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Image: SoirPersonaStance_Ink.gif   290x675 93698 bytes 2000.05.19

This is Solin's Htraean persona, who is so new (I've never drawn him before) he doesn't have a name. If you'd like to help me out with his name, email me at What name comes to mind when you see this guy? Whatever his name is, he's is &copy; FluxGryphon. \n

Image: SolinmeetsAleffe&Jasper_Gray.jpg   815x600 142496 bytes 2000.01.31

This follows the previous scene with Alef and Jasper separated from their loved ones. It is the day after they found themselves in a wilderness, an unknown distance from the others. After trekking in the woods for sometime, they come across Solin Jack who has also been separated from his companions. But unlike the two Htraeans, he had to face it alone. And to further his confusion, he had an encounter with an owl bear (hence, the wound on his temple). Never meeting a Htraean before...well you can see his surprise for yourself. This isn't finished yet, so expect updates. Aleffe of Midnight is &copy; Vulpes Mundi. Jasper of Sunset is &copy; FluxGryphon. Solin Jack is &copy; FluxGryphon.\n

Image: SolinmeetsAleffe&Jasperv2_Gray.jpg   740x600 53003 bytes 2000.03.30

Version two of Solin first encountering Alef and Jasper. I'm going to leave the older version up here for comparision, because I really did change a lot of things. For one, I completely erased Jasper and redid her (much more expressive now, neh?). Another, I erased Solin's body (everything 'cept the head) and redid that as well. Most obviously is the addition of the knife and half-mantle, but if you look carefully I adjusted his stance--note where the chin meets the neck on the first pick and where it is in the second. Lastly, is Alef's face. This was the only thing I didn't completely erase and do again, though I erased so many of the details (such as the eyes and ruff) that I might has well have erased the whole head. There should be one more update of the penciled version before I begin the inking and then coloring processes. Aleffe of Midnight is &copy; Vulpes Mundi. Jasper of Sunset is &copy; FluxGryphon. Solin Jack is &copy; FluxGryphon.\n

Image: Sunny&MinaStance_Color.jpg   600x575 96952 bytes 2000.04.07

For Earthlings, the poles are reversed, mirrored on an axis between these two similar spirits. SunLight of DeepForest is &copy; Vulpes Mundi. Doctor Mina Giles is &copy; FluxGryphon and Vulpes Mundi.\n

Image: SunnyPersonaStance_Gray.jpg   290x595 66302 bytes 2000.03.10

Personality stance for Sunny in pencil. The structure is symbolic in this "Persona Stance". For Htraeans, a character's motivation to logic, reason, the mind is to the right. The opposite pole, propensity towards action, passion, the body, is to the left. How does this reflect Sunny's personality? Though her body is oriented towards logic and reason, she looks the other way, as if wishing something different. SunLight of DeepForest is &copy; Vulpes Mundi.\n

Image: Talishmnd_Gray.jpg   450x1150 163530 bytes 1999.11.19

Snippet of character design for Talis Ev'ris in his semi-human form. (Burne Hogarth body, just a little?) (Hmm, reminds me of Assyrian relief...) Talisman Ev'ris is &copy; FluxGryphon.\n

Image: TalisRecluse_B&W.jpg   550x985 276039 bytes 1999.11.21

The first real form of Talis Ev'ris. MY has he changed! Probably my longest lasting character (besides the reincarnation of another character into Arion), this guy has more forms than a changeling. Perhaps the dragon blood, eh? Talisman Ev'ris is &copy; FluxGryphon.\n

Image: TalisTrueform_Color.gif   432x623 45376 bytes 2000.02.09

Here we have the old soul Talisman in his true form. According to him, he hails from the scorching hot planet of Athas, far beyond the reaches of our solar system. Though his appearance makes him seem odd company, he is a gentleman and intellectual with immesurable power and skill. Talisman Ev'ris is &copy; FluxGryphon.\n

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