"The Favor" (c) Sapphire, October 16, 2000 - sapphire_dreamspinner@yahoo.com

f/f, f/f - leopard/vixen, black vixen, leopard - watersports, oral

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"Three *hundred* pages?" Peace asked, her jaw dropping as she stood over Sapphire's shoulder, looking to the computer's screen. Her tail lashed frantically behind her as she leaned down to nuzzle at her lover's ears, licking over the surface of them while the leopard stayed in thought, editing on the keyboard, formatting her works for printing and editing. "That's like a whole book!" Peace exclaimed, shaking her head in silent wonderment, her fingers grasping at Sapphi's shoulders, kneading very lightly there.

"Yeah, I know, I thought it was amazing! I didn't know that I'd written so much over the past three years. That's like a hundred pages a year, or, a third of a page every single day. But my problem is gonna be finding someone to print it out for me so I can edit it, and make it into a reasonable format. I just don't edit these things well on the computer, that, and my ass gets sore sitting on the chair. Would much rather just get someone to print it out, perhaps at their work or something, so I can get it done for free." The leopard smiled, bringing her paw down to rub over Peace's thigh, her claws lightly trickling against the dark shorts that her vixenlover wore.

"Well, my boss watches the printer like a hawk, so that's out. And I know that yours does the same thing, because he seems anal enough to do it. You ever thought about going to the library and asking them to print it for you? Or just taking over one of their printers for about half the day. You could ask Trill to print it out for you? I'm sure that she has access to a printer, with all of the work that she does in that field." Peace offered, breathing deeply as she blushed, realizing that there was a lot of words in three hundred pages.

"I could, but she always seems kind of bithy why I ask her for a favor. She doesn't seem to care when she askss me for one, either. Maybe there's someone better that could print this out?" Sapphire asked, coming up with a couple of names, her eyes closing as she removed her paws from the keyboard, which had been poised there the entire time. Peace wrapped her paws around Sapphire's tawny body, grinning as she rubbed her muzzle just at the underside of her muzzle, tasting the lighter fur with a gentle, tongued vengenace. "I know! I can ask Kaila! She's nice enough, and she has a printer, and I could use it with only a little bit of pleading and begging."

"Kaila would be perfect!" Peace grinned as she bounced some, her paws sliding along the underside of Sapphire's breasts, teasing her bare nipples tenderly with her claws. Sapphire moaned softly to her lover, blushing a little bit as she smiled. "Though I wonder what she would ask for in return? She doesn't seem to ever need money, she's the vixen who has everything!" Peace laughed quietly at the joke that went through her head, 'what do you give the fur who has everything? -- antibiotics.' The leopard laughed too, because that was the same thing that was going through her own mind.

"I dunno. She might want to have me wash her 'craft or something. That's not a bad thing, even though I have very little cleaning experience." Sapphire grinned, her hips shifting lightly to the side while she cooed, slowly dancing with the vixen. She placed a kiss upon her lips, chirring very quietly as she tasted Peace's breath which was reminiscent of peppermints. "Or, maybe she'll want me to vacuum or something. Get all of the fur off the carpet. Either way, it'll be worth it, I'll get what I need done, and she will too."

Peace nodded emphatically, giggling. "And you can be on your way to be a published writer!" the vixen curled her tail around Sapphire, rubbing just at the underside of her tail. She sighed happily and nestled in to the leopard, kissing her gently at the underside of her neck and her shoulders. She blushed hotly as she thought about some of the content of the stories, adding after a moment, "Are you going to change my name when you publish? I mean, I don't know if I want my most intimate details published out in the world." She gazed up hesitantly to the leopard, gazing into her bright green eyes.

"This is just for editing, Peace, I'm *far* from letting other furs see my work. Well, everyone except for you," Sapphire purred quietly, her fingertips scooping around Peace's rear, kneading each cheek lightly, teasing underneath the vixen's tail as she lapped at the taste of peppermint. "I work so much better on 'cloth, rather than the computer screen. That, and cloth is so much more substantial, makes me feel like I've done something."

"But you've done something already. You've written three hundred pages and you're writing more all the time," Peace replied, her murr very soft as she felt her lover's paws slide along the crease of her rear. She was quite thankful that she didn't have to wear clothing around the apartment anymore, she was a nudist at heart, just like her roommate. The vixen laid her head upon Sapphire's shoulder, content to be close to her, to be surrounded by the scent of her favorite kitty. "That's gotta account for something."

"Yeah, it does. But you know I've never been one to dwell on the past." Sapphire giggled softly as she guided the vixen over to the bed, laying down upon it and cuddling up to her. "The past is the past, the future is the future, and what we've got is right now. When do you have to go to work?" The leopard asked, her leg lightly brushing over the back of Peace's legs, teasing with a couple of claws. Peace arched her back lightly, pressing her breasts tightly against Sapphire's, the little nipples starting to awaken.

"Mmm.. hour or so, I think," Peace remarked as she looked up to the clock near the side of the bed. She mentally did the subtraction from the time that was emblazoned upon the face in large, friendly, digital numbers, coming up with the real time, within a few minutes. "When are you gonna set the clock?" Peace teased, blushing a little bit, her angular russet muzzle burying itself between the short, soft fur. Her tongue came out to whisk across the khaki fur, washing it gently, causing Sapphire to murr appreciatively within her throat.

"It's set." Sapphire murred mischievously, not mentioning that it was set an hour and thirteen minutes fast. "It's.. " she looked at the clock, and then tried to peer at the computer, then at the clock once more to do the subtraction. She wondered, as she often did, why she set the clock so far off, then remembered it was to compensate for her disorientation in the morning, "It's 3:27!" Sapphire exclaimed triumphantly, purring while her tail wiggled around Peace's body, sliding over the underside of the vixen's tail.

"Umm, Sapphi? If it takes you more than ten seconds to be able to tell the time, then you're either slow, or you should reset the clock. Besides, you wouldn't want me to be late for work, now would you?" Peace asked, allowing her tongue to slowly wander over the curve of Sapphire's small breast, capturing the nipple there and tugging on it lightly. The very tip of her tongue wiggled over the top of the tiny sphere of pink flesh, her teeth coming down to rest upon the warmth.

"I guess you're right, I'll fix it now," Sapphire murred, slowly working her way out of the gentle embrace, her eyes bright as she looked to the clock and the computer. Peace laughed and grabbed the leopard's tummy, pulling her back onto the bed, "not now, silly kitty!" She exclaimed, turning the cat back around so she could nuzzle.

Sapphi yipped softly as she placed a loving kiss upon Peace's muzzle, licking over the soft, dry surface with gentle abandon. She brought her paw underneath Peace's breast, teasing with light fingertips, caressing the warmth that she found there, "Mrr? Not now? What else did you have in mind?" Sapphire asked, her tail curling just lightly at the underside of Peace's tail, embracing the russet fur with her own yellowbrown fur. Digits lightly caressed Sapphire's spots, drawing a trail across her side, and down to the side of her rear, scritching there.

"Well, let's see... we could always stop what we're doing to find something to eat." Peace murmured as she slowly let her body slide down upon the bed, kissing her way lightly over her lover's breasts, and against her tummy, where she rubbed her nose caressingly over the warmth of the leopard's belly. She peeked upward, winking as she said, "But I'm not feeling much inspiration to move. Maybe I could find a meal.. down.. here?" she asked, her eyes closing as she breathed in the sweet, musky cinnamon scent of Sapphi's loins, aching to taste.

Sapphire gasped softly, her paws reaching out to taunt the vixen's ears, rubbing them slowly, index fingertip rubbing in a slow circular massage. Peace was undaunted, quite enjoying the treatment, her paws rubbing at the underside of the leopard's tawny thighs, pushing them upward and spreading them apart, eliciting a gasp from the both of them. "Ohh.. so very pretty.. " Peace murmured as she wiggled her nose into the warmth of the pussy's pussy, getting the dark wet surface even more damp. She licked her lips, studying the way that it truly resembled a flower, spread out as if fully in bloom, the tiny labia parted to reveal a warm channel inside.

The leopard panted breathlessly, her head shaking upon the bed, crushing into the pillow that rested underneath it, "Ohgods... " she whimpered, "You've never seen one of.. them up close and.. " the last word was strangled off by a loud squeak when Peace started to lick along the edges of those labia, burying her nose inside the heated depths. Peace was well aware of the time, but she wanted to get her nose in her 'meal' putting her muzzle to the grindstone, so to speak, lapping at the ambient honey without reservations, her paw reaching up to spread the delight apart for her tongue, suckling upon it greedily into her muzzle. Sapphire bucked, her paws dragging at the sheets, clawing them to ribbons, digging into the mattress. She whined, already hot from being around her Peace, and the 'added' incentive of having a tongue at her sex was making things all the better.

Peace gasped and drank the fevered delights that she found with her tongue, her tongue drawing out long designs, capturing the moisture that rested there, between her lover's thighs. She was panting, aroused, her hips anxiously thrusting backward upon the bed even while she kept her hold upon the leopard's loins, her tongue actively seeking out more of the musky, cinnamon delights. She didn't take her time, instead getting the sexjuices all over her muzzle, tasting, lapping, drawing it forth with little flicks of her tongue. Sapphire yipped uncontrollably, her eyes glazing over as her roommate pleased her, her cum flowing slowly out of her sex as she clenched her legs around Peace's head. "ohh... " she murmured loudly, panting.

The vixen lifted her head up after a few moments, delighted at being able to please her leopard so very easily. She arched her hips and began crawling over the prone leopard, panting and squeezing her lips to Sapphire's, licking slowly there as she blushed, "That was a very... nourishing lunch, though I have to go to work now," she glanced up at the clock, sighing, wishing that Sapphire could reciprocate, but, truth to be told, she adored pleasing her roommate just as much as she enjoyed being pleased. She licked at her muzzle and slowly climbed off of the bed, after getting a long, loving hug from Sapphire. "Think you can get Kaila to print out those stories for you?" Peace asked, cutely, not looking as innocent as she possibly could have with the treasured fluids of her leopard greased upon her muzzle.

"I hope so," Sapphi smiled and extended a paw to lightly spank Peace's rear, "You get goin, I wouldn't want to distract you even more from the wild and crazy life of the Furrball House." Peace yipped quietly, followed by a loud murring sound as she pressed her muzzle lightly to Sapphire's lips once more, crouching over the bed as they shared Sapphire's intimate honeys. The vixen rolled her eyes, pulling herself away from her lover, padding away as she walked down the hall to get appropriately dressed. It wouldn't do her much good, except in large tips, to go in there naked, smelling like her girlfriend.

"Yeah, wild and crazy life!" Peace called out, peeking her head back into Sapphire's bedroom, laughing, "There's so much mystery to be had from a plate of eggs." Sapphire got up from the bed, stretching out her lithe, tawny body to embrace Peace once more, just as tightly as she could. "Mmrr... and I'll have this on my mind with every one of my customers. Having you close to me like this." The vixen smiled demurely and turned away once more, grinning, "Take care!"

"I will, Peace! Have fun at work!" Sapphire smiled, and watched as her lover's tail went out of the door, leaving her all alone in the apartment. Sapphire thought that things had worked out so well, having a roommate who was a lover as well, especially one who was her best friend, too. She blushed and pondered upon the stories that she needed to print, and how she was going to persuade Kaila to print them for her. Maybe she could appeal to the charitable side of the black vixen. Well, nothing to do but try, Sapphire thought as she went to go sit heavily upon the couch.

Sapphire looked at the phone, and then at the lamp, then the phone once more, sighing to herself as she tried to think of how she would phrase her request, she was told by Peace at one point that communication, proper communication was the way to get anything done. Sapphire was not the one to talk to others, it was normally Peace, but since the leopard wanted it, she had to ask for it herself. She picked up the phone and dialed the numbers to get in touch with Kaila.

"Hello?" Kaila answered, her voice sounding so sweet and high pitched.

"Hi, Kaila, how you doing?" Sapphire replied, her tail twitching nervously. She was never entirely fond of the small talk portion of begging.

"Doing well, just got my stereo system hooked up for surround sound! Sounds great, too! You have to come over, Saph." Kaila murred, also wondering what Sapphire wanted. She did call for social reasons, just to chat, but there was that edge in her voice that she couldn't place. "What can I do for you? You sound like you want a favor." Kaila laughed to herself, amazed at the little gasp of surprise that she heard on the other end. "I could be wrong, of course." Kaila added, smiling as she stroked her pure black tail, cradling the phone to her ear.

"No, no, you're right. I was wondering... I have a bunch of stories that I want to print out for proofing, and it comes to about 300 pages or so. I was wondering if you'd print it for me, they're a little bit naughty, so I didn't want to take it out to a commercial place if I don't have to. I'll pay ya." Sapphire babbled, blushing at herself. She was really awful at doing the actual requesting of what she wanted, too, hopefully she'd known Kaila for long enough so she knew that the intentions were pure and offered with a good reward.

"Saph, there's no need to pay me to print out your stuff, it's an honor to read it, though there is a favor that I would ask in return. Can you come over now? Peace at work?" Kaila asked, hopefully, her paw slowly fondling her tail as she thought of what mischief she could get into with her friend Sapphire. She honestly didn't know what favor that she could ask, but she was sure that she could think of something in the time that it took her friend to come over.

"Sure, I can come over. Peace's at work for the next few hours." Sapphire smiled, and blushed, realizing that everybody knew about the relationship that she and Peace had. It wasn't monogamous, though neither of them had even considered others during the time that they'd been together. Perhaps it was the comfort level that they'd reached during the several months that they'd been officially a 'couple'.

"Cool, I'll see you soon." Kaila murred once more, her tail flicking upward in soft protest as she moved it from her stomach, like it was a separate entity from the rest of her body. "E-mail me the file, and I'll start printing it as you're coming over. See you soon!" The black vixen grinned to herself, realizing that she had to come up with something creative, because this opportunity would probably never come up again.

"Okay, take care, I'll be over there in a few." Sapphire murred, and hung up the phone, quietly wondering to herself what Kaila would have her do. She knew that this was a burden on paper and the like, but she also knew that Kaila would be able to take care of what she needed. The favor was what hung on her mind, if she didn't need money, what could she possibly desire?

Sapphire sent the file, and started over to Kaila's place. It was a small secluded house out in the woods, endearing because of its winding roads and the forest that flanked each side. She pulled up to the house, and got out slowly, still wondering, still trying to figure out what she could possibly do that would be of any importance to Kaila. The leopard shrugged, checking the clock in her 'craft, assuming that she would find out soon enough.

Sapphire unbuckled the seat belt in her 'craft, smiling as she looked at herself in the mirror. She had always thought that she was a rather homely cat, though there were many others who told her otherwise. Average height, slightly muscular build, bright green eyes, spots all over a tawny body. She never felt that she was anything to write home about. She began padding up to the front door of the house, hesitantly knocking upon the door. She gazed down to the t-shirt and shorts that she wore, before she looked up t press the doorbell. Kaila answered it with a smile upon her muzzle, "Come on in, Sapphire, make yourself at home."

"Okay," and the leopard padded in, her bare feet cliking upon the hardwood floo. She always enjoyed coming over to Kaila's place, it was so peaceful and rustic, being out in the woods. She peered out the window to the large oak trees, and then returned her gaze to the dark vixen in front of her. "You get the file okay?" Sapphire asked, not entirely too worried about it, since she knew that once it was in the black vixen's paws, it was taken care of, though there was sometimes problems with file transfers that were unexplainable, and unavoidable.

"Yeah, I got it okay, it's printing out now. Should take an hour or two on the printer, so you might as well make yourself cozy. Can I get you anything?" Kaila asked, murring softly. She was dressed in a long nightshirt, and apparently nothing else, by the way that the leopard could see how her rear was exposed when she walked. Perhaps it wasn't long enough at all. Sapphire paused, enjoying the view of the bobbing rear as she said, "Id' love some water, if you have some."

Kaila nodded, and murred once more, shifting her weight as she padded off into the kitchen, making no efforts to hide her bared rear from the leopard. Sapphi aahed to herself, figuring that the vixen wanted sex. She could prbably handle that, though was somewhat curious as to why she would want to accellerate the relationship that they'd had for the past year or so. Kaila was Peace's friend in the beginning, but, as roomamates go, they shared their friends, just as later on, they shared the same bed.

As Sapphire recalled, Peace had met the black vixen while she was in high school, and had always kept in touch over the years. When Peace found out that her friend was living in town, she decided to re-establish her reliationship with her, though the situation had changed. Kaila had come out of the closet, as far as her bisexuality, something that Peace mused might have been a result of convenience and lonliness. It was hard living all by oneself in the forest, after all.

The leopard relaxed in the chair, watching as the vulpine came back from the kitchen, and this time Sapphire was absolutely sure that Kaila wasn't wearing anything underneath her nightshirt, because she could see the flashes of a dark shadowed labia, and mons. She may have been more or less monogamous with Peace, but still, the scents and the sight of a bared pussy was fun to watch. She had a live in lover, not a casket, after all. Murring appreciatively, she took the water out of Kaila's paw, musing to herself about how the vixen tried to display herself fully to her without actually doing it, letting the leopard catch a scent of the dark folds.

Kaila sat down near the leopard, purring softly, something that Sapphire had taught her how to do. "Now as far as that favor is concerned, what are you willing to do?" Kaila asked, putting on more of a 'businessfur' face as she gazed over the leopard, her paw reaching out to stroke over Sapphire's legs, grazing the spots, while drawing a line from each rosette to the other.

"I can pay you, or if you want, I can do chores for you. I would be more than happy to wash your 'craft a couple of times, do errands for you for a week or two, that kind of thing. " Sapphire paused, blushing for a moment, "But I don't believe that's what you had in mind for me as far as paying you back for your gneerosity."

The vixen shook her head, laughing a little bit, "no, that's not what I had in mind at all," she lifted up her shirt, spreading her legs slowly, working herself up to the edge of the couch. "Why don't you get on your knees, and thank me properly?" Kaila asked, smiling, her breathing becoming a little heavier as she gazed over the leopard. "I think... that you can figure out what I want."

Sapphire smiled, her paws sliding over Kaila's body, rubbing slowly over her newly bared legs. She dropped down to the floor upon her knees, the leopard's tail whisking behind her as she inhaled the scent of her friend deeply. "Mrr.. it's not a traditional favor, but I think, it can be arranged." The feline smiled as she rolled her body slightly, placing her fingers upon each of Kaila's thighs, pushing them apart. The vixen's labia were more pronounced than Peace's, soft folds of flesh that were moistened from the day's work. Sapphire could see that her clitoris was also a little larger, the hood a hard, beautiful ridge at the very top of her sex.

"Well, Sapphire, you've never been a traditional cat, I know that before you settled down.. with my friend, that you were into all sorts of things that would be considered naughty, or nasty." Kaila smiled, her paws coming to rest upon the leopard's shoulders, her hips rising upward, spreading even more for the kitty's view. Sapphire murred, lowering her head somewhat to nuzzle over the sweetness of the vixen's mons, her tongue extended to lightly lap at the flavors that were held there, the forbidden flavors of another lover.

Kaila jumped just a bit at the sensation of a tongue upon her sex, it had been so very long since she'd felt anyone else swabbing her folds with their tongue, though she had something even more intense in mind. She mewled quietly in her throat, her paws holding onto the couch, fingertips clenching at it as she spread her legs further, extending her knees so her feet hung off of the surface of the couch. "You don't mean..." the leopard's voice trailed off for a moment, a hot blush covering her face as she shook her head, "I.. I haven't done that in years."

Kaila laughed softly, fuzzling over the kitty's ears, "I'm sure that you can remember what to do." She smiled, her neck arching backward upon the couch, leaning over as she rolled her hips into the leopard's face. "If not, there's always the light.. reminders that I can give you, of course," the vixen smiled down, opening her nearly half lidded eyes to gaze to her friend, her body writhing somewhat upon the couch while Sapphire licked at the soft folds tenderly, her teeth tugging upon Kaila's labia lightly, allowing her tongue to brush on the underside. Unlike many cats, Sapphire's tongue was smooth, yielding, forgoing any of the raspiness that many of her brothers and sisters had. It made it difficult for grooming sometimes, however, that's what the modern conveniences of showers were for, after all.

Sapphire nodded, her paws sliding along the dark furred inner thighs, her eyes opening somewhat to gaze at the time, she had a lot of time to do what she was requested to, and was determined to do the best that she possibly could. Sapphire extended her tongue just that little bit further, eliciting another gasp from the vixen, her scents strong within the kitty's nose. "Mrrr..." Sapphire rumbled to herself, vibrating the entire area of Kaila's sex, her tongue dabbling about, before she dug in a little more thoroughly, lapping along the folds, and upwards to Kaila's clitoral hood, one that she captured within her light teeth, tugging.

Moaning, Kaila relaxed a little further upon the couch, her head lifted up in an expression of bliss when Sapphi touched her urethra with her tongue. Her muzzle was hot, warming her up thoroughly, as she figured that this was the best 'payment' that she could possibly receive. Truly enough, she wasn't going to ask for anything, if her friend hadn't brought it up, but, she did rather like the rewards. The leopard grasped at the tiny little hole, suckling on it, figuring that that's what the vixen was talking about when she said 'nasty things'. The leopard quivered, it had indeed been years since she'd touched a urethra willingly, most of her lovers had thought it was nasty, or crude, but she simply went with the flow, so to speak.

"Ohh.. right *there!*" Kaila squealed, releasing a tiny bit of amber into the leopard's muzzle, which was quickly received and expected. The leopard lapped a little harder, savoring the acrid sweet taste of her friend's fluids, her muzzle nearly clamping around the entire area as she pushed in a little deeper to the vixen, tasting her, lapping more eagerly. The vixen smiled, ruffling her paws over Sapphire's head, and ears, giggling softly to herself between loud pants, her tail lashing upon the couch vigorously as she released her bladder, to be caught by Sapphire's willing tongue, swallowed ferociously.

There was nothing so fun as to have a muzzle used as a litter box, Kaila thought, and she knew that Sapphire enjoyed it as well, she could see by the way that the leopard's hips and thighs were moving that she was becoming aroused too, but there would be no relief for a Sapphire today. She was Kaila's little toy, Kaila's litter box. Sapphire slurped at the flow of Kaila's urine, lapping at it all, holding some in her muzzle before swallowing, as the leopard became determined to get every single little drop into her muzzle. She writhed upon the floor, her legs parting as her scent got stronger between her legs. She ignored it, though, determined to give the vixen what she wanted.

Kaila squealed, yipping as she grabbed Sapphire's shoulders, her fingertips digging into her soft frame, claws lightly pricking at the leopard's shirt, tugging at it as she writhed upon the couch. The vixen started to shudder and spasm, indeed it was one of the things that she'd not had in a while, her flow increasing to a stormy, amber flood, before subsiding, every single drop caught by the tongue that was so very willing. Sapphire panted loudly, her paws reaching up to grasp at her friend's thighs, clenching lightly there and tugging along the fur, lifting up underneath the nightshirt that Kaila wore. The kitty worked her tongue against the tiny opening over and over, making sure that she got every drop, before lowering her head and supping upon the warmth of Kaila's loins, tugging at the honeys that flowed so freely, smearing some over her muzzle and her lips, the taste of urine still upon her tongue.

Kaila's body nearly visibly slumped over Sapphire's, her paws still raking over the kitty's shoulders and over her neck, her thighs feeling like they were steaming from the treatment that they'd received. She whimpered and pulled the leopard tightly to her pussy, letting her get all of the 'aftereffects' of the climax that she'd just had, that tongue feeling so warm, the breeze of air over her made her tingle with delight. Kaila looked down to her friend and smiled with a toothy grin, purring.. "Yes.. naughty kitty." Kaila murmured as she released her grasp upon the leopard's shoulders, murring delightedly as Sapphi backed her head away from the warmth of the sex, slowly climbing back up onto the couch and starting into a grooming fit.

"What can I say?" Sapphire asked, a whimsical, wet grin upon her muzzle. She lifted her body up from the couch to hug Kaila gently, giggling quietly to herself at the sheer wonder of it all. She hadn't done anything like watersports in such a long time, though she figured that she would eventually get back into it. With Kaila, nothing was simply a one shot deal - though the next time, it would be done without the auspices of a 'favor.'

"That you're the proud owner of 300 pages of cloth. Would you mind if I kept a copy for myself, for future reading? " Kaila grinned, leaning in to kiss Sapphire's nose gently, relaxing into the kitty's paws.

"Of course I don't mind." Sapphire purred and kissed Kaila gently, "though, I have to warn you, it's unedited." Her fingers slowly wandered over Kaila's breasts, down across her tummy, scritching lightly as she tried to play the 'male' part, holding the dark vixen closely, being the strong, protective one. She wondered what Peace would say, though. The feline didn't think that what she had just done was wrong, perhaps so very kinky by other's standards, but they'd never truly talked about monogamy and the like. Sapphire had always felt that monogamy, and love, and caring was where you came home to, anyway. She shrugged, and decided that she would let that happen when it happened, there was no sense in worrying about definitions right then.

"So? I like a little... unrehearsed action." Kaila laughed and murred, ruffling over Sapphire's ears lightly.

"Adds a little spice to life, I think. Besides, a lot of your work, at least that which I've seen, is better than many edited works."

Sapphire looked up to the clock, sighing just a bit as she cuddled and talked. "I have to get going, Peace is going to be home anytime, and I want to wash up a bit before she gets home. My breath tastes like a litter box!" Kaila giggled softly as she got up to pad into her office, coming back with three hundred pieces of cloth, stacked and jogged neatly, with a red ribbon around it to keep it in place. The leopard gathered up all of the pages, and smiled at her vixen friend, holding the interminable amount of cloth close to her as she leaned in to kiss her softly.

"Take care, Sapphi, come back anytime, if you need another favor." Kaila grinned and murred as she watched Sapphire leave, her tail dancing back and forth as she got into her 'craft and sped off into the distance.

When she got home, Peace was sitting upon the couch, watching a movie that she'd seen a few times. She looked quite zoned out, still in her waitress outfit, somewhat sprawled where she sat. "So, did you get her to print it?" The vixen asked, perking up and moving off of the comfortable cushions that she rested upon.

"Right here." Sapphire smiled, licking her lips, blushing as she realized that her breath still tasted awkward. The russet vixen padded up to Sapphi and placed a kiss upon her lips, making an odd face as she looked into the leopard's eyes.

"Your breath tastes strange, what have you been into?" Peace asked, nuzzling into her lover's spotted cheek, murring softly as she rubbed her head up and down over Sapphire's neck, placing a light kiss there.

"Mrr, a lot of things, I think. But, we'll talk about it later, I'm more interested in hearing how *your* day went." Sapphi asked, padding over to the couch once more, holding her vixen closely to her. She shook her head, and murred as she sat down, holding Peace closely to her. "You want I should go brush my teeth, and put that nice scent of peppermint on my lips so we can kiss more?"

"Yeah, why don't you do that. It's not a bad taste, just, strange." Peace smiled and watched after the leopard as she padded out to the bathroom, returning with overly freshened breath that smelled very much like an overenthusiastic peppermint.

"So, tell me about your day?" Sapphire asked, relaxing as she held and listened to Peace, her body pressed closely to the vixen's. All thoughts about the favor left the leopard as she kissed Peace, figuring that the conversation that the conversation that she probably needed to have at some point could wait.