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Image: AmericanBeastnice.jpg   484x589 344839 bytes 2001.08.17

Orginally drew it in july hated it...fixed it up yesterday and coloured it this morning X_X i love that song. I would post the lyrics in this but their really long so me not ^^ Now...i must sleep... Scryren Scryren 2001, Lyrics LUXT\r\n

Image: crime.jpg   350x589 188605 bytes 2001.07.26

I just realized i crossed out the wrong word while i was colouring it...blarg...shows my lack of brain power in the morning web page will have the corrected version cuz i dont feel like reuploading it!...

Image: fallenangel.jpg   487x581 127522 bytes 2001.07.25

Im updating my 1 non-furry picy }:D I like it, even though the pants turned out horribly X_X Water colours and Micron pens...and my printer has black ink again-which would explain the W-Colours! Scryren Scryren 2001

Image: bubblepent.jpg   430x589 105865 bytes 2001.07.25

I started this over a month ago and i finally got around to finish colouring it this afternoon. Testing out new stuff ->it's the bubble pentagram of DOOM! *cough* ahem...nevermind. Scryren Scryren 2001

Image: dopebatgravecloseup.jpg   668x550 103854 bytes 2001.07.24

Another Dope Hat Bat sitting on a tombstone ^_^ I realized that they're more of a bat/dragon mix cuz bats front arms are thier wings! Dope Hat bats Scryren 2001\r\n

Image: youdontseemeatall.jpg   467x589 124914 bytes 2001.07.22

Finally got done colouring. I now remember why I stopped shading with the airbrush on dark colours...cuz they're a pain![ref: Plauge's shirt X_X] there's more to it than yew think...Plauge and Fuzzy Bunny me, lyrics APC. ::bows to Maynard:: \r\n

Image: junkthemagicdragon.jpg   483x589 148275 bytes 2001.07.18

I'm too lazy to colour right now...besides, i like how i inked it...Schizo's hearing things wont last long though...hopefully Moonspell will find him before the cops do...and beat the shit outta him...

Image: happybirthdayhallie.jpg   686x570 177947 bytes 2001.07.14

Hallie's 16!!!!! and what could be better then a cake with glowing eyes and a BIG grin...well a lot of things but that's besides the point! Killer cake with sprinkles! mwhahahaha! tea and cake or death...uh cake please...well were outta cake! my choice is "or death" };D Scryren's left foot is out further than the right which is why it looks odd. shmoog...need more hard poses to work on ::bounce:: Scryren Scryren 2001\r\n

Image: plagueblood.jpg   460x576 78743 bytes 2001.07.11

This is Plague...the cannabalistic gerbils *AHEM*...gerbil ~.^ I'm not gonna explain how this came about because Devin send the sqirrels after me...::looks around::...Plague Scryren 2001\r\n

Image: scrybatteryacid.jpg   384x580 103396 bytes 2001.06.25

Scryren got word from Anarchy that Schizo had battery acid...and i finally felt like inking something ^_^...Scry's only got one leg and wasn't suppose to be so small but other than that I like it ^_^ Scryren & Schizo Scryren 2001

Image: anarchynoleggo.jpg   368x480 46990 bytes 2001.06.24

"I'm not letting go till I get battery acid..." a quick Schzio and Anarchy pic...i hate mechanical pencils...

Image: ellochicaonacid.jpg   416x589 170763 bytes 2001.06.24

Umm this is Diablos' going away present...i donno what I was thinking when I was colouring it @_@

Image: nooneleftforyou.jpg   546x597 164360 bytes 2001.06.19

"No one left for you" - I don't know all of what's going on with him yet...I've drawn him 3 times and he's still nameless!!! --> week goal: name him ::nods:: I wanted the pic to fit on a 800x600 desktop so I chopped off the top *THWAK* ::grin:: I got the background from a screenshot in Undying }:D Very cool game, I know I've been mentioning it on everything but it's *that* good. And that's a mausoleum he's sittin' on. Styre Scryren 2001 / Lyrics Marilyn Manson "Man That You Fear"

Image: ratblood.jpg   328x580 69298 bytes 2001.06.15

Punk ass rat I finished colouring today. Not much known about him yet except that I really like his hair...that I just realized looks a lot like Kryito's O_O whoops~! Art Scryren 2001

Image: worldofmadness.jpg   413x600 132586 bytes 2001.06.14

Moonspell is sitting with a lil' Dope Hat Bat ^_^ I was overlazy with the colouring so I tried to hide most of the white, left a few X_X The quote comes from the earlier version of My Monkey - M.M. & the Spooky Kids };P...~PoOr LiTtLe MoNkEy~...Moonspell and the D.H.Bats Scryren 2001 \r\n

Image: shockwolf.jpg   408x580 82851 bytes 2001.06.03

can't..think......need..sleep.... Styre Scryren 2001 ::falls off chair:: \r\n

Image: clownswilleatme.jpg   407x580 102442 bytes 2001.06.01

"Can't sleep, clowns will eat me." - Well I know I sure as hell saw this one coming...and yes that is the ICP logo in the back...I figured they'd have some creepy ass pic I could throw in...swinging and sleep deprived Scryren Scryren 2001...::shudder:: help...the clowns...::whimper:: \r\n

Image: iaminsane.jpg   303x566 110594 bytes 2001.05.29

And here's the after pic [even though he's wearing different clothing and his earings are switch X_X]...3 hours later can do a lot to a person...this is why we call him Schizo ^_^ [if ya can't read the shirt, look at the file name :P]

Image: beforethestorm.jpg   592x580 119949 bytes 2001.05.29

Schizo's [dragon/bat] waiting up in rafters of a club. This is before his insaity kicks in. ::nods:: I really like how this one turned out too cuz when it was just inked it sucked. I love you Adobe ^_^ Schizo Scryren 2001 \r\n

Image: doesntplaywellwothers.jpg   299x580 92470 bytes 2001.05.28

Devin's gonna get you and rip yer head off...She's a mouse/bat and her furryself is Scryren 2001 ::flops about wildly:: \r\n

Image: giantmushrooms.jpg   481x585 212622 bytes 2001.05.26

What am I doing here? Why am I hugging a mushroom? Why is moonspell looking off to nowhere like that? And what *is* that stuff floating in the air? hummmm ::ponders:: ---- My scanner IS evil! The colour is off and it scanned it in in COMPLETE PINK the first THREE times!!! Gerrr. The scanner shows no mercy... \r\n

Image: tail.jpg   432x600 41046 bytes 2001.05.24

back and forth....hehe Anarchy's tail is amusing...oops~! that *your* tail...hardly notices..ahem ::wide grin::

Image: thrillkill.jpg   432x589 81461 bytes 2001.05.24

Another GG inspired pic...hehe the Gyved Goats race fer 2,000 frags starts tomorrow! ::bounces:: Scry's got my fav weapon...the crowbar of course! CROWBAR DUELS!!!! Mwhahahahaaa!!!! I'm just a lil' reved up youth on a thrill-kill nice ::snicker:: No, I don't go around threating people...I don't have to say anything to get that point across... alrighty I've talked enough Scryren and Gyved Goats Scryren 2001\r\n

Image: anarchy_01.jpg   341x570 83674 bytes 2001.05.19

I though he was just a one time thing but I can't stop drawing him! Foogle shmarg! I got lazy so he's done in marker as is a lot of things i've been doing...hand doesn't hurt like hell after im done colouring ^_^ Anarchy is MINE even though he doesn't want to be...

Image: diesheep.jpg   474x444 40072 bytes 2001.05.19

Mwhaha I'll get yer little fuzzy scythe will get you too! ::evil grin:: come'ere! Ah hahaaa!!! Scryren Scryren 2001

Image: moonspellshocklogo.jpg   413x555 76340 bytes 2001.05.19

"Antichrist Superstar" Prick your finger it is done The moon has now eclipsed the sun The angel has spread its wings The time has come for bitter things...Moonspell Scryren 2001/ Lyrics M.Manson \r\n

Image: beer.jpg   459x500 64938 bytes 2001.05.02

I don't think i've ever steped so low on colouring...oh and that green thing is a sad excuse of a bottle...ya...okay...funky towel ya, towel's got the funk...WELCOME TO JOEY'S TOLIET! blah, blah, blah...boing, boing, boing! ::splat::

Image: thewall.jpg   517x598 120916 bytes 2001.05.02

It's the wall of misc. goodies. There was suppose to be a brick wall in the background but I'm feeling slackish today so I say no! This is why I love napster...MDM [Martyr Diablos Martyr] never heard of em before I found them on Napster and if I can find a store that sells their stuff I would buy it but I can't!!! urgh. Damn it! *Fight back, feed the revolution. New order, new solution. Move forth to clear yer minds, of everything you ever chose to believe.* - Dark Star

Image: headinajar.jpg   671x555 112152 bytes 2001.04.28

Colored in Devin's basement while waiting for my ride to school to get his ass out of the shower. I want my Diablo 2 Exp...must have a head in jar... Scryren Scryren 2001\r\n

Image: biteme.jpg   300x555 70249 bytes 2001.04.20

Yes, more crazy ranting on the side which I picked up off of some weird planet [yes it's known to be called earth...for what reason is not known]. His hair was supposed to be in dreadlocks but ummm yeah...whatever...and if you don't like it then follow Devin's everlasting wisdom of bite me.

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