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Image: FenrisYap_B&W.jpg   558x623 98751 bytes 1999.11.21

Now we're getting oldstuffs here! This one scanned better as Black & White, so no pencil to precede this one. Referenced from some coyote picture. Fenris of Sunset is &copy; FluxGryphon.\n

Image: CyrusForest_Gray.jpg   513x695 53398 bytes 1999.11.21

Were-dragon Cyrus crunching through the snowy woods, hears something nearby. Ear perked up, he slides out his sword. This is another one from those days long ago when I used to draw pretty frequently. In fact, it is SO long ago, I'm not sure if there was more to his name than just "Cyrus". I know he isn't always in a "draconian" form, and that he's from Old England...plays a Celtic whistle (or flute?)... Cyrus is &copy; FluxGryphon.\n

Image: AthairPortrait_Gray.jpg   284x284 13347 bytes 1999.11.21

Athair Anywhere sports her cock-head, one-eye view. (She's a gryphon, eh? You just can't tell from a portrait view! ~_^) Athair Centaurus Anywhere is &copy; FluxGryphon.\n

Image: CyrusCrouch_True.jpg   603x695 51058 bytes 1999.11.21

"So thy eyes find me again." Casual Cyrus crouching in his hybrid form, brandishing his silvery armor, silk body suit, toga and trousers. WOW! Shading! On a normal pad pic! AmAZing! (And that color is only conicidental--no real coloring talent was summoned in the making of this picture.) Cyrus is &copy; FluxGryphon.\n

Image: ArionRelax_Gray.jpg   618x650 26631 bytes 1999.11.21

Penciled version (all so far till I tweak with it) of Arion of Eclipse, male dhole. Maybe he's watching the sunset on a roof, maybe watching the sun rise on a hill side...who knows? \r\nArion of Eclipse is FluxGryphon.

Image: Talishmnd_Gray.jpg   450x1150 163530 bytes 1999.11.19

Snippet of character design for Talis Ev'ris in his semi-human form. (Burne Hogarth body, just a little?) (Hmm, reminds me of Assyrian relief...) Talisman Ev'ris is &copy; FluxGryphon.\n

Image: JasperDocC2.jpg   273x965 58562 bytes 1999.09.09

Jasper of Sunset has accumulated a file folder containing some valuable information. Unfortunately, she can't read it! "Damn humans," she mutters, "How do they read this gibberish? For that matter, how the hell do they write these perfectly uniform lines and curves?" Jasper of Sunset is &copy; FluxGryphon.\n

Image: JasperOrigC.jpg   341x742 58426 bytes 1999.09.09

This is Jasper of Sunset in her original form. This is the image that sparked the complete being of Jasper. Here it's quite dark and she is holding a natural light source, a flower native to Htrae known as a Crystal Bloom. If Fenris were here right now she probably wouldn't need it, as his temper is hot enough to start fires... Jasper of Sunset is &copy; FluxGryphon.\n

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