“Sleeping Late” © Sapphire – First draft completed November 25, 2004. Second draft completed January 5, 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this story may be copied, either electronically or reprographically, without express written consent of the author.

F/f – Cat/Goat – public, oral

Have you ever been so tired that when you yawned, each part of your body tingled and trembled in response? I'd worked third shift for long enough so that I'd gotten over the disorientation, but on some days I was that exhausted near the end of my shift. I stood up in the nearly sterile room, raising my paws to the ceiling and hoping that my tail wasn't raising too much. Appearances had to be kept, after all, even with the narcoleptic streak I was displaying.

What didn't help was the fact that my computers were doing the backups during the entire shift. The rhythm of it was so soothing – clickclickclickwhirr, when it would begin the process. A single click at the end, then starting over once more. The motors in between provided a calm white noise like a mechanized ocean. I knew the sounds without needing to look at the minuscule monochrome readout monitor.

The anesthesiologist isn't paid so much to knock folks out, but rather to wake them up safely. My pay was based on knowing what to do when something went wrong with the systems when they were malfunctioning. Most of the time, I was forced to listen and just wait for a glitch to occur.

On many nights, Newsdogs saved my sanity for something to read about and keep my mind occupied, but that night there was very little to distract me from impending slumber. The slick faux leather chair wasn't helping, and when I wiggled my toes in my shoes, I found myself slipping toward the hard carpeted floor.

I laid there in a slump with my tail curled around me. I knew there wouldn't be anyone coming into the room for at least another half hour. I was fully convinced that I could get myself up by then. Every minute I urged my leaden legs to perform, but they kept protesting and asking for a few more minutes like a procrastinating schoolkit. I began snoozing within those few minutes.

The first thing I noticed on wakening was that I was definitely not alone in the room anymore. The other thing that I realized was that there were no excuses that I could make to management to explain my negligence.

When I moved, my head butted lightly against a bare leg, and I was immediately aware of the arousal that was in the air. Hesitantly, I lifted a paw to stroke over the side of the dark furred flesh. She responded by outwardly shifting her weight, those exquisite goat's legs splaying open under the desk. How dignified she appeared on the surface as she teased me below.

Despite the volume of equipment on top of the table, there was very little width underneath it. There was a bit of depth, enough that I could appropriately prop myself on all fours. I lowered my head to carefully nuzzle at Sally's leg, occasionally offering a nibble into the fray.

One of the best things about living with your coworker is that they will cover for you if you're sleeping under the desk on your shift. The best thing about being that coworker's lover... that your relief feels no embarrassment from showing off a pair of white cotton panties and the arousal that comes from knowing your lover's underneath the desk that you're going to be working at.

The shadows cast across her legs managed to be in wonderful contrast to those panties. I kissed y way upward on both sides, nuzzling the light fur like only a cat can, from ankle to kneecap. My ears found the sound of her tapping on the keyboard to be somewhat erratic.

She was babysitting the computers in much the same way that I had been doing during the night. The dress code changed from third shift to first – I was wearing jeans and Sally was in her favorite skirt, making out reports. I figured that she was thankful for the dress code that morning. I know I was.

The tapping stopped only briefly and those legs clenched around my head. There were muffled voices above me, and there was nothing I could do about it. I tried nuzzling at her more, but she didn't respond to it while she chatted with whomever was there. The grip released when the voices stopped and the clickety clacking started once more.

All fours is comfortable for maybe a few minutes, but after a bit I was growing tired of the position. I shifted my weight forward, able to reach higher places on Sally's legs, and I was also able to bring my hands into play. She shimmied in her seat to let her skirt rise to her waist. I caressed her, scritching through the fur on her calves then upward to her thighs, pressing in closer than I had before.

I bent to kiss at her knees, worming my way upward along the warmth of her inner thighs. She had no problems in letting me explore where I wanted to. Her hips worked to present to me, and I thought I heard her voice became a bit staggered.

She pushed her chair up far enough so she could put her feet up more. I breathed onto her panties, draping dainty intermittent kisses on her inner thigh, grazing the plush surface of the panties. She was definitely living dangerously in that I heard her talking while I teased.

Her scent was strong with asparagus and something else that made it incredibly alluring. It was a wonder that there weren't more mentions of the sweetness that was filling my nose. My head turned to carefully plant a kiss on the center of her panties, causing a ripple to work through the girl.

I wedged my head eagerly into the warmth of her loins, chewing on the material with bared teeth. She tasted almost like she smelled, a hint of her natural goat's musk permeating through. Moistening the panties was fun, it offered a different dimension into our playing – normally clothes were just removed during the initiation of desire.

My paws made their way along the outskirts of her ankles and calves, fretting at her dark fur. She hunched her way closer, or at least tried to, and I wished I could hear her as I zigzagged my tongue from the top to the bottom of the cotton. I knew I was rasping and panting, and I hoped that I didn't make too much noise. I didn't want to endanger both of our jobs – something that we couldn't afford to do. Fortunately, with the way she was moving, I knew she wasn't going to be able to hold off for long.

Her legs careened around my head, her feet squeezing at my knees. My attention was focused on giving my Sally the best sensations through the panties that covered her mons. Occasionally, her hands dived down to push my head closer, making me drink just that little bit more. The panties were sucked into my teeth just to get more of her juices.

I was perfectly content to keep teasing her – I knew my reward for such a naughty morning at work would come later – but she was suffering the pressures of time and arousal. Her hands brought her panties partially down, and she encouraged me to fully remove them with a vague motion. I was more than happy to oblige, stuffing the material directly into my jeans pocket like a souvenir.

With the filtered lighting, I made out the outline of her caprine sex. Perfect in every way, it spoke of sensual allure. At least when she wasn't trying to actively mount my face. Not that I minded – I crammed my face into her crotch, devouring her desires as if they were the last on the planet.

Her bleating was loud enough so I could hear it under the desk, but it was quickly silenced with only an immense amount of willpower. With her hips gyrating uncontrollably, she slathered herself all over my muzzle, coating it needfully. I barely breathed as I licked at her, so hard was I focusing.

I prayed for both of us that nobody would walk into the room but that notion only got pushed aside with our arousal. She was whispering my name as she rabidly humped my face. Her hand dug in my headfur, clutching it in the rhythm her pubic bone smacked into my face. “yesyesyes!” she bleated again, telling me with her motions how close she was.

Both of us were panting as I reveled in the wonderland and amusement park of her sexy body. She gripped my neck and ears so I could barely move. That was of no consequence when I clamped my lips around her pronounced clitoris to suckle as hard as possible. She ground her body harder to me when her climax began. The way she was holding my head hurt, but I disregarded it in favor of the great bouts of ecstatic energy that she was producing.

The grip gradually loosened as her orgasm subsided. With that, I was able to drink all of the aromatic lust that I needed. The back of my mind was reveling in the great act of naughtiness that we had just performed – one that I knew would last forever if allowed.

Sally lightly kicked me when we both heard the door open. She wiggled about, trying to act normal under the circumstances. I heard the voices above me and slowed down my pace but she didn't complain at the continued nuzzling.

We waited until the coworker was gone for me to come out from under the desk. She laughed quietly as she mentioned the need to wash my face. I told her of needing to wash clothes as she made herself decent again. We kissed lovingly just before I snuck out of my own work with my lover's panties in my pocket.