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Image: fallenangel.jpg   487x581 127522 bytes 2001.07.25

Im updating my 1 non-furry picy }:D I like it, even though the pants turned out horribly X_X Water colours and Micron pens...and my printer has black ink again-which would explain the W-Colours! Scryren © Scryren 2001

Image: feedthepig.jpg   456x548 178585 bytes 2001.09.15

Devin painted a piggy bank...and now it's at school...give it change and it won't haunt you...Kakren didn't feed it today and now she has a tummy ache...:grin:: pays to feed the pig.... Devin and Scryren © Scryren 2001. Sacrificial Pig © Katherine 2001 \r\n

Image: femalewolfcpmarker_co.JPG   272x660 155943 bytes 2002.03.02

A nameless female wolf that looks a lot like Styre. I might make her his sister or just not draw her again. Art © Scryren 2002

Image: freezefence_cosm.jpg   496x670 332557 bytes 2002.03.02

I started drawing this when Sean and were watching Bad Boys, which is where the quote comes from ;p Done on bristol with colour pencils. Scryren © Scryren 2002

Image: funwithblood.jpg   318x700 124747 bytes 2002.02.10

A simple pose for his profile on WoM and...and..fuzzy pants!!! yessss worship the layer tool, wooorssshippp. Schizo © Scryren 2002

Image: getawayfromme.jpg   214x560 84765 bytes 2001.11.17

get the hell away from me. Scryren © Scryren 2001

Image: giantmushrooms.jpg   481x585 212622 bytes 2001.05.26

What am I doing here? Why am I hugging a mushroom? Why is moonspell looking off to nowhere like that? And what *is* that stuff floating in the air? hummmm ::ponders:: ---- My scanner IS evil! The colour is off and it scanned it in in COMPLETE PINK the first THREE times!!! Gerrr. The scanner shows no mercy... \r\n

Image: gnawgnawgnawcom.jpg   330x570 64911 bytes 2001.09.23

Mr.Fuzzy Bunny seeks revenge on Plague for cutting him up last time...only Plague doesn't know that Mr.Fuzzy Bunny doesn't really move cuz he's a stuffy...or he could be alive?...hhummmmmm Plague and Mr.Fuzzy Bunny © Scryren 2001

Image: goandhide_bk2.JPG   320x700 126246 bytes 2002.02.03

If you couldn't tell, Snatch was on again. Scryren © Scryren 2002

Image: gyvedgoatsadobe.jpg   463x600 127278 bytes 2001.12.28

More adobe work. i hated the colour pencil verson of this so i finally finished redoing it. another oldy. Gyved Goats © Scryren 2001

Image: hallucinating.jpg   455x680 144644 bytes 2002.11.14

I've been holding out for three days on uploading this 'cause I wanted YOU to see whatever he was looking at but no, the mouse made me mad, end of discussion. X_X\r\n \r\nAnyway, I finally just came to the fact that HE'S the one hallucinating, not you, so you'll just have to imagine some random object bouncing up and down while Robin Williams as Batty screams "Look Professor! They dance up and down just like Elvis! *bounce noises*"\r\n\r\nSchizo © Scryren 2002

Image: happybirthdayhallie.jpg   686x570 177947 bytes 2001.07.14

Hallie's 16!!!!! and what could be better then a cake with glowing eyes and a BIG grin...well a lot of things but that's besides the point! Killer cake with sprinkles! mwhahahaha! tea and cake or death...uh cake please...well were outta cake! my choice is "or death" };D Scryren's left foot is out further than the right which is why it looks odd. shmoog...need more hard poses to work on ::bounce:: Scryren © Scryren 2001\r\n

Image: headinajar.jpg   671x555 112152 bytes 2001.04.28

Colored in Devin's basement while waiting for my ride to school to get his ass out of the shower. I want my Diablo 2 Exp...must have a head in jar... Scryren © Scryren 2001\r\n

Image: hurtyew.jpg   717x500 279535 bytes 2001.08.22

I fergot I finished this one last night---ah that's why!! Stupid network!!! never ever ever EVER get a wireless network cuz it SUCKS! ::snarl:: oh and ummmm the pic.....Kakren was gonna go with other friends to get her locker...and she DID!!!...i should have finished this earlier but i lost interest in it X_X oh well CUZ IT DONE NOW! Scryren and Devin © Scryren 2001 Kakren © Christa Carleton 2001. \r\n

Image: iaminsane.jpg   303x566 110594 bytes 2001.05.29

And here's the after pic [even though he's wearing different clothing and his earings are switch X_X]...3 hours later can do a lot to a person...this is why we call him Schizo ^_^ [if ya can't read the shirt, look at the file name :P]

Image: iloveyouillkillyou.jpg   900x638 376935 bytes 2002.09.08

Part 1. I hate fire, Katherine loves it and despite what *you* think, she's me. Anyway, we [all my characters minus Plague and Zyous] just left a concert and Moonspell's happily defacing its poster. There is more to the story, I just need to colour it.\r\n*In RL we really say that and it just didn't sound right if I used our character's names. L to R: Devin, Scryren & Moonspell © Scryren 2002

Image: iseekyerpez.jpg   476x493 110170 bytes 2001.09.25

I should have coloured this last week but im lazy. Scryren © Scryren 2001

Image: itdemandstoes.jpg   517x660 261399 bytes 2002.01.24

This is what I get for trying to do an entire pic in coloured pencils >P and as simple as the background looks, it took forever to fix the black lines up. The characters alone look really good so I'll link it on AACoP...maybe. That's Devin's little brother in there, the dingoish creature. Not only in RL does he look nothing like that but he comes up to my shoulders LOL. Scryren © Scryren / Zyous © Sean "little man" Murphy

Image: iwannabeabum.jpg   600x442 125713 bytes 2001.09.21

Skool life....nuff said Scryren © Scryren 2001

Image: jakekilledthesquirrels.jpg   191x540 76948 bytes 2001.12.08

Jake killed the squirrels...either that or he and Devin killed me LMAO. who knows. i love how i did the blood though, reminds me of Undying. Jake © Scryren 2001

Image: junkthemagicdragon.jpg   483x589 148275 bytes 2001.07.18

I'm too lazy to colour right now...besides, i like how i inked it...Schizo's hearing things wont last long though...hopefully Moonspell will find him before the cops do...and beat the shit outta him...

Image: lawngnomes_co.jpg   371x580 185368 bytes 2001.12.06

I promised Devin an pic of her that had to do something with lawn gnomes mwahah!! bitch better stop shaking me!! Scryren & Devin © Scryren 2001

Image: leavemealoneodd.jpg   552x400 153209 bytes 2001.09.18

Scryren © Scryren 2001, Lyrics © Cruxshadows

Image: lifehatesyou.JPG   211x554 66370 bytes 2002.01.15

The ending to the coloured version of a conversation I had with myself a couple weeks again. Done in Photoshop with the muliply tool. I think the shirt actually looks like one this time. Scryren © Scryren 2002 \r\n

Image: lotharhaze.jpg   348x670 126677 bytes 2001.12.28

For starters, this was deeply inspired by Daemonarch [music] ::bows:: and it's also trailing from the art in Undying. I used the cheap way to colour black again :) and of course coloured it with Photoshop. This is my second and last nonfur upload. good day. Lothar © Scryren 2001. \r\n

Image: moonspellshocklogo.jpg   413x555 76340 bytes 2001.05.19

"Antichrist Superstar" Prick your finger it is done The moon has now eclipsed the sun The angel has spread its wings The time has come for bitter things...Moonspell © Scryren 2001/ Lyrics © M.Manson \r\n

Image: moonspellshrooms.jpg   550x720 263731 bytes 2002.04.21

Happy 4/20. Moonspell © Scryren 2002

Image: mpaalovesmoney_com.jpg   600x750 139075 bytes 2003.08.06

Woot! Your current upload allowance is: 15 l33t haxx0rz!!!!111 Bwhahaha. *ahem*...\r\n\r\nMy way of venting frustration with the MPAA commercials [ ] O_O Scryren’s the one with the paper reporting the End Times, Schizo’s leaning on the wall spazing over the latest God Box lie and a small appearance made by a soda craving Styre who’s sleeping in the hole in the wall.\r\n\r\nIf you have no clue as to what this comic is about then good for you. You’re probably sleeping better than the rest of us.\r\n\r\nProps to SKTFM & Tales From the After Now [ ] for the listeners license.

Image: musicisillegal_finbig.jpg   665x869 103515 bytes 2003.12.22

You know it's gonna happen. They'll get so paranoid about losing money that it will be illegal to possess any form of audio. I, for one, welcome our new Shadowrun future. Please pass the wet wiring kit this way; the killer suits can kiss my ass. \r\n--\r\n\r\nScry has drawn a new character! Male? Female? I'm...not quite sure. You can blame me for drawing female hips and confusing you. I am planning on keeping 'it' as a normal character so name suggestions are welcome^^ \r\n

Image: myass_bk1sm.jpg   650x473 149191 bytes 2002.03.02

I was planning on colouring this so I never uploaded it. Devin and Sean's grandma was visiting and we ended up banning her from the basement. The couch is too small >< Scryren & Devin © Scryren 2002 / Zyous © Sean Murphy\r\n

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