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Image: otterheadsketch.jpg   248x254 4238 bytes 2005.02.22

An otter head I'm going to color and turn into a knitting chart.

Image: Mattmorph_sketch.jpg   161x177 6955 bytes 2002.11.19

This is based on Mattmorph15.GIF in my main directory, which is a photomorph of me and a river otter. Even though I traced this over the photomorph, they ended up looking nothing alike. This is way better =^_^= The really strange thing is that this is almost EXACTLY how I picture Scrimno. Otters are (c) Mother Nature, and I am (c) my mother.

Image: arrival.jpg   637x823 29506 bytes 2002.01.24

Scrimno, at long last, comes to the place to where he has been searching. The writing is Ultima runic for "The Arrival". (c) Matt Hopper, 2000

Image: Scrimdive.JPG   324x486 18638 bytes 2001.10.01

That's Scrimno going spear diving. I was testing out my new WACOM drawing tablet. I think I might color this sometime.

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