"Stunner" (c) Sapphire, October 14, 2000

m/f - Slightly n/c

All rights reserved, no portion of this story may be copied without the express written consent of the author. Stunner and Tammy are (c) Sapphi2K and are merely figments of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to other furs is purely unintentional.

The busty vixen looked down at herself, sighing very softly as she tried to see her toes, but couldn't around the large, nearly bursting orbs that hung from her chest. She shook her head, muttering softly, "I wish they could be smaller.. I'd love to see my toes one of these days.. " She remembered the nights that she would go out to the club, and both mels and the other vixens would go ga ga over her, lusting over her mammaries, drooling over them nearly, if she would let them. "I wish they'd just see me for me. And not these." She said aloud, to nobody in particular. Her roommate would be home in an hour or so, time enough so that she could get into the bathroom and take a long, hot soothing bath without interruptions. It wasn't as if she disliked her roommate, though sometimes the cat was a little overbearingly playful for her tastes.

The vixen peered over her russet fur, admiring the creamy ruff that started at just about her shoulders, giving her a bib all the way down to her stomach, drawing an arrow to her personal treasures. It was covered at the moment, by a rigidly confining bodice, and nothing else. She started to undo the laces, wanting to breathe again, feeling her arousal start to rise within her. She couldn't believe such bad luck that she was having, the pangs that she felt in her pussy could only mean one thing... her heat was starting soon. Rolling her eyes, she undid the laces, and watched her overflowing bosom spring forth from their confines., causing her to breathe a sigh of relief at their expression. "just once, I'd like to have something normal in my life. Not slavering furs, but a fur who would see who I am.. I am not shallow, I'm not one of those mindless bimbo vixens. I have feelings. " she said to the mirror, her dark sepia eyes shimmering as she looked into it.

She tossed the garment to the side, watching as the unnaturally perky nipples came to life. They were *always* visible, large, and so very suckable, but the vixen wasn't concerned with that. She bent down, crouching where she stood, sliding the slickened panties off of her body, leaving her in the fur. She kept gazing at the mirror, posing, looking at one side of her body and then the other, seeing if there had been any changes. She'd read about breast reduction therapy in one of the magazines that she'd picked up. Everyfur out there was trying to enlarge theirs, and all she wanted to do was get to a manageable size, like her roommate's. not too big, not too small.. that was how she envisioned them, not as the huge globes that caused attention wherever she turned. The jokes had gotten really old, too, contrary to popular belief, she didn't get bruises when she ran, she didn't stuff anything underneath to smuggle things into the theaters, they were just there.

Her pussy ached deep inside for something to fill it. She sighed at that as well, reaching up to brush a paw through her cherry colored hair, her fingers wandering over each strand before it lowered once more. The vulpine spread her legs slightly, and peeked at the warm, inviting flesh between, seeing how it was newly swelled with her fluids. She could feel her fur flush at the attention that she was giving her most intimate parts, her clitoris maddeningly awake, throbbing between her legs like a giant target. She muttered again to herself, padding away from the mirror, leaving her cream tipped tail to wave behind her as she padded into the bathroom, pondering the possibilities for the umpteenth time. She could go out to one of those bars, and see what she could pick up.. she could wait for her roommate to come home, though she didn't know what that would get her, or, she could simply curl up in the tub with an erotic book and please herself by paw.

She didn't like any of the choices that she had, though. Her roommate was more than willing to touch her, and please her, bringing her off to climax after climax, but it wasn't the same as having a male do it. Technically, the vixen was bisexual, since she had both given and received pleasure with her same sex partner, but she truly craved a male to come and take her. She shook her head once more, sighing at the hormones that flowed through her body, making her nipples peek up against the surface of her breasts, they were hot and aroused, too., though her mind wasn't into it at all. The vixen saw it as a mere annoyance, at least at that moment, she would have preferred to be reading a book, or washing the kitchen, rather than running the hot water into the tub.

After putting the stopper into the tub to let it fill, the vixen looked around, padding back to her small library of books that she had. She licked her lips, thinking about it, 'Vixen's Delight' or 'Naughty Desires.' She laughed at the titles of the books once more, as she always did. She figured that naming the books the way that they were supposed to be named, 'Stuff to paw yourself off with' was probably not the most erotic title, and didn't sell much. She chose 'Naughty Desires' and padded back to the tub, watching the warm water fill it, the ripples flowing all the way into the tub, lapping at the smooth surface of the porcelain. She giggled softly, thinking that at least there was no worries about plot, it was like some of the movies that she'd had at varying points in time - one could simply fast forward to any part that they wanted, though the sex was normally dull and predictable.

She shifted the bright blue curtain out of the tub and peered at the water. There was already steam rising from it, and she felt that it would be a suitable place to wash. The vixen murred to herself, and slowly got in, sighing happily in the relaxation that it almost immediately caused. She loved the way that the hot water just soaked through her fur, warming all the way to the skin underneath. The water itself was nearly scalding, however, that was just the way that she liked it. She settled her back against the tub and opened the book up to a random page, starting to read while her paw drifted downward underneath the surface of the water to spread her labia, stroking it gently as she sighed. Truthfully enough, the vixen didn't care that there was a plot, she was just triggered by the images that it produced, 'the hot turgid cock burst forth into Sadie's loins, spewing forth its seed onto the inside into her depths'. Mrr.. though the vixen, that would be wonderful right about now.

The vixen half-closed her eyes, her fingers working against her folds as she looked at the book, reading each word as she imagined that she was Sadie - who was wandering from bed to bed, getting her rocks off, collecting all of the semen of the land inside of her in the hopes that she would get pregnant. The vixen thought that that was a silly goal, though she didn't mind the thought of the process at all. She moaned to herself as more carnal thoughts came to mind, spurred on by the book that she was reading. The vulpine drove herself into her fingers, moaning as she filled herself, allowing her thoughts to subside into the warm consciousness of masturbation. And she was starting to get into it, too... She could see herself being the one bent over the desk, the males in the room taking turns with her just as they were doing with Sadie, though in the real world, it was just her and her paws.

A knock at the door startled the vixen out of her masturbation for only a moment, though she was too far into it to entirely stop. The warmth was spreading through her body, and she didn't want to merely let it subside just to answer whoever was at the door. Just the wrong apartment, or somefur selling things door to door. She ground three fingers into her waiting pussy, yipping and hissing out her pleasure, her tail lashing underneath the water, getting even more soaked as it thrashed. "Anyone in there?" the male voice called out, but the busty vixen didn't care, she was lost in the world of Sadie and Caris, marveling at the spasms that were starting to trickle through her body like warm bolts of electricity. She yipped even louder, building herself further upward, the sensations undeniable. "Maintenance! I'm coming in!" the unidentified male fumbled with the key in the latch, and opened the door, causing a rush of air to flow through the house. The vixen looked down at herself, blushing, hoping that he wouldn't see her, hoping beyond all hope that he didn't *smell* the pheromones in the air, the scents of a vixen in need.

Guiltily, the vixen wondered if the maintenance fur was cute, but she couldn't hide the embarrassment that was flowing over her body, making her warm up all the more. She trembled in the water, debating on whether to put a towel on and close all of the doors to get presentable, or simply hide in the tub that she was in, hoping that he would go away. She sighed at herself, and looked down over her large mounds, wondering if she would be able to get out of the tub and close the door before the other fur saw her. She heard him doing something in the center of the apartment, so she figured that it was safe to get up. She got up with a splash of water, reaching out to grab one of the plush fluffy green towels that she had, wrapping it around her form tightly, padding over to the door of her bedroom.

Her eyes widened as large as saucers when just at the moment she was going to close the door, the maintenance fur looked up, apparently about to get another tool. He was gorgeous, the vixen thought. She could see his muscles underneath the large jumpsuit that he wore, especially one that seemed to grow near the base of his zipper. Blushing hotly, she stood there, in the doorway, stunned, the towel precariously draped over her dripping body, as he tried to recover his senses. His muzzle opened and closed in a sort of confused way, his equine ears perking up to the sounds, and the scents that she produced. Ohgods, he's seen me! She thought, 'maybe I can close the door and we'll let this slide.' But she couldn't seem to close the door to her bedroom, and dash back to safety. Her eyes were too busy wandering over the almond fur of his muzzle, his sensitive eyes, his awakened bulge underneath the suit.

He stood up from where he was crouched, stammering, "umm.. I didn't know there was anyone here. Was just changing your air conditioning filter," he was obviously distracted, trying not to let his own eyes linger over the burgeoning mounds of flesh that were just aching to be free of their terrycloth confines. The vixen brought her paws around her tighter, trying to hide her arousal, trying to deny the warmth that was caused by more than the water that she was just in, though she couldn't help but look at him. "I'll just be going now," he murmured, as he stood up, trying to be a gentleman and leer at the same time, though he was quite unsuccessful.

"Did you change the filter yet?" The vixen asked, her wet ears perking up as a tremble rolled through her. She was quite thankful for the presence of the doorframe which supported her weight entirely. She was sure that she couldn't move to anywhere other than the bed, perhaps to flumf down and finish the process that she'd started in the tub. His deep brown eyes were stunning and expressive, just like Caris in the book, though Caris was a wolfmorph. The tag upon the horse's chest proudly proclaimed that his name was Stunner, the blue embroidery faded somewhat from perhaps many years of the jumpsuit's use. She couldn't take her eyes off of him, though, couldn't seem to drag herself away from the fantasies that were flowing through her mind. But she was too embarrassed to say anything, even though she knew that the horse knew what she was thinking, could almost taste it in the air.

"N.. no, Miss Hemming." He stuttered, looking down to his nearly forgotten tools, the new filter propped up against the wall. He lowered his head, showing the vixen the small white star that blazed upon his forehead, which was a soft pink in color now, from the blush that he had upon his muzzle. Or perhaps, it was his own arousal, she couldn't tell. What she did know was that she wanted to get back to pawing herself off, and she couldn't tear herself from the sight of the handsome equine who was crouching in the hallway.

"Call me Tammy," the vixen blushed, lowering her head some as she tried to get out of the doorframe that she was in at least. She took an unsteady step forward, and then stopped, her head shaking back and forth as she cursed to herself about what she was thinking. She could see the bulge surge underneath the light cotton material of that jumpsuit when she did, though. She didn't need teasing, she needed action, but Tammy figured that she would simply have to go back to the book that she was reading. She drew herself back into the bedroom, yipping loudly as she caught herself upon the edge of the door, making the green towel that she wore fall in a clump to the floor, her back turned to Stunner. Closing her eyes, she bent over to pick up the rumpled heap, tossing it into the hamper in her bathroom, attempting to, at least, because she missed the edge of it by many feet.

This afforded Stunner a very good look at the heated, silk laden folds of the vixen, a vision that he wanted to get more of. He stood up, and padded over to the vixen's room, his paw gently pressing upon her rear as she tried to stand up, the bulge being marked by her newly bathed folds. Stunner shook his head, realizing that he could lose his job for this, but this was too good of an opportunity to pass up. He swallowed, rubbing over the russet fur of Tammy's rear, caressing over it as he pushed his bulge lightly between her rearcheeks, catching the vixen off guard, making her bend over further onto the floor. She yipped loudly, "wh.. what are you doing?"

"Changing your air filter, Tammy.." he said in a husky, male voice while his front hooves curled around her bursting mammaries. She didn't know what to think at all, she wanted it, wanted to quell the ache that had been growing inside of her, wanted to ease the immediate desires that had been so kindly interrupted by the maintenance fur, but most of all, she wanted everything that Stunner had to offer, despite the embarrassment that she was feeling. She thought that she was a common whore, a harlot, a slut, but the way that the ridge felt, even underneath the jumpsuit, was intoxicating.

Stunner whickered as he bent over her, rubbing the material fully into her nude body, his light nips at her ear were insistent, though quite comforting just the same. She couldn't believe that she had gotten herself into such a situation! His breathing was heated in her ear as she murmured, "Well, I .. I .. guess that every air filter.. needs to be changed.." And she shook her head, her rust colored tail rising further underneath his ministrations. Her nipples ached where he pinched them, rolling them underneath his dexterous fingers, tugging the large orbs to feel their resilience. A low moan escaped her throat, the need of the interrupted pawing taking a hold of her once more, "ohhh... " she murred, arching her back up to him. With desire. Tammy wanted to know what that shaft felt like inside of her, wanted to be full to her limits, to quell the ache that rested deep within.

"You.. you're right." He nickered to her, slowly pulling his body away from hers, causing a little whimper of exasperation to leave her throat. He writhed underneath him, turning her head up to look to him with a pleading, almost innocent expression as he moved his forepaws over his jumpsuit, sliding the zipper down to reveal a masculine chest of almond fur. He was rather built, his muscles rippling lightly in her view, but that wasn't what she was interested in. As the zipper fell lower, she saw the large, swelling sheath that was contained, her muzzle opening wide at the turgid shaft that was nearly bursting to get out, just as her breasts sprung forth from the bodice. It was long, and thickening by the second, and Tammy wanted all of it.

Stunner drew the zipper to its end, shrugging out of the material as he looked to Tammy. He moaned softly, his paws wandering over her thighs once more, spreading and teasing her asscheeks with his thumbs. "Do you think.. that this would be the best tool for the job?" He asked, reaching down to fondle his sheath, the deep black shaft pulsing with each beat of his heart. She marveled at the way that it stood there so proudly, that it would be in her so very soon to quench the desires of her burning pussy. She nodded eagerly to him, turning her head back down to the floor, her muzzle pressed against her wrist, biting to try to muffle the noises of delight that were coming from her throat.

He made a sound that was halfway between a nicker and a moan, rubbing the stiff length against her ass once more, this time, the only thing that was separating them was a few inches. Tammy gasped at the sensations of having bare flesh between her rearcheeks, her tail raising further as she pushed against him, needing what he was about to give her, needing it to the limits of her soul. Stunner guided the very tip of his erection against the moist portals of her sex, touching there, causing her to jump and shudder, before pressing back to the warmth. She ached.. wanted it so much, and then, without any provocation, without hesitation, he was inside of her, fully, every single inch of his maleness buried within her fuzzy desire.

She screamed, yipping aloud as her body writhed and shook upon the floor, guided by his weight as the warm confines of her desire clamped around him. She was full to the point of nearly overflowing, the warmth shooting through her even more intensely, her legs giving way under the pressure, though he was undaunted. Stunner whinnied loudly, his head thrown back in his version of equine bliss, his hips clenching around his massive, cream filled balls. And, as he started to grind his sheath inside of her, he could hear the slaps of her moist rear against his sac, the slap of fur upon fur, one of his favorite noises in the entire world.

Stunner drew his cock back slowly, easing through her warmth, before slamming it back into her once more, causing a yelp of delight to shake through her furry, vulpine frame. She shook underneath him, his teeth against her neck, tugging at the fur eagerly and hotly, his maleness knowing its own path, thrusting hotly into her willing opening. Tammy writhed under the treatment that she was receiving, her head thrown back in an expression of vixenish delight, the ache slowly subsiding as she was pounded ferociously by the horse into the floor of her apartment. Nothing was important anymore, except for the warmth that was filling her, causing her to spasm and writhe with the glee that she felt. "ohgods!!" she whimpered loudly, another spasm rocking through her body, her warmth grasping needily around the black piston that was firing inside of her.

Tammy shook, her eyes closed with the warmth, the moisture, with the sheer naughtiness of it, the guilt of being mounted by a total stranger in her own room, a loud howl of ecstasy leaving her throat as she exploded around him, her juices seeping in rivers around his shaft. He grabbed at her hips, pushing, his fingers digging into the soft flesh as he felt his own warmth go through him, that pressure of impending release. Stunner was wracked with the notion that he was taking one of his tenants, but he didn't care, all he knew was the silken warmth that was wrapped around his prize. He bucked into her, riding her like he had his mare so many times, the vixen was inordinately tight, but he knew that he wouldn't break her. He heaved into her, his fingers working over the long nipples, tugging at them, pinching as she eased even more into the floor, her legs flailing as she called out his name.

With a loud whicker, he felt his body shaking, Stunner was indeed in the throes of his climax, his seed exploding forth into Tammy's loins like a firehose, spurting out from their joining as his cock pulsed inside of her. She was on fire around him, his hefty black cock surged with the warmth, the pinnacle of male virility, his hips ramming her into the floor as he became determined to fill her even further. He grabbed her, and fell to the floor atop her, spent, his cock still twitching inside of her furry loins, his muzzle against her neck at even while she gasped underneath. Stunner's tail jerked behind him, the long flowing length was moist now, though he didn't care about anything other than ensuring his own legacy within the large busted vixen.

After many moments of lying spent upon the floor, Stunner finally got up, offering the vixen his paw., though she had passed out somewhere along the line, in her own climaxes that still visibly trembled through her fur. She whimpered in her half sleep, spent underneath him, and he smiled at her, pulling a blanket off of the bed, and draping it over her as he went about his business, changing the air filter with a satisfied, almost giddy smile upon his face. He couldn't wait to tell the other maintenance guys about this one, truth be told. Never happened to him, but he then figured that he would keep it to himself, so he could have his own private moments with Tammy.

Stunner left, locking the door behind him, leaving a puddle of vixen upon the floor, a satisfied, a *well* satisfied look upon her muzzle.