"Skunkin on the Dock of the Bay" (c) 1998 Sapphire.

F/f/f/f/m/m/m/m/m/m -- n/c, bdsm.

Bayou smiled as she read the e-mail from her Mistress. "meet me at the docks at 8, wear a loose fitting button down shirt and skirt. No panties!" It was signed with the trademark cursive S that all e mail from her mistress was normally signed with. Bayou's thick, luscious black tail swayed behind her, bobbing for a moment before it rested slightly above her, its normal position. The mephit padded over to the mirror, looking at and watching herself in it while she removed her clothing. Bayou's black fur was lush, a white stripe marking her from her headfur down to her tailtip. The white fur formed a bib upon her front, creating a beautiful chestplate, highlighting the rosy colored caps that were upon her larger than average sized breasts. Bayou was, and always had been, proud of her body, her tail one of her personal selling points, the way it swept over her young shoulder, arcing back to form a curve, like a furry candy cane, with the stripe laid upon plush back fur, straight through the middle.

The skunk put on a loose fitting white blouse, not bothering with a bra, so that in the right light, anyone could see her perfectly framed nipples piquing against the soft material. her skirt choice was a little bit more difficult, between two leather minis and a loose pleated one that was much more comfortable. Bayou chose the pleated one which showed off her long, blac legs, then placed sandals upon her 'crafted from the gods' feet. Looking back to the mirror, she decided that the look was perfect, and fit within what her Mistress had requested. Brushing her hair back, Bayou decided that since it was just a little before seven thirty, that it was time to go, having only thirty miniutes for a fourty five minute trip.

Bayou got in her blue 'craft, and sped as fast as she could to the docks, making it with a couple minutes to spare. Her Mistress was standing in the parking lot, her 'craft parked not too far away, so that Bayou could see it, shining in the dim light of the sunset. The skunk swished her tail slowly, the waterfall of black and white almost ethereal. Her leopardess mistress reached into her pocket, pulling out a tiny spray bottle. "now, sweetheart, there's going to be a small yacht pulling in very soon. I want you to kneel and wait for those passengers, do you understand?"

"Yes, Lady S" Bayou nodded with a smile, her soft tail still moving as a tremor of fear and anticipation flooded through her, settling directly upon her dark furred sex. She knelt, slowly, having had so much experience on her knees that she didn't need her kneepads anymore. The leopard smiled at her obedient pet, and sprayed the mist of pheremones upon her to arouse the guests upon the yacht even further. The leopardess smiled, "Give me your keys, sweetheart, I don't know if you'll be safe to drive after this." Bayou trembled, and reached into the skirt pocket of the miniskirt and handed the Lady leopard the keys to her 'craft, house and garage, trustingly.

The leopard looked up to see the lights of a small watercraft coming in to dock near them. She whispered to her beautiful skunk pet, after putting the keys in a safe place, "Stay here, sweetheart, and don't refuse anyone." The lady leopard purred loudly while walking over to speak to the captain of the boat, occasionally looking over her shoulder to make sure that Bayou was faring well.

"Evening, George, are you ready?" the leopard flicked her tail in thought as she led the captain and crew over to Bayou. The captain, an older otter gentleman, smiled at the skunk in front of him, "My, she's a pretty one, Lady S," lowering his pants and his boxer shorts to reveal a large erection, just waiting to be used. The others, six men and two women, began disrobing in a similiar fashion, while Bayou trembled. The leopard cooed, "on your paws and knees, slut, tail up in the air, wag it like you need it, skunky."

Bayou had a very good idea of what was to happen next. She had followed every order that her mistress had given her, including the one that directed her not to let anyone else touch her but her Lady. Bayou rubbed her fingers against the soft wood of the pier, the furs who had just gotten off of the boat were gathered around, Lady S standing by, simply watching.

George moved behind the young skunk, lifting up her skirt so that the others could see. "a fine ass, too" he mused, leaning down to kiss the base of Bayou's tail, "just right for fucking. " The skunk felt something hard at the portals to her entrance, her knees spread wide so that her puffy labia were available. the skunk had her eyes closed, trying to impale herself on the cock that she'd never felt before. Just then, as the length filled her fully, an ursine lady tapped her shoulder. she was a striking lady, her white fur shining in the moonlight. she had only taken off her pants, her sex already glistening. The bear smiled, "I'm sure that Lady S taught you hot to eat pussy." The bear sat down, spreading her legs out, with her knees slightly up, leaning back with a smile, her sex larger than what Bayou was used to, but still appeared tasty. Bayou nodded briskly, as she made a loud murring sound into the folds before her. Moaning loudly, she slid her tongue over the sex, her body rocking backwards to the shaft that impaled her young body.

Bayou felt more paws upon her, a fox and a skunk morph who were forcibly removing her clothing. Lady S sat down upon the pier, looking around at the secluded area. had Bayou's Lady not been present, she would have been more scared than she was. Lady S's gaze was comforting, soothing to the young skunk, remaining focused upon Bayou's eyes. The shreds of clothing were tossed to the side while the otter rammed into the pet, driving her to new heights, causing her own licking to increase. Bayou placed a long nibble against the bear's clitoris, and the bear reacted, shaking from her core all the way through to the very tips of her fingers, spraying the skunk's face with her sweet honey.

After Bayou had been completely stripped, the fox, a well built dec hand, began masturbating, gazing at the young skunk as if she were some sort of delicacy, his large cock throbbing while he fondled it expertly. The otter captain growled, as he looked to the leopardess with a strong gaze of respect, his eyes then closing as he began to fill the skunk with a large load of his cum. Bayou's moans were muffled as she climaxed, gripping the shaft within her in strong powerful motions.

The polar bear had gotten up, to be replaced by a pretty young catmorph who would have only been about eighteen. She opened herself up to the skunk, revealing one of the most beautiful pussies that Bayou had ever seen. It was delicately contoured, the labia were spread picture perfectly, like petals upon a rare rose. Bayou didn't need any invitation this time to burrow her muzzle into the young feline's sex, her own loins burning as a large cock filled her rear pucker. Bayou only let out a long mrrf as the anonymous fur got right to pounding her, apparently having gotten eager from watching what had been going on before him. Bayou didn't mind in the least, she tried to ride him as best as possible while keeping her muzzle on the kitten, lapping inside of her voraciously.

Lady S simply watched the goings on, the fox spewing his juices all over Bayou's young, well muscled back, forming a slight webbing in it. The cum quickly dried into a sticky mess. The leopard's gaze was met briefly by her pet's, who flashed her a bright smile before going back to her loving, moaning task.

A trembling passed through the skunk, as she climaxed again, the world eeling like it was closing in upon the singularity of pleasure that she was feeling.

the male behind her grunted, shooting his seed deep within the girl. Simultaneously, she flet more of the spunk spatter against her back, this time more upon her upper shoulders, beign smeared about.

Several hours passed of this base, carnal pleasuring, the cocks and pussies rotating around her, each using her thoroughly. Lady S. simply smiled as the nine left, getting back onto the small yacht, sailing off. Bayou lay spent upon the wood of the pier, having climaxed at least fourty times, more than she ever had in such a short period of time. she was covered in cum, from head to toe, and the skunk reeked of it.

Bayou smiled dreamily to the leopardess, "thank you, Mistress," she said as Lady S picked her up with strong arms and held her tightly. The lady bent down to kiss Bayou's forehead as she placed the skunk into the blankets and pillows that she had laid out in the backseat of her 'craft. "Let's get you to a warm bath, sweetness. "

"Yes, Mistress, " was all that Bayou could say as she drifted off to sleep.