: viperstrike_avitar.gif   100x100 5035 bytes 2005.08.06

This is an avitar for my buddy, Viperstrike. I'm using this as a signature avitar.

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