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Image: devon-handstand.jpg   554x1168 92719 bytes 2006.09.06

This pose was difficult. NO reference was used. Just understructure to keep the proportions semi-accurate. I dunno how well it worked XD\r\n\r\neither way this was a fun experiment.\r\nDevon and art Sarah A.F. 2oo6

Image: devon-smoke.jpg   1003x837 128157 bytes 2006.11.06

Lazy brushpen experiment.\r\n\r\n"living and dying with each breath\r\neach time i die i plea for rest\r\neach time i'm reborn, my eyes burn\r\neach day alive i cannot sleep, i lie awake and pray for death\r\ndeath comes and i cannot rest\r\nand i am reborn-\r\nimprisoned to a life i've never wanted\r\n\r\n\r\nthis is my life and death, in a puff of smoke."\r\n\r\nIt's supposed to be a monologue.\r\nDevon and art belong to myself

Image: equinox.jpg   507x696 84286 bytes 2006.09.07

December 2003. This was an X-mas gift for my girlfriend at the time. She still has the original\r\n\r\nMAN THAT BELT TOOK FOREVER TO INK D:\r\n\r\nEquinox belongs to Sara F.L. \r\nart by Sarah A.F.

Image: humanjane.jpg   267x535 40067 bytes 2006.09.07

Oh lawdy. Blue papermate ballpoint for inks and cheap-ass prang watercolor paint.\r\n\r\nGiven to a friend for a birthday gift. It was supposed to be a random hot chick, but turned out to be human Jane :0 oh well, she liked it!\r\n\r\nnote to self: outline in blue more often.

Image: jane-beastofburden.jpg   953x844 201343 bytes 2006.11.06

angry shit.\r\nignore the poorly rendered blood by the sword. ugh. :[

Image: jane-BISHOUJO-bw.jpg   582x718 104801 bytes 2006.08.23

Ballpoint pen sketch, tweaked in photoshop.

Image: jane-content2004.jpg   464x652 71459 bytes 2006.08.24

I colored this after I graduated high school :)

Image: jane-fierce.jpg   925x990 200993 bytes 2006.08.23

Jane's lost it. OH LAWDY YALLS BETTER RUN!!! :O

Image: jane-PEN_copy.jpg   423x464 78984 bytes 2006.09.05

Sorry for the re-upload, this is the cleaned up in photoshop version. :o\r\n\r\nJane & art Sarah A.F. 2oo6

Image: kell.jpg   334x623 65751 bytes 2006.08.24

Old pic of Kell ^_^ 2003 I think?\r\nink pens and colored pencils. OPERATION IVY WOOO :O

Image: kellMOSH.jpg   592x800 93619 bytes 2006.08.23

GET IN THE PIT!\r\nKell. Looks like she got some poor bastard's blood on her shoes. Oh well, shoes can be washed :P\r\n\r\nanyway. microns, ballpoints, and colored pencils.

Image: kurt-cheese.jpg   496x429 72192 bytes 2006.08.24

A gift for a very awesome friend of mine, back when I was a senior. my buddy Andrea loves Kurt and all things nirvana, so I drew Kurt as...a dog thing! :O\r\n\r\n"Big Cheese" is a title taken from the Bleach album, I think..\r\nmake, listening to Nirvana takes me back. 8)

Image: Natalie_COLORED.jpg   401x716 58916 bytes 2006.08.24

ink, marker, pencils.\r\n\r\nShe's an Australian Shepherd :)

Image: saf-janexdeirdre-COLOR.jpg   864x996 151851 bytes 2006.09.05

This looked SO much better as a sketch... unfortunately I didn't scan the finalized sketch ;_; poo.\r\nSloppy inks, terrible watercolor work... but ah well, this is for MEG! My half of a porn trade. :P UH OHES.\r\n\r\nDeirdre to Meg Maxted\r\nJane & art Sarah A.F.

Image: saf-janexdeirdre.jpg   1079x1216 168012 bytes 2006.09.06

Photoshop tweakage. I like how the sketch turned out, but the inking? UGH! blargh.\r\n\r\nanyway, here's the line art.

Image: saf-WIP-janesexeh.jpg   807x1270 305408 bytes 2006.08.23

this isn't even close to done.\r\n\r\nAS FOR THE JAPANESE WRITING: it was a piece of paper i just stuck on with black masking tape :P

Image: sf-nando.jpg   389x484 53411 bytes 2006.11.06

For my buddy, Nando :3\r\nNando belongs to Nando Santos -\r\nImage and art by Sarah A.F. 2006

Image: sirea-scythe-ink.jpg   867x746 126503 bytes 2006.08.24

nigguh stole my scythe!\r\n\r\nhere weapon has anther blade at the other end, but I ran out of room on the paper :p poo.

Image: Sirea_snarls.jpg   723x724 80082 bytes 2006.09.06

yes, I know the proportions are all funky D: I mainly worked on this in class when I was a senior. haha.\r\n\r\nHER HEAD ISNT THAT TINY. REALLY :( blargh

Image: trihawk.jpg   508x664 95419 bytes 2006.09.07

Boredom sketch on the back of my 'senior graduation schedule' thing :p inked and sketched later that summer.\r\nI need do draw this girl again :3\r\n\r\nSomeone COMPLAINED that she has no i'm sorry that non-explicit half nude cartoon characters are so offensive :'(\r\n\r\nSarah A.F 2oo6

Image: Valentine.jpg   619x625 128801 bytes 2006.08.23

This image means a lot to me. 8)\r\nKora & Sasha are my characters. I'm currently revamping both of their designs. :3\r\nSarah A.F. 2oo2

Image: vaughn-rage.jpg   447x349 65638 bytes 2006.08.23

He seems to be very angry :O\r\nrandom sketch, added some photoshop nonsense.\r\nSarah A.F. 2oo6

Image: zandra-emeraldedge.jpg   774x672 119483 bytes 2006.09.06

crappy scan, but I'm pleased with how the pose and sketchwork came out. I'll see if I can find the original and re-scan T_T;\r\nher weapon is the Emerald Edge. woo.\r\n\r\nZandra + art, Sarah A.F. 2oo6

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