'Furrball House' (c) 2000 (1/2/00) by Sapphire. Sapphire_dreamspinner@yahoo.com

All rights reserved, all wrongs righted, etc. etc. No portion of this document may be copied electronically, reprographically or digitally without the express written consent of the author. Please note, this is not the author's normal writing style.

I woke up at four in the morning with a craving for corned beef hash and a couple of aspirin. I laid in bed and stared up at the ceiling until the desire was uncontrollable. It was neat, my bare tawny fur gleamed in the moonlight that was trickling in through the window. I picked up a pair of loose shorts, not bothering to put on panties, and a t-shirt which showed off my small, but firm titties. I got into my 'craft and drove over to the Furrball House, a place that always had good, cheap food. I was the only fur in there, and the waitress, a gorgeous golden mare quickly put away what she was reading and met me as I walked in. The smell of sex was in the air, and I noticed that her skirt was a little askew.

She blushed and led me to a seat in the corner booth, so she would not have to move very much to help me. Goddess, I couldn't help staring at her ample breasts, watching the way her nipples were as large as quarters, pushed out so much I could hang my muzzle on them. She couldn't keep her eyes off of me, either, she brought me a glass of water and smiled, her chestnut brown eyes gleaming. "Hungry?" she asked, the look in her eyes telling me she wasn't talking about food.

I nodded and licked my lips, dreaming about how she would taste, kissing all the way over her body.. mrr.. she flashed me a smile, sitting beside me and brushing her paw over the inside of my thigh, gazing at me with a barely constrained look of lust. She got up and went to lock the front door, then padded to the employee lounge door, opening it for me and beckoning me closer.

Once I was inside the employee lounge, she closed the door and turned, pressing me tight against the wall, kissing me passionately. Our paws were all over each other, one of my beige paws scrunching up underneath her skirt, feeling the softly rounded panty covered rear while the other kneaded at her back. Our tongues melded for what seemed to be hours, as she held me against the wall, her paws lifting up my shirt and tossing it to the side, her hungry muzzle going down on my aching nipples. She moaned, my paw reaching underneath her skirt, cupping her moist panty covered mound.

She sucked at me with desire, then went to the other nipple, her paws grasping at my shorts, tugging them off of me and leaving them on the floor. My cunt drooled with excitement, its aroma reaching this gorgeous mare's nose instantly. She whickered and smiled at me, pushing me back against the wall and lifting my legs over her head as she knelt down, her paws totally supporting me upon the door, "Pretty pussy pussy.. Makes me hungry.."

She took to my boiling snatch like there was no tomorrow, her tongue pressing inside of me, her paws spreading my legs wide. I moaned and bucked to her face, smearing my cunt right to her nose, my legs closing around her head, smooshing her to my well lubed channel. She bucked and I could swear that she was cumming by the way that she redoubled her efforts, her honey brown tail lashing from side to side. I screamed and smeared more of my fuck juices all over her face, cumming into her muzzle and clenching onto her mane. I panted and she smiled at me, like the cat who had just eaten the canary, letting me stand back down on my own two feet, trembling.

While I caught my breath, she took off her skirt, and smoething different was there! Poking out of the waistband, there was a cock that was at least two feet long! I drooled and turned around, getting onto all fours as she took those panties off, revealing that huge fuck stick to me. She stroked it a few times, and bent over me. "Slam that ramrod into my gash! Ride me like a bitch, horsie!" I squealed, my ass high up in the air, my cunt oozing like a river. She wasted no time in punching that glorious meat right into my womb! Gods, I'd never been so filled! Even with my biggest vibe. The horse's weight bore down upon my back as she chewed at one of my ears.

She licked that ear as she moved the rest of her body, fucking my spread gash viciously! She growled, "Yeah, that's it slut!" into my ear, which only made me more inflamed. I spread my legs further and met each stroke of her gargantuan mare cock with one of my own, her fucking getting hard and faster into my gooey snatch. She pumped into me" Yes! Yes!" and then it happened! She was spraying her mare spunk everywhere inside and into my womb! I yipped and mewled, cumming for the horsey and her magnificent flagpole. She used her powerful paws and flipped me over, kissing me roughly before getting dressed, and going back to work. It was all like normal, I got what I wanted, and *then* some!"