"Rainy Day Mephit" (c) Sapphire, June 20, 1998

m/m/m/f, nc


A storm raging outside, trees being cast about like an exhausted man tossing lumber upon the ground at the end of an incredibly hard day. The lightning was reminiscent of a firefly's flicker, the rain beating in torrents upon the ground in its ever sentimental pattern of eloquence. This was the Lady's way of saying hello, of revitalizing the world, and cleansing of all of its ills. Bayou's attention was upon the way the sound carried her, and the energy that the thunderstorm produced. the midsummer's day was as dark as the entrance of night, the color as gray as slate - and it was only high noon. Bayou thought about everything, but was still fascinated with nature's gift. she ruffled her newly washed fur out, her dark fur shining with the remaining dampness upon it, the stripe upon her skunk's tail a glaring white, bisecting her back, just as the natural white blaze across her front. She paused for a few moments, staring at herself in the mirror, studying the way that her crinkled nipples perked upward as plants seeking the sun. She reached downward, as her legs spread to reveal her dewy pink labia, before she murred to herself knowingly. She slipped on a pure white tee shirt, not bothering to put on pants or even panties as she left her house, closing but not locking the door behind her to go out onto her back lawn. The neighborhood was a subdivision, she was near the middle, and there was no path between each of the houses, so a fur needed to go around, along the street to their house. Each fence separating the lawns were easily climbable, about five or so feet tall, with a smooth surface at the top. Bayou was pleased with this, because she always had neighborly support, and, she liked the privacy.

Bayou looked up to the sky, letting the rainwater soak into the material of her shirt, and right through to her skin underneath. She gasped and began humming a soft song, dancing and bending down and whooping and playing within the weather that was so horrid to most. The skunk was too busy bending over, picking up a flower and studying the way it bent to the water striking it to notice three young bunnies climbing over that fence, their almost twenty something bodies scampering home, trying to get to their home, which was two fences down. Each of the three boys stopped in their respective tracks as they simultaneously noticed the skunk, bent over, tail up in the air, enjoying the wonderful sensations of the rain. The tallest, and self denoted leader smiled, and, conferring along the way with his rabbit friends, padded over to Bayou while he was unzipping his jeans, releasing his penis into the fresh rainy afternoon air. The skunk looked so innocent, so appetizing as she bent there, her sex on display for any eyes, including his to see. she didn't notice any of their presences, until she felt the boys paws upon her hips, a cock finding its mark and sliding into her tight, and perhaps willing sex. she moaned, finding herself being pushed into the ground, the cock hard within her as the rabbit thrust deeply into her mephit's body. She began to pant, wriggling herself up to the shaft, figuring that she didn't really have a choice in the matter. On all fours, moaning, Bayou became very aroused, having been in one of those moods already from the sheer force of the rain as it pelted all of their fur.

Just then, the other, slightly younger boy, presented his rampant tool to Bayou's muzzle, which she began suckling eagerly, drawing her muzzle in long motions, the rain just adding to it as the skunk knelt in a mud puddle that seemed to be made especially for her. The third rabbit was caressing himself, his left paw against the base of his shaft, the right rubbing vigorously over himself, the rain teasing his fur, and adding just the slightest bit of friction to his massage. The tall rabbit still had a hold of Bayou's rear, drawing himself into the skunk's opening, pressing arrogantly into the girl's hot sex. Bayou moaned aloud and sucked with even more enthusiasm, feeling the anonymous boy's shaft twitch within her muzzle. the skunk began climaxing, a sheet of wildfire caressing her as the rain seemed to get stronger, pelting all of their fur during such a primal act. She screamed into the cock and clenched her muzzle about it, and, all of a sudden, all three boys were drenching her with their seed. The masturbating boy managed to get his sticky mess all over the skunk's back and tail, the boy at her sex began yelping as he, too, couldn't resist the tightness that surrounded him like a velvet glove. In front of Bayou, the boy's penis began twitching again, as her suckling pushed him right up to the edge of orgasm, and over, so that she could taste his seed, swallowing it down as fast as she could.

As soon as each was done, they zipped themselves back up, attempting to look presentable, and finished running to their houses, leaving Bayou laying there, her head to the side in an exhausted flash, nearly spent and panting as she whispered, "End program."