"Glory" © Sapphire, Finished February 7, 2005.

f/m+, public, glory hole, oral, vaginal

All rights reserved. No portion of This story may be copied, either electronically or reprographically without express written consent of The author. This is yet another example of 'can I write This?' and it appears that I'm able to. I'm not worried about realism or stuff like that... and, truth be told, I wanted to be able to say, 'so, I was writing This story about glory holes at work and...'

"Four more hours," Cin muttered to herself as she cast a glance to the alarm clock embedded in the dashboard of her craft. "Four more hours of doing nothing but piloting this damned thing. I wish I'd gotten the autopilot," she added, admonishing herself for saying the words aloud when there was nobody else to hear them. When she adjusted her position at the seat, she also became distinctly aware of her bladder and incumbent arousal.

The puppy shook her head, remembering that she'd left her vibe at her friend's house that was four hours away. She would have to make do with her paws, but couldn't do it easily while piloting. Again, she admonished herself, this time for not being willing to spend the extra thousand at the time. She knew that there would be for self-chastising later.

"If only I had the autopilot... I could get some sleep and get off too." She sighed, half-assedly reaching down to try to get into her loose black shorts. She was able to, but the angle on her steamy pussy was just all wrong. She watched the never-ending road, noticing the sign that read "Next Exit: 30 Miles" in bold lettering.

Cin did the self-assessment. Aside from being horny, she was thirsty and had to pee. She pulled off the exit, one that was populated only because the next one was so far away. There didn't appear to be a town or anything close by. There were a few fuel centers around, but the most used one seemed to be the largest as well. She pulled into the lot, only having to circle once to find a place to park her craft safely.

The pup staggered into the bathroom, stretching out her limbs in the process. She was amazed at how cramped her muscles could get from being in the same positions for hours on end. She noticed that there wasn't much of a wait time for her bathrooms, but the ones for the males was developing quite the line.

The tile floor echoed everything perfectly, even the whimpers that came from the far stall which had affectionately been labeled the 'throne' by virtue of a paw-scrawled note at the door behind her. Others in line avoided the stall, obviously waiting for one of the smaller ones to come available.

Cin squirmed in place, waiting for her turn, but the 'throne' had caught her attention. She had no idea why the girl had been whimpering, but when she went to the larger stall, all was clear to her. She also realized that there were a lot of uptight folks in the world. The toilet was normal, nothing to draw anyone's attentions away from the round, ragged hole in the center of the wall. It was the perfect height, just a bit below a crotch of an average sized female. When she'd finished relieving herself, she investigated further, peeking through it.

The hole went directly to the stalls for the males. It was, from what she could tell, set on the far end of the wall so others could line up and not be inhibiting the movements of those that needed to use the facilities proper. One of the others noticed her watching and he got a smile on his face as he unzipped his jeans to release his cock into view. Cin could hear the murmurs of approval as the stranger pushed his pink to the other side, right against the canine's mouth.

She'd heard about these glory holes in the whispered conversations among her wilder coworkers, and the burn of the road hadn't gone away. The dog sat upon the toilet, leaning over to the shaft that was peeking through and giving it a warm lick. She found the taste to be spicy, almost like a fellow canine or a vulpine, so she licked again with more enthusiasm.

Cin had been out of practice at sucking cock for almost a month, but it was something that she'd always loved doing despite the looks of displeasure that she got from her girlfriends. She could bend over comfortably and embrace the head of the erection to suck on it and taste the precum that issued from it which only made her want more.

The anonymous, unknown creature on the other side wanted more too. The cock pushed forward, urging Cin to open her muzzle further. When she did, she was rewarded with more manmeat from the canine and a whoop from the other side. The dog was glad that she could provide pleasure with her muzzle still.

Cin's paw was down at her shorts when she started fantasizing about how it felt to do her ex-boyfriend. Sex was never the problem with him, so while she got her face fucked, she thought about him doing it. She was greedy for it, licking her way down to the wall and them up once more, putting more motion into it, and receiving as good as she gave.

The dog was panting, capturing a breath of warm air when she could. The cock down her throat didn't offer much leeway. She bobbed her head eagerly, doing her dead-level best to please the stranger in her muzzle. She was still surprised when he came without warning. There was only a twitch or two, and then her muzzle was filled with a fountain of extremely sweet cum.

Cin reveled in the naughtiness she was feeling when the cock she was working on was replaced with a smaller, thicker one that she could easily fit in her mouth. He knew just how far to go with the eager thrusting, making Cin's experience even an even better one than she anticipated. She dipped her head, swallowing the length eagerly while her paw played in her shorts.

The paw in her dark shorts wasn't offering any reprieve from her arousal. She licked her way all around the shaft, then brought her sore jaw around it again. Her unknown patron was appreciative, however, and she knew that he would have his paw at her ears if they were in anything resembling a normal situation. Cin slurped, mindful of the loud yipping that came from the other side. She wedged her head down further, lavishing the erection with her attention. It was no surprise to the dog her her unknown 'assailant' came into her lips.

She tried to quell the itch from her pussy as cock after cock found their way into her mouth. Each was different in its girth and taste, but after five doses of cum, she was growing tired of it. Her jaw was numb and she couldn't give as enthusiastically as she had in the beginning. Her ass had fallen asleep, and when she stood up, she could feel her muscles creaking and aching.

"Just one or two more.", Cin thought. Suddenly aware of the four more hours that she would need to spend in the craft. The dog was determined not to leave without satisfying her own arousal--that had been what got her sucking cock to begin with. Her shorts fell, carefully put on the back of the toilet for safekeeping. She tried massaging her aching pussy again, but she knew that only one thing would settle her for the rest of the trip.

The new cock that was presented was thick and long, threateningly huge for Cin's smaller frame, but Cin knew that she could take it with just a lot of extra effort. The dog straddled over the tip of it, her paw reaching to fondle while she crushed herself to the wall in moments of anticipation. She didn't know what species the cock belonged to and didn't care.

It didn't feel like a canine erection, and it wasn't barbed like a feline one. Cin imagined all kinds of exotic creatures on eh other side of the wall as she lined her pussy up against it. The low growl from the creature gave nothing away, no indication of anything other than pleasure. She wiggled and maneuvered herself onto the pole, her head tilted up in her intense pleasure. "Gods," she uttered, gyrating as she stretched. The stranger wasn't as concerned about personal safety or how full he was making Cin. He bucked forward effortlessly, stretching the pup to her limits. She wondered about the others who were in the room with her and could hear her while she began to bounce like an untamed slut. She had nothing to lose, after all, nobody knew her for miles around, so she could let herself be the wanton sex puppy.

Nobody knew her and indeed, nobody cared. This was a moment that she had to herself with the live flesh inside her. Cin didn't have to make a show, she could fuck to her hearts content as long as something was stuffed through the glory hole and inside her own. As a result, Cin gave as good as she got with her pussy wrapped like a vice around the erection.

She was howling, her voice carrying very well through the bathroom to the others who wanted to use the stall she was in. Her climax was starting to hit her--at least the warning signs were evident when she pushed onto the cock, squealing. Her mouth screamed epithets as the intensity built to the point of nearly bursting. And then, like a monster being released from its chains, she climaxed with more intensity than she'd felt in quite a long while.

Cin shuddered vigorously, searching with her paws for some handle on the wall, but she was unable to come up with such purchase. She yipped, her pleasure heard through the entire bathroom, quacking around the filling cock. Her reaction wasn't enough to get it off, but she didn't care as she dismounted.

The dog stumbled out of the stall, pulling her shorts back on with shaky paws. There was an older wolf bitch who was more than willing to take Cin's place. As she closed the door, she saw the wolf setting herself down on the huge cock that was left behind. She received a few knowing looks as she washed her face and paws of the semen.

With her needs fulfilled, the remaining four hours on the road were incredibly easy.