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Image: adamsketch1.jpg   595x770 155788 bytes 2001.02.23

This is "Adam Schwindler", a balc wolf char. He was conceived by Chris Keef and features in a story of mine. I came up with this particular character design, after much effort and studying of wolfie phots... my canine art sucks!

Image: kbikini.JPG   582x390 96993 bytes 2001.02.18

Kiana the Kangaroo in a bikini... a request from a guy, who else? ;). Kiana comes from my own imagination and the image is (c) myself, Sara Veal.

Image: diana.JPG   260x437 36111 bytes 2001.02.18

This child char is called Diana Dingaroo. She is the daughter of Kiana Kangaroo and an undisclosed Dingo :). Diana comes from the fertile imagination of myself.

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