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Image: Aleffe_and_Jasper_Color.jpg   800x465 85321 bytes 2000.01.25

"Wait a sec Jasper," the fox calls. Finding themselves transported to a new world (again), Aleffe and Jasper discuss the situation, ponder the reasons for the universe to be so cruel as to separate them from their loved ones, yet unite the two of them. Here, Jasper is about to go off into the wilderness and forage some berries, pausing to hear the words of her vulpine companion. Aleffe of Midnight is &copy; Vulpes Mundi. Jasper of Sunset is &copy; FluxGryphon.\n

Image: Aleffe_and_Jasper_Gray.jpg   800x454 50921 bytes 2000.01.27

Wow a preliminary rendition (by yours truly) of VulpesMundi's True Heart Aleffe of Midnight and my own character Jasper of Sunset. Much alike these two, fate played a hand in them being together, but separated from their loved ones. Aleffe of Midnight is &copy; Vulpes Mundi. Jasper of Sunset is &copy; FluxGryphon.\n

Image: ArionRelax_Gray.jpg   618x650 26631 bytes 1999.11.21

Penciled version (all so far till I tweak with it) of Arion of Eclipse, male dhole. Maybe he's watching the sunset on a roof, maybe watching the sun rise on a hill side...who knows? \r\nArion of Eclipse is FluxGryphon.

Image: ArionThere_Gray.jpg   363x613 42658 bytes 2002.02.01

Finally finished this Arion pic and got it scanned. He's fuzzy, stylin', and got pants now. (That's important!) ^v^\r\nEven though this was started in 1997 (!), the artwork 2002 Flux Gryphon.

Image: AthairPortrait_Gray.jpg   284x284 13347 bytes 1999.11.21

Athair Anywhere sports her cock-head, one-eye view. (She's a gryphon, eh? You just can't tell from a portrait view! ~_^) Athair Centaurus Anywhere is &copy; FluxGryphon.\n

Image: BirthdayFG_smGray.jpg   488x600 113012 bytes 2003.09.02

My first attempt at doing a gryph-were, while I was in the hospital during my birthday. I had no references of any sort, and did this with a regular yellow-wood number 2 pencil. I guess the gryph is drawing upon some mana or something. ^v^ \r\nArtwork 2002 Flux Gryphon.

Image: Boots_smGray.jpg   522x507 36014 bytes 2004.06.24

During my Intermediate level Fiction Writing class, one of my classmates stories was about a cat named Boots that ended up changing into a human to go to the prom to please his owner. The author of this story also happened to be an artist, and since I am so enamoured with cats (as well as the cuteness of the story) I sketched Boots on the back of one of the pages of the draft.\r\nArtwork 2004 Flux Gryphon.

Image: CRFH-Coyotes_smGray.jpg   670x570 52669 bytes 2004.06.24

Image: CyrusCrouch_True.jpg   603x695 51058 bytes 1999.11.21

"So thy eyes find me again." Casual Cyrus crouching in his hybrid form, brandishing his silvery armor, silk body suit, toga and trousers. WOW! Shading! On a normal pad pic! AmAZing! (And that color is only conicidental--no real coloring talent was summoned in the making of this picture.) Cyrus is &copy; FluxGryphon.\n

Image: CyrusForest_Gray.jpg   513x695 53398 bytes 1999.11.21

Were-dragon Cyrus crunching through the snowy woods, hears something nearby. Ear perked up, he slides out his sword. This is another one from those days long ago when I used to draw pretty frequently. In fact, it is SO long ago, I'm not sure if there was more to his name than just "Cyrus". I know he isn't always in a "draconian" form, and that he's from Old England...plays a Celtic whistle (or flute?)... Cyrus is &copy; FluxGryphon.\n

Image: DeimosBell_Gray.jpg   280x613 53792 bytes 2000.12.08

**ding ding** "It would be simply DREADFUL to be GRAY FOR ALL ETERNITY. A certain ARTIST should get along and finish me before something DREADFUL happens! (Although I doubt anything is worse than being stuck in this stiff-legged pose, with soot on my ADORABLE visiage, ringing an antique bronze bell of some baudy ape could be much worse than standing around looking bored.) Oh and am I NOT supposed to have WINGS?!!" The griserval is at it again, being his cynical self.\r\nBoth Deimos Moon and artwork are FluxGryphon.

Image: Fenris&Jasper_Gray.jpg   563x600 158171 bytes 2000.12.08

Before all was chaos in the three existences, Fenris and Jasper fell in love against the wishes of the mortal world. Their two families, the House of Sunset and the House of Grove, despised one another although they both occupied the same region of Htrae. The House of Grove resided in the valleys of Krishidum, while the noble House of Sunset lived in the mountains surrounding the region. Preserved in the libraries of each House, are articles telling of a war between two tribes: the Tribe of Sunset and the Tribe of the Grove. They are more than two-thousand years old. Borth accounts were the history of their hatred, and both houses vowed to never relent to the other. A *union* between them was forbidden. But fate had other plans for this unlikely couple. Jasper's father had always, but secretly, resented the grudge he inherited, knowing it was obsolete and primitive, even if it was a so-called "tradition". One day, he became very ill, and made his wishes known to his favorite daughter, Jasper, barely whispering the burden of his heart. Soon thereafter, he died. The next day, Jasper ventured up the mountain to confront her House's lifelong enemy, and to make amends for the folly of their ancestors. It was her father's last request, and she intended to make it a reality.\r\nThis image of Fenris and Jasper of Sunset are FluxGryphon.

Image: FenrisPortrait_Color.jpg   420x603 90907 bytes 2000.06.11

Yes! I've learned my lesson-no more uploading until the pic is finished! This portrait of Fenris of Sunset (who is FluxGryphon) is to both FluxGryphon and Vulpes Mundi. He did the actual drawing whilst I colored it. (I'm don't think any inking was actually done...)\r\n\r\n\n

Image: FenrisReady_Color.jpg   543x895 89400 bytes 1999.11.21

Fenris of Sunset clandestinely peeking around a corner and brandishing his magical heirloom, a Phoenix Sun Blade. In his right paw, he squeezes the button that signals the other mercenary party that he's in position. Grim expression and alert ears, he's ready for combat. Although it took me some time to get the whole thing colored, this was my first picture experiementing with Adobe Photoshop's burn/dodge tool. I think it has a more realistic shadow rendering and allows me more liberty with the effect of light than the previously used combinations of filters and effects. Fenris of Sunset is &copy; FluxGryphon. \n

Image: FenrisYap_B&W.jpg   558x623 98751 bytes 1999.11.21

Now we're getting oldstuffs here! This one scanned better as Black & White, so no pencil to precede this one. Referenced from some coyote picture. Fenris of Sunset is &copy; FluxGryphon.\n

Image: FG@work_smGray.jpg   600x397 112146 bytes 2003.09.02

My first attempt at doing a gryph-were, while I was in the hospital during my birthday. I had no references of any sort, and did this with a regular yellow-wood number 2 pencil. I guess the gryph is drawing upon some mana or something. ^v^ \r\nArtwork 2002 Flux Gryphon.

Image: Gryph-were_smGray.jpg   422x600 90238 bytes 2003.09.20

Inspired by Kyoht's 'were' design of herself in coyote form is my attempt at a gryph-were. I've made a couple attempts at it before, (this one was done August 28th, 2002), but this is my first one with more fur and animal anatomy. (Note: I was aiming for a personal likeness - i.e. me, in Flux Gryphon bipedal form - so this is a female. No mane. ^v^) \r\nI give Heather Baeder AKA "Kyoht" (homepage: credit for the standing design (I wanted something simple to try this thing out and see how it looked with a good reference), but the image itself is 2002 FluxGryphon.

Image: Jasper&OdessaStance_Color.jpg   600x575 69361 bytes 2000.06.10

For Earthlings, the poles are reversed, mirrored on an axis between these two similar spirits. Jasper of Sunset and Odessa Hadar are FluxGryphon, as well as the artwork.

Image: JasperDetermined_Color.jpg   750x600 89226 bytes 2000.04.18

A coyotess of rather dynamic character, Jasper of Sunset showes a determined glare at the world. Strong-willed and easy-going, it would be wise for you not to honk her off during your visit. As Fenris, her husband, will assure, you will reap the whirlwind. Determined Jasper is easily the fasted picture I've done in a while. Took me less than a half hour to draw, and less than half a day to completely color and shade. Probabaly the toughest thing was probably figuring out where to start on the shading, because I haven't done that for awhile. I did take some liberties with the shading versus the source that inspired the actual drawing (see description for JasperDetermined_Gray.jpg), I think it turned out rather well...but I can do better. Jasper of Sunset is &copy; FluxGryphon.\n

Image: JasperDetermined_Gray.jpg   700x560 64102 bytes 1999.12.11

This is the penciled version of Determined Jasper. It was inspired by one of Neon Genesis Evangelion character's, Misato Katsuragi, pictures on the web. Thanks to the Reflections of Evangelion for making such an awesome archive of pictures available! Jasper of Sunset is &copy; FluxGryphon.\n

Image: JasperDocC2.jpg   273x965 58562 bytes 1999.09.09

Jasper of Sunset has accumulated a file folder containing some valuable information. Unfortunately, she can't read it! "Damn humans," she mutters, "How do they read this gibberish? For that matter, how the hell do they write these perfectly uniform lines and curves?" Jasper of Sunset is &copy; FluxGryphon.\n

Image: JasperOrigC.jpg   341x742 58426 bytes 1999.09.09

This is Jasper of Sunset in her original form. This is the image that sparked the complete being of Jasper. Here it's quite dark and she is holding a natural light source, a flower native to Htrae known as a Crystal Bloom. If Fenris were here right now she probably wouldn't need it, as his temper is hot enough to start fires... Jasper of Sunset is &copy; FluxGryphon.\n

Image: JasperPersonaStance_Gray.jpg   290x603 60546 bytes 2000.02.22

Personality stance for Jasper in pencil. The structure is symbolic in this "Persona Stance". For Htraeans, a character's motivation to logic, reason, the mind is to the right. The opposite pole, propensity towards action, passion, the body, is to the left. With that in mind, what does Jasper's orientation reflect about her personality? Not only is she facing the pole of the body, but she is also gazing steadily in that direction. Jasper of Sunset is &copy; FluxGryphon.\n

Image: Kahn&SolinStance_smColor.jpg   730x700 221911 bytes 2003.09.02

An updated (but still not finished) version of the Kahn (previously called Soir) and Solin persona stance.\r\nKahn and Solin Jack are FluxGryphon, as well as the artwork.

Image: Kierkegaard_Coyote_smGray.jpg   386x500 74056 bytes 2003.09.02

The Danish philosopher and theologian Soren Kierkegaard as an anthropomorphic coyote. \r\nArtwork 2002 Flux Gryphon.

Image: Lil_Gryph_smGray.jpg   423x600 122078 bytes 2003.09.02

Wow! Been a long time since I posted anything, but that's because, between my scanner breaking down, and college, and not having any good time to visit my friend and use his scanner, committing anything to the digital e-world was nigh impossible. Till now, that is. \r\nAnyway, I drew and shaded this li'l gryph a while ago. I'm not sure what possessed me to do it in this style and shading. Maybe I was listening to some muses, and this is what they were telling me to do. Who knows anything about these things? \r\nAt any rate, this little gryph is FluxGryphon.

Image: MagnusMeditate_Gray.jpg   405x600 24521 bytes 2000.12.08

Ooo hey I scanned this recently (I can tell because there's a lot of speckled crap in places where there isn't a mark). The latest version (but not drawn recently of course) of Magnus Draconis, the noble and undoubtedly wise sage. Looks like he was meditating peacefully on a hillside, but perhaps the approach other others disturbed him. Or perhaps he heard something on the wind...\r\nBoth Magnus Draconis and artwork are FluxGryphon

Image: Matthiu&FenrisDrink_smGray.jpg   600x391 81633 bytes 2003.09.02

Another pic I did during while I was independently studying. My muse sometimes pics strange times to flash an innovative image. Here's Matthiu shlupping it up with Fenris, after only just meeting in the town of Happens, where everyone smokes, drinks, shoots - you name it, it happens. \r\nAs another note, drawing Fenris was inspired by looking at a lot of Kyoht pics (she does awesome 'yotes!). Thanks for the inspiration! \r\nArtwork 2002 Flux Gryphon.

Image: S&AHorseyback_Gray.jpg   600x585 90450 bytes 2000.02.03

Playful, isn't it? (This is by no means finished, so expect an update.) Arion of Eclipse is &copy; FluxGryphon. SunLight of DeepForest is &copy; Vulpes Mundi.\n

Image: SoirPersonaStance_Detail.jpg   500x490 146256 bytes 2000.05.19

A detail of the color, just so you can see the fuzzy blurry lines. (I'm tryin' somethin' different.) Still is &copy; FluxGryphon. \n

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