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Image: kehaus.jpg   630x857 46585 bytes 2003.04.07

New 'bot. One of three elemental Bolts in the design process. What element? See if you can figure it out.\r\nArtwork and character Sarxory Felidae 2003

Image: kehaus2.jpg   579x798 61613 bytes 2003.04.23

finished form..or very nearly.

Image: kingcolorfin.jpg   740x750 71206 bytes 2003.02.27

Work based on a story on VCL. Read it! this one's based on a scene in part 2. very nicely done.\r\n's_Cat_P2.html\r\n\r\nArtwork Sarxory

Image: kyrupawink.jpg   600x642 62101 bytes 2002.03.24

Request done for a couple friends of mine.

Image: kyrusuckink.jpg   800x542 53626 bytes 2002.03.24

Second of Three.

Image: leopon2b_SAF.jpg   349x628 48041 bytes 2001.02.15

Random fur. Int it great? A leopard Lion crossbreed, which is known as a leopon. Gorgeous creatures.

Image: lizard.jpg   540x680 49169 bytes 2003.10.29

Just a random lizardish character I did. No particular species in mind.\r\n

Image: mayotterink.jpg   783x562 59792 bytes 2001.09.30

Hey, it's my mate, Rab, duplicated several times. Though really, it's very rare to have me get this much of his attention. Oh well. A cat can dream, can't he?

Image: metalskunk.jpg   750x874 57624 bytes 2002.08.29

Just a random bot. Character and artwork Sarxory Felidae 2002

Image: mikasi.jpg   622x630 41306 bytes 2003.03.15

A request by a friend of mine. done because the mood struck me. I hope he likes. Any comments can go by e-mail, or find me on taps =)\r\nMikasi His player\r\nArtwork Sarxory 2003

Image: mikzpehbent.jpg   559x657 56812 bytes 2003.06.07

A couple of friends of mine, having what looks to be a rather good time. Yeah, I know the foreground isn't colored. Don't care. But the way I used colored pencils on the pic is very nice, I think.

Image: night.jpg   700x865 75697 bytes 2001.12.06

Picture done for comission. It's a robotic wolf, complete with attatchments. With front, and back view. The tail was damn hard to figure out...but I got it. The character is Night. The art, of course, is mine =)

Image: night2.jpg   700x865 77193 bytes 2001.12.06

The rear view this time. *grins* I like that sort of view, though I'm not as good at it as some are. Rrrowr...heheh

Image: nipplering.jpg   500x724 38682 bytes 2001.03.13

My roomie. White lion, so it dosen't really need color, though I might shade it later. He just got this done, OL, and it just conjured up this image. I've got a dirty mind ;) Releon is His player.

Image: obsidian.jpg   770x270 27342 bytes 2004.04.24

The redesign of my weaponry. Two swords, but they can hook together at the hilts. Sarxory 2004

Image: pain.jpg   541x805 61124 bytes 2001.09.30

Yeah, it's me. Don't look too happy, do I? It's not coming from my wrists, for those of you who might wonder. It's a kind of a fists/forgotten claws, thing.

Image: panther.jpg   557x646 50438 bytes 2003.10.29

random character of my creation. The ice sword is my idea. Call it Rime.

Image: rabcolor.jpg   603x1083 92250 bytes 2001.02.15

Otter. NAme's Rab. He lives with me, on Taps. My mate, currently. Rab is his player.

Image: rcheeta.jpg   526x700 46028 bytes 2002.02.08

new robot shell. Cheeta. Tried to make him capable of moving on all fours as well. I think it could work.\r\n

Image: rhaen.jpg   600x820 66482 bytes 2002.07.17

He's ugly! Whoo. No, not a zombie. Just very thin. The bones, and his skull, are actually just patterns of grey, on white fur. He lacks a subcutaneous layer of fat, so everything shows up under the fur. He's demonsblood.\r\nArtwork Sarxory Felidae 2002\r\nRhaen his player

Image: rhaenaken.jpg   800x461 47785 bytes 2003.06.07

A friend of mine. And another friend of his =) I rather liked the pose as it was described to me, so I put it down on paper. Sharpie markers, and colored pencils.\r\n

Image: rhaenink.jpg   468x695 50981 bytes 2003.01.11

A friend of mine. He asked to have a character pic done...and this is how it came out. Yeah, that's what he wears. artwork me. Rhaen his player

Image: Rondo_SAF.jpg   642x787 79206 bytes 2001.03.13

A friend of mine. Name's Rondo. He's a fox. Oh...duh. I love mornings =) Not. Anyway..I did the for him, simply because I felt like it. Rondofox is His player.

Image: round1.jpg   767x1004 97618 bytes 2004.04.24

A picture I've come up with on my own. Hey, original idea. The characters are both my own creations. And neither are me. Mine! Sarxory 2004

Image: SAF_Skonk.jpg   800x572 35938 bytes 2001.02.15

Skonk. Sitting to his side, with something obviously on his mind. Wonder what it is?

Image: sar_anubis.jpg   762x971 88252 bytes 2002.12.02

Anubis. His shadow is kind of peeling away from the structure...revealing him as a bit more than mortal.

Image: sarkovink.jpg   900x514 81693 bytes 2005.10.29

Yeah. Two tigers. Neither of them have stripes yet. This is bad of me. But I'm posting the incomplete version, anyway.\r\n\r\nCharacters Their players\r\nartwork is MINE!

Image: Sarx.jpg   500x678 39743 bytes 2001.02.15

Myself. Given, I'm not wearing my cape, or any of that, but I kinda think it might still be worth looking at. I am copyright of me, right down to the stripes baby. ;)

Image: sarx.jpg   648x817 58371 bytes 2004.04.25

Just me, with my new swords and jacket. Sarxory 2004

Image: Sarxafter.jpg   800x601 62474 bytes 2002.01.22

After a session like that, you just gotta sit, and bask for a little bit. At least, I do ;)

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