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Image: 3way.jpg   800x698 87220 bytes 2003.01.09

A request by an old friend of mine. A three way, with him as the focus.

Image: aceink.jpg   750x982 122959 bytes 2002.11.03

heh..For DrawInk, again. Conversion of the cover to Space Ace. artwork Sarxory Felidae\r\nInkfox his character.\r\nSpace Ace Don Bluth. I think?

Image: akine1.jpg   550x686 50712 bytes 2002.02.16

Akine the skonk. Again, paper and mechanical pencil. Picture two in the triptych.

Image: Akine2.jpg   400x770 41494 bytes 2002.02.16

Akine the skonk. Done for my roomate, and with pencils. First in a triptych.

Image: akine3.jpg   550x790 67107 bytes 2002.02.16

Third out of the triptych. Skunk rump!

Image: allsomewhat.jpg   1200x451 141717 bytes 2001.05.21 pic. From right to left, MSX, Releon, Myself, RedmoogleXIII, Rab, and Rondo. Took me for fricking ever to do too =)

Image: armobot.jpg   600x797 54373 bytes 2002.05.16

New shell for the Bolt. Done in pencil, on acid free paper. Tygrbolt is his player.

Image: arolat.jpg   600x735 57922 bytes 2002.05.17

A new Char of mine. First detailed pencil shading in a long time. Arolat, and artwork Me.

Image: arrowolf1.jpg   600x817 48029 bytes 2002.05.16

Just a random drawing. I'm going to put clothes and such on him, but I thought just the bare form was too nice to draw over without posting first. Artwork Sarxory Felidae.

Image: badgrslink.jpg   600x844 40390 bytes 2002.08.22

Pic of Tygrbolt, in his Badger shell. Yah...the equipment's hidden in a rubber slit, rather than the standard nacelle. Tygrbolt is his player. Artwork Sarxory Felidae 2002

Image: batr.jpg   522x811 51572 bytes 2002.08.23

Hey, it's a bat. The wings are kinda gloves. They slip on and off, so he can use his paws normally. The thumbs hook over his shoulders, when he's not using em. Artwork and Character Sarxory Felidae 2002

Image: bbot.jpg   350x710 38128 bytes 2002.02.16

Again, Tygrbolt. Rubber coated badger form, this time. I like this one.

Image: bigbr3.jpg   600x717 46887 bytes 2002.08.11

And the third. coon's taking a bit of a breather, while Big Bro finally gets what's he's been after..\r\nArtwork and characters Sarxory Felidae

Image: bigbro1.jpg   800x1041 97419 bytes 2002.08.11

Pic number one out the series. Big Bro (Jackal) Little Bro (fox) and a friend from school (raccoon) artwork and characters Sarxory Felidae

Image: bigbro2a.jpg   700x822 78063 bytes 2002.08.11

Pic #2. Big bro gets a little dom, in his attentions. He's not as rough as he seems ;) characters and artwork Sarxory Felidae

Image: bigbro4ink.jpg   1000x469 65213 bytes 2002.08.12

Pic #4. Longest Running series I've ever done.\r\nartwork and characters Sarxory Felidae

Image: bigbro5ink.jpg   964x726 67122 bytes 2002.09.02

Last in the series. Everyone's got some by now...I think that about covers it ;)\r\nCharacters and artwork Sarxory Felidae 2002

Image: blackcat1.gif   500x743 109440 bytes 2005.08.18

Just a little something put together for Oklacon out here where I am. Image is Sarxory 2005

Image: couple.jpg   949x728 178324 bytes 2001.09.30

Me and my mate. simple, and innocent, I know. You want smut. I don't do that ALL the time. If you don't like it, tough, I must say.

Image: cuming.jpg   800x321 40815 bytes 2002.01.22

And the result of patience and hard work ;)

Image: Cyber.jpg   500x794 52837 bytes 2001.02.09

Myself, done in a cybernetic theme. One of my forms, which I use on Tapestries muck, albiet a rather new one. I think I like im.

Image: demon1.jpg   633x900 57926 bytes 2004.04.28

My demon form. Not much to say here. 10 foot tall black furred spiky tiger. Sarxory 2004

Image: fondleink.jpg   745x705 67652 bytes 2001.06.19

A pic of my roomie, Releon, and MSX. I kinda think it's cute...and I like the body lines. Go figure...I'm putting out stuff I kindof like :P

Image: glenskunk.jpg   664x698 40661 bytes 2003.09.14

Image: greylopht1.jpg   450x926 58067 bytes 2002.04.14

And here's the second. Probably nearly a year later. I'm amazed at the change in my style.\r\n\r\nOnce again, Greylopht is his Player

Image: greylopht2.jpg   400x803 46796 bytes 2002.04.14

Done a long time ago, as a commission. I'm uploading this one for comparison to the next.\r\n\r\nGreylopht is his player

Image: Huskymech.jpg   505x889 52647 bytes 2002.11.18

Done for the Tygrbolt. His newest shell. Siberian Husky, thus he's holding a snowball.\r\nYou can see the copyright goodness.\r\n

Image: huskymech.jpg   610x958 58852 bytes 2002.11.19

Tygrbolt's latest shell. I rather think it's cute.

Image: inkfoxdisco.jpg   700x861 165525 bytes 2002.10.11

Finished piece for Inkfox. The theme was his idea, aright? The shoes with fish, and the tail 'fro are mine. God help me. Artwork and characters Sarxory Felidae\r\nInkfox his player

Image: inkspawn.jpg   600x806 99211 bytes 2002.10.20

drawn for drawink's halloween contest. Um..dunno where the idea came from. Not a clue. But I like it. \r\nInk himself \r\nSpawn Todd McFarlane \r\nArtwork Sarxory Felidae 2002 \r\n

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