"A Tighter Skunk of Pale" (c) Sapphire, 12/6/98

All rights reserved. No portion of this story may be copied, either electronically or reprographically without the explicit written consent of the author. Bayou is (c) her player, and is used with permission (yes, that same pun is intended). Remember, this is fiction, and character likenesses and activities aren't meant to resemble actual events.

f/f bdsm, punishment, chemical

Bayou made out with her Lady S upon the couch in the Club, each suckling the other's tongue as leopard paws slid up to caress the skunk's breasts, tweaking each little nipple playfully. Lady S slowed down and then broke the kiss, shaking her head, "I told you not to wear panties, skunk, " she said while her fingers caressed underneath Bayou's skirt, her only attire. Lady S' lightly spotted fingers cupped the silk, as she looked quite disappointed with her pet.

Bayou looked to her Lady, ashamed and embarrassed, "I was trying to be pure for my Mistress," the skunk was shivering in the sexual grasp that she was in.

"Stand up, skunk," Lady S said, her tail drifting around herself. By now, the others in the bar were noticing, though they were remaining quiet - mostly because they didn't want any scene that *they* conducted to be interrupted.

Bayou stood up, letting her striped tail flip free, the curl upon the end of it so very sexy. She watched her Lady's emerald eyes for any sign of what she might be wanting to do, but there was nothing to be said at all.

The leopard stood in front of her, then knelt down, stripping the panties and the skirt of her pet off very quickly, almost in one stroke, though she did make sure that the skirt was at least unbuttoned beforepaw. "What have I said about this?" Lady S. asked, her eyes smoldering with disappointment. Bayou blushed and lowered her head, a large pouting look upon her soft muzzle, "Never wear panties except when I'm in heat."

"Are you in heat, Bayou?" Lady S asked, knowing what the answer was, since the last time Bayou went into heat she was trying to mount doorknobs. Bayou flushed then nodded, her tail giving a little swish as she did so, indicating that she was lying. Bayou then sat, expectantly hoping that her Lady would buy this fib that she'd told.

Lady S. would have none of that, though, "After all that I've done for you, you'd lie to me as well? This definitely isn't like you." She turned, to pick up the offending silk panties - they were pink with lacy frills upon them. Upon the front, they had embroidered in red, "I <heart> Lady S," very simply upon the upper mound region. "Aww, that's very sweet, Bayou, I'm not going to just shred them like I have your other pairs," Lady S said in the very kindest tone. She didn't believe in using harsh language with her pets, she was more fond of gaining respect through her actions.

The leopard finally placed the crotch panel to her nose, inhaling the fine, sweet scent of her pet's loins. Lady S smiled at the skunk while she placed the pair of panties into her other paw, eyes shining brightly. "My skunk has been sleeping around, too, I can smell it." Lady S said, shaking her head, "I can smell his sperm from here," she said, licking her lips, "What do you have to say about that?" she asked, reaching to spread Bayou's labia apart, spreading some of the heat of her pet's loins onto her fingers.

"Umm.. I was horny?" Bayou said under her breath, knowing that that particular excuse wouldn't do at all. Lady S rubbed against her just a little be more, merely to watch her squirm. "You should be more respectful of your Lady's orders, skunk, " Lady S remarked, "or your soft little rear will be abused."

Bayou trembled, almost like a shock of lightning had gone through her. "Yess.. Lady S." she hissed as fingers penetrated her, slowly delving deeply inside as she stood. Bayou worked herself onto those fingers as she closed her eyes, her tail curled upward against her shoulder in a sign of submission.

Lady S glanced around the room, congratulating herself for being able to captivate the seven furs which were in it, most of them staring open muzzled upon the pair. "Standard rules, mephit, don't cum until I say that you can, though, the punishment I have for you.. I don't believe you'll be needing to do that," Lady S said mischievously. Bayou's dark eyes were shining with anticipation as Lady S bent the nude skunk over her lap. She whispered into Bayou's ear, "Spread your legs, little one, show everyone here why you're called a slut."

Bayou blushed, yet complied, her tail in the air while she revealed her folds to Lady S and the rest of the room. Her labia twinkled darkly with the moisture that had collected her little opening almost obscured with the deep puffiness of her sexlips.

Lady S slid her leopard's paw tenderly against her pet's rear, brushing over the extremely delicate fur. She spread her fingers out, quietly luxuriating in her pet's fur. Lady S had always been a sensualist, and very tactile, so touching Bayou's fur was as enjoyable to her as it was to her pet.

Lady S lightly stroked downward, caressing the skunk's tail hole, a couple of fingers drifting inside of her. "Feels like you've had an army in here, with how loose your ass is," Lady S mused, obviously having something in mind. "We'll just see about that. A girl should be tight and willing to properly serve - and you have been a *very* naughty skunk - disobeying the very few orders that I gave you." Lady S said, her fingertips moving over the lips of Bayou's spread pussy again, feeling it while the skunk whimpered. She remembered the reward that she got ('Skunkin on the dock of the Bay') and realized that the punishment for playing without permission could be equally as severe in the opposite direction.

"Sit up, and come with me, little one - you need not have the stimulation of those who lust over you while I punish you," She reached to clasp the leash, which she always carried around, upon her pet's collar, securing her. Lady S set the wrist leash to short, making it so the skunk could only be a few feet away.

Bayou whimpered plaintively, her long, silken, skunk's tail curling up near her shoulders, revealing her tailhole to Lady S. Bayou moved to all fours, with Lady S behind her, making sure that she knew where she was going. Bayou crawled out the door, and the both of them were met by several tongue in cheek complaints and gentle pouts as the two ladies left, but absolutely got no real resistance, since most of the furs there knew that Bayou enjoyed being in the public eye and paws.

Lady S smiled as made it to the small, yet cozily appointed apartment without a hitch. In previous walks like this from the tavern, Bayou had tried to mount every fur who walked near her, like she was some sort of fucking post, but she wasn't. Lady S said nothing during the entire walk, just holding the leash until they made it to the apartment. Bayou knew that she was in trouble, deep, dark trouble.

As soon as they got there, Lady S reached out both of her paws, extending them while releasing the handle of the leash. Bayou knew what was expected of her, she had gotten her Lady's gloves and placed them upon those slender paws enough to be able to do that in her sleep. Bayou worked the gloves down over her Lady's fingers, making sure that they were settled properly. When the skunk was done, she settled herself back into a kneel, her tail sweeping around herself as best it could.

Lady S softly murred, thankful that her little skunk toy at least got that right, perhaps because she realized that she had broken three orders in the space of one day. She wasn't necessarily mad, just wanted to teach her little pet a lesson. S followed her own rules, asking her pet, "now, do you know why I am going to punish you?" Her own spotted tail waved like a flag in the wind.

"Umm.. I wore panties against orders, I.. umm.. lied, against orders.. and I let a male mount me against your orders, Lady S." Bayou fidgeted with her paws, her fingers clasping in front of her as she sat upon the floor. bayou often wondered why Lady s always asked this, before a punishment, - perhaps it was to hear her actually state her crimes and sins.

"Yes, that is correct," Lady s replied, reaching to get a glass of water, taking a sip of it, before pouring the rest of the contents into a silver bowl. "Go over to the horse, and get into position, my sweet pet." Lady S said, while watching Bayou tremble. Bayou scampered over to the bondage horse, propping her knees up upon it, before bending over it, extending her paws to the small cuffs. she spread her legs out as she knelt upon the backside of it, leaving her sex and tailhole upon display, while her tail curled as much as it could out of the way.

Lady S placed the bowl of water well within the skunk's reach, so she was able to lap at it with her pink tongue easily, even in such a vulnerable position. the leopard smiled at the beautiful sight - and she seldom used this device, which made things all the more intense to the both of them. Lady S crouched down, so that Bayou could look up at her, a spotted paw stroking over her little pet's angular muzzle. "You remember the rules - water in your muzzle and not on the floor."

"Yes, Lady S." Bayou was all too curious about what her lady might do with her being spread out in this position. She felt vulnerable, but safe, which was always what her Lady had intended, she knew that she was in no real danger, which made it all the more fun. She closed her eyes as she felt the fur lined cuffs tighten around each of her paws, the soft noise of velcro attaching, securing her to the device. Lady S smiled, moving around behind her pet to secure the cuffs that went around her ankles. those cuffs were attached by makeshift pulleys so that the leopard could spread out her pet's legs as far as she wanted. she tugged upon one of the strings until Bayou let out a soft moan of pain. The leopard then let it loosen just a little bit before securing the skunk's left leg. She did the same action upon the right, making sure that Bayou was spread out as much as possible, without being in any real physical danger. She wanted the punishments to be directly related to what the skunk did, rather than the 'pain' being from an unsafe position.

Lady S patted the skunk's foot, showing Bayou that she was about ready. "Are you comfortable, Bayou?" she asked, purring softly as her fingers ran up and down the exposed tailhole. Bayou murmured helplessly, "yes, Lady S," she wiggled to get just that little bit more comfy, then settled down.

"You are aware of your safewords, aren't you, Bayou?" the leopard dipped a finger into her pet's tiny rear opening as deeply as she could, causing a ripple of delight through Bayou's body. "Y.. yes, my Lady. I am," the skunk replied with a soft moaning sound.

"Good." Lady S said from further away this time, the fingertip eased from Bayou's rear for the time being. the skunk lamented not having anything there, though she was pretty sure it would be filled again shortly, with something a lot bigger. Lady S, when she came back, rubbed a very tender paw across the girl's back, until she knelt down again in front of the skunk. She held out a small vial, which held about four ounces of a clear liquid within. The bottle was capped with a fluorescent blue cap, but there was no label upon it.

"This, my little one, is a special astringent. It is designed to tighten openings that may perhaps be too wide." Lady S said very softly, "It will itch some as it goes into you, but it will not damage you at all, the effects of this will wear off in a week - do you understand?"

Bayou nodded, her tail flagging slightly before she raised it again - hoping that her Lady didn't see what she had done. Fortunately, she was lucky this time, Lady S' paws just stroked over her head in several petting motions, attempting to calm her slightly nervous skunk down.

Lady S placed her paw against the plush fur of Bayou's neck, which she stroked lightly. Bayou chirred as Lady S went around to her pet's outspread legs. Bayou felt two fingers enter her rear gruffly, a tremble falling across her shoulders. the two delved in deep and fast into the skunk, and

Bayou was loving every minute of it.

"Sluts like you should find other things to amuse themselves with." Bayou tried to grind her hips back to lady S' fingers, of which there were now three. Lady S enjoyed the way that even though her pet was completely and totally restrained, she still made her rear dance and wiggle. "Yes, my Lady," Bayou replied, and in the back of her mind, she tried to figure out what was more enjoyable than the activities that she had been doing. Needlepoint didn't have that same appeal as being bent over a bar and fucked within an inch of her life.

Lady S growled, her fingers turning into a fist, which she liberally rammed into her young pet. Bayou began moaning without a care, her black furred rear dancing in the 'embrace' of the paw. The sensation that hit her was different from a vaginal orgasm, quite different.. more of a guttural feeling which Bayou enjoyed immensely. Her body shuddered, as her tail jerked and danced around, showing that sensation upon her, while letting out a long, needful groan.

That fist, after Bayou's rear was thoroughly pummeled, was replaced by a very small device, shaped like a smooth, cylindrical pen, as wide as a fingerwidth. The device seemed to have little holes upon it, the top having a screw cap and a small release device, to apparently release the liquid inside to where it was going. Lady S moved the 'pen' around within Bayou's rear, which was larger than it normally was, at least the opening there. The leopard pressed the button upon the end of the device, releasing some of the astringent, then began working the clear liquid in wide circles.

"That's a good little skunk," Lady S whispered, watching the opening as it began slowly closing around the pen. The circles that she made in Bayou's rear became smaller and smaller, and the skunk was squirming uncontrollably within the bonds, her tail lashing violently. She squealed loudly, working her hips up to try to scratch futily at the itch, her noises beginning to sound like she was actually in some major discomfort.

Once Bayou's rear closed around the device sufficiently enough, Lady S withdrew it and put in another, similar device. She worked the release button, spreading cool, clean water within her rear, letting the traces of the itching substance fall out upon the floor. The skunk raised her tail, realizing that it had fallen during that treatment.

It was then that the skunk felt a similar pen within her wide sex being rolled around in long, gentle circles, and more of that itching chemical being released into a different orifice. Bayou squirmed, her hips out, while her thighs pressed against each other to try to stop the renewed, deeper itching. She felt a paw at the back of her neck, stroking it and lightly scruffing it in reassurance that she would soon be back to normal.

After a long while, Bayou could feel the half an inch diameter device within her, moving around in a very tiny circle. she still itched, but the paws upon her made it so that she was a lot more at ease. Lady S grasped, after she was thoroughly satisfied with the effects, at the chemical device, pushing in the one with the water. She masturbated her pet in light, tender strokes, getting it all out, the trickle of water joining the one that was already upon the floor.

The leopard immediately went to undoing the bonds, gently picking her pet up, almost plucking her off of the bondage horse. Murring all the while, Lady S smiled into her pet's eyes, "I don't believe you'll be able to get more than a finger in without it hurting. Wouldn't suggest trying it until at least a few hours from now." Bayou nodded wordlessly, still a bit wobbly as her tail draped around her lady. She was cradled in safety and warmth almost immediately, and the skunk couldn't help but close her eyes, thankful that the uncomfortable feeling had subsided. The skunk drifted off to sleep, taking a few hours for a 'catnap'.

Lady S did the same, holding her pet as she slept, going to sleep just a little afterwards, "goodnight my sweet mephit, sleep well."

Bayou nuzzled her Lady in her sleep, and all was right once again.