"Good Skunkin" (c) Sapphire 1998 (12/24/98) sapphire_dreamspinner@yahoo.com

All rights reserved, please do not distribute this story, either reprographically or digitally without written permission of the author. Bayou is (c) her player, and used with permission. No furs were hurt in the writing of this story, though, there were plenty of warm fuzzies.

F/f Spanking


Bayou rocked upon her feet, waiting for her Lady S to return from her trip into the mountains. She had, for the most part, been a good skunk - with the stunning exception of Friday and Friday night. But, she imagined that Lady S would find out about both the accidental private party that she had, as well as her seductions. She was instructed to take care of the house, the lawn, get any mail that came in, and make sure that the tiny, comfortable cottage was attended to. There were to be no wild parties, no wanton encounters, no climaxes within the house.

Bayou had disobeyed at least one of those rules on Friday - she just couldn't help it. She loved her Mistress, but she was addicted to sex, in every form. On Saturday and Sunday, she was the perfect little skunkie, everything that she got ordered to do, she did. She mowed the lawn in the nude, because she was also forbidden to wear clothes. She washed the other 'craft in the garage, and attempted to make everything perfect for when her Lady S returned.

She stepped from foot to foot beside the garage door, when she heard the 'craft pull in. Bayou watched out of the tiny window, as Lady S got out of the 'craft, and went to the trunk, pulling out her laptop. she left the trunk open as she went to the door, her keys in paw as she unlocked it. Bayou smiled at Lady S, stepping out of the way so the door wouldn't smack her upon the muzzle. Lady S laid the laptop down upon the kitchen floor- just as clean, perhaps cleaner than it was when she left. the scent of deodorizer hit her like a brick wall, making lady S's nose itch furiously, that, and she felt just the slightest change in the energy level of the room, like somefur or a few somefurs had been in her suburban cottage.

"Bayou, can you get the rest of my bags from the 'craft?" The skunk appeared just the slightest bit nervous, like she had done something wrong, but was hiding it badly. Lady S made a note to herself of this, promising to punish her pet later.

"Yes, Lady S," Bayou said in a chipper fashion, bouncing out to the 'craft, still nude, to gather up all of the other bags. Fortunately, there were only two. She chirred softly, pleased that Lady S had returned. There was always the slightest bit of tension when her Mistress left the house for any length of time. It was the nervousness that her Lady wouldn't come back, fear of abandonment. But, Lady S always came back, at least within a few hours of when s he said she would. the skunk came back in with the bags, waiting for her Lady to tell her where to put them.

"Put them in my room, please, then come back to me." Lady S purred softly from her favorite couch, after removing and tossing all of her clothing onto a pile in the closet. No matter how comfortable the one in her Aunt's place had been, she still adored her own, the one that vibrated and reclined. She laid back, closing her eyes as she propped her feet up, making herself comfy. She was totally relaxed, the only thing that she had hated about her trip was the drive back. It had been cold and rainy and yucky all the way, actually, and she just despised driving in it. Her nose still itched, too, from the deodorant/disinfectant that Bayou had sprayed everywhere. She smiled to herself, knowing that her pet had disobeyed her. Now, it was just a matter of how she would punish her pet, something which she would rather not do.

Bayou returned, standing near her Lady's couch, murring. Her tiny little pink nipples were hard, and Lady S could smell the skunk's arousal. She could swear that bayou was horny all the time, even when she was sleeping. The little skunk just couldn't get enough, almost like other species that she had heard of . Lady S rubbed her muzzle, and nose, feeling her whiskers itch just a tad from the scent in the room.

"Could you get me a glass of ice water, skunkie?" Lady S smiled again, reaching up to scratch her nose this time. It didn't help much, except for the satisfaction that was attempting to do something about it. She figured that Bayou had done some really bad stuff while she was gone to use that much of that awful fresh scent disinfectant.

Bayou returned, putting the glass on the table beside the couch, using a coaster to put it on. Lady S patted her lap in invitation, offering it to her pet.

The skunk chirred again, wiggling her body as she spread her legs and knelt over her Lady, finally resting her rear right upon her thighs, smearing her wetness over the leopard. She smiled and laid her form on the soft fur of her Mistress, nestling her head against the Lady's neck.

Lady S grasped her pet, holding her and steadying her comfortably against her warm, leopard's body. She slid her paws down to Bayou's rear, lightly kneading it, "So, how was your weekend, pet?" She knew that Bayou would lie to her about what had happened. She had often wondered on why her pet lied to her - even though Bayou knew that the penalty would be worse for lying. Lady S didn't want to punish her, though, she had had such a wonderful weekend of love, and the enjoyment of life, to come home and make her pet pay for her sins.

"It went pretty good, Lady S. I had the mailman and the plumber come in for drinks, and well, I fucked them, and, later on, a few boys, one a stallion dropped by and asked to use the phone and they raped me. Saturday and Sunday, nothing happened. Mowed the lawn, washed the 'craft, vacuumed and cleaned. How was your weekend, Lady S?" The skunk was extremely nonchalant about it, as she shifted out of the way to let her Lady S take a sip of her water. S swallowed and gazed at Bayou with her sparkling green eyes.

"Is that all, skunk?" Lady asked, privately amazed that Bayou had told the truth. she could feel the heat rise as the skunk told her what had happened. Apparently, even the memory was extremely steamy. That would definitely explain the strange feeling that she had when she walked in. Maybe all of those 'hot spots' of deodorizer were where she had mated with these furs. And, in the back of her mind, she curiously wondered why the plumber was over, then remembered that the sink had been acting up and leaking. My, how her memory had declined, from a relaxing weekend.

"Yes, Lady S," Bayou replied, nuzzling into her Lady just that much more, her large fountain of a tail gliding over S's feet, tickling them slightly. Bayou figured that the truth would be a little better than the alternative, there was no telling how she would end up if she had lied about it.

"Good," Lady S scratched her nose, purring at her pet. She let her tail languidly glide over the other cushions of the couch as she watched her pet. "What am I gonna do with you, skunkie?" she asked, her fingers rubbing over Bayou's shoulders, massaging them lightly.

"I don't know, Lady S. That is your job, after all," Bayou replied, the stress visibly out of her system. The skunk murred loudly, and began kissing at her Lady's neck, nibbling very tenderly there in the hopes that she would be able to get out of her punishment. She didn't try to look like she was attempting to get out of it, because, the skunkie was smart, she knew that something would happen to her for disobeying orders.

Lady S sighed, raising her head to expose her neck just a little bit more, luxuriating in the tender nibbles as she caressed over her pet's rear and underneath her tail, tickling the little bundle of muscles there. "Why don't you lie over my lap, skunk?" Lady S said, realizing that she had to do something to her pet as far as punishment, but was so darned relaxed that she didn't want to have any heavy exertion. She also wanted to show Bayou that she was proud of the skunkie for not lying to her.

"Yes, Lady S," Bayou scrambled, so that she was perpendicular to her Lady, her rear up in the air, her head against the cushion to the couch, her tail flipped up and out of the way of her rear. Bayou knew that she was getting a spanking, and she realized that she deserved it. Lady S bent down to place a kiss on the middle of Bayou's bare back. "I am punishing you because you violated orders by having sex with the mailman and the plumber. Being raped, I understand, is not your fault, even though I know you enjoyed being taken forcefully. You do understand, yes?" Lady S asked, while lightly dabbling her fingers underneath her pet's large skunk's tail.

Bayou trembled and nodded, "yes, Lady S," her tail wagging in the air like a dog's. Lady S could feel the moisture of her pet from where her fingers were embedded in the girl's anus, it was radiating heat like a small sun. Lady s slowly drifted her paw up, lightly touching Bayou's tail, stroking it, and wiping it off before she released, coming down with a tender smack.

The skunk chirred, wriggling her rump joyously, her scent getting more potent. Lady S spanked her again, harder this time, purring as she listened to the skunk yelp. Her voice was loud and clear as she punished her pet, "that's two. Count for me, skunkie."

S hit Bayou's other asscheek, the leopard's tail whipping around with the intensity of a flag in gale force winds. Her other paw was used to steady the pretty skunk as a shudder ripped through Bayou. "Three," Bayou said, shifting so that her rear was presented fully to the leopard.

Lady S came down again, spanking her pet with the same strength, hard, stinging, but not as painful as possible. She alternated which side of the tail she would strike, not for the first time wishing that her skunk had pale fur so she could see the pink marking that would be on it. "F... four," Bayou yipped, almost forgetting which number came next, the warmth in her rear was so divine.

Bayou was struck again and again until Lady S made it to ten, she was shaking so hard it took her almost a full minute to respond, her mephit mind delving into the sheer pleasure of the spanking. Bayou chirred happily, her little tail fluttering in the room, causing a slight draft.

The skunk leaned so she was bent over herself to lick at the side of Lady S's leg. She cooed, "Ten, my Lady," her eyes closed in happiness, even though she was being punished.

Lady S smiled, "And one to grow on," as she came down hard with an outspread paw, causing Bayou to oof quietly. The pretty skunk then broke out into a fit of murring, while the warmth of the spanking finally took hold. The leopard chirred, her own sexscents becoming active while she rubbed over the length of her pet's back, stroking her tenderly and quite lovingly.

Bayou squirmed, "Eleven, Lady S," she said as she kept grooming against her Lady's leg.

The leopard reached down to slowly dip her two fingers inside of her pet. Bayou moaned, tensing up, while wondering why her Lady was being so kind to her. Normally, the punishments were extremely severe and rapid; tightening salve, shaving, and various other things. Now, she was being kind for some reason, strangely enough. The skunk rocked back to her Lady's paw, mewling softly in delight. Lady s purred, something had indeed changed her attitude and mood, had lightened her up. She said, offhandedly, "Skunkie? I'm feeling a bit yiffy. Could you take care of that for me?" The cat kept purring, her fingertips curling now against the little skunk's tailhole, playing with the little pink pucker.

"With pleasure, My Lady," the skunk said as she scrambled off of the couch. Lady S turned, laying sideways, her head against the cushion. She spread her legs, moving one over the top of the sofa, her other bending at the knee against the footrest. Bayou giggled and murred playfully, gazing at the wanton display of her Lady's sex. Her labia were spread, so that Bayou could see almost inside of her Lady's vagina. Lady S's clitoris was extended, like a tiny pea within a cove, and, in Bayou's eyes, it looked completely delicious. The skunk climbed up onto the recliner, gazing greedily upon her Lady's folds. She privately licked her lips, moaning deeply within her throat.

"Get to it, skunkie. You will be punished if I have to start masturbating." Lady S remarked with a gentle purr.

"Yes, my Lady," the mephit said as she crouched down, sniffing at the aromatic nectar which seeped out. She pressed her nose at the top of her Lady's tawny furred mound, her muzzle opening to slowly lathe her tongue over the very top of Lady S's turgid button, tasting it slowly. The leopard jerked slightly, presenting her hips even further, gasping.

Bayou took these sounds as encouragement, grooming at the thinly furred folds, searching yet again for the sensitive areas of her Mistress. She touched the area right over the leopard's urethra, tickling it gently with her black furred muzzle, spreading her Lady's labia out further with her tongue, easing along the tender underside of them, keeping her lady squirming. "Yesss.. skunkie.." Lady S hissed in her pleasure, her tail lashing very closely to tipping the ice water that was nearby over, but it wouldn't have mattered, she was too wrapped up in her pet's tongue, which was now sliding into her steamy opening.

Bayou was pleased, she missed the taste of her Lady upon her tongue. She growled gently, fluttering that tongue over the inside of her Lady's sex. She cooed, her muzzle pressing into her feline Mistress, wriggling about an inch of her nose inside. She started breathing really hard through her nose, which she knew would drive her Lady absolutely nuts with delight.

She was right with her presumption. Lady S growled and hissed aloud, bucking to the sensation, leaking the honey onto her pet's questing tongue. The leopard arched her back to an obscene position, all of the muscles flexing within her furry loins. She moaned, panting, and reached down to clench her pet's head, pulling it to her as she rode out her climax, making a perfect end to a perfect weekend in the country.

Lady S finally slumped back down onto the couch, still panting and mewling, her ears perked, and her face completely flushed. after a few minutes, the leopard was able to speak again, she whispered, "very good, skunkie pet.. " as she laid there. The skunk finally moved, shifting her position so that she was over her Lady, cradling her and nestling against her.

"Thank you, Lady S," Bayou grinned, licking the droplets of ambrosia off of her muzzle.

After several more impossibly long minutes, Lady S purred, "Why don't we go back to the bedroom? I missed my sweet pet." Bayou nodded, and they both padded back into the room, closing the door.

The mephit chirred, "It's good to have you back, Lady S."

Lady S smiled, "it's good to be back, pet," she said as she cuddled Bayou nicely.