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Image: kff_hoss_c.gif   425x640 45627 bytes 2005.02.13

See KFF_HOSS description. First 'serious' attempt at cel shading. Coloured in Photoshop using mouse.

Image: KFF_HOSS.GIF   398x600 14915 bytes 2005.01.16

Inspired by Shaolin Soccer, a mad film and a great laugh.

Image: anthsharkcage.GIF   587x382 16176 bytes 2005.01.16

The question being who is really the caged one - the viewer or the shark? And does the shark know how to open the door?

Image: bigeadzebra.JPG   417x640 77453 bytes 2004.12.19

Awww. Couldn't you just eat 'em up? ;-) Primarily an exercise in exaggerating facial features. 0.5 Mech pencil 2B lead.

Image: jagsketch.jpg   371x480 93618 bytes 2004.12.19

Colouring exercise. From cover of BBC Wildlife Magazine July 1999 (with the tagline 'The cat that eats your soul'; well it's certainly taken mine out to lunch for the past few months). I'll be honest here; I was mostly concentrating on the eye and trying to figure out how to colour in the shadows. It should have a bit more contrast than this.

Image: Temple_Newsletter_cover_0704_1.JPG   423x600 54091 bytes 2004.08.30

First use of my off-topic allowance. Produced for a cover of a newletter for my mum's spiritual movement, The Way Of Ankh Fellowship. It has been running for ten years now, and we decided to start this newsletter as part of our anniversary celebration.\r\n\r\nMade entirely in Photoshop. Illustrator would obviously be a better choice of application to render this, but I didn't have access to a copy.

Image: muaythaihoss_c.JPG   469x700 62160 bytes 2004.08.30

See description of 'muaythaihoss'. Told ya! ;-)

Image: SHAY_DEE.JPG   375x640 33980 bytes 2004.07.30

The dobie's back in town! After a whole age of not actually managing to shade much, I picked a sketch and tried to pick up from where I left off. One cannot lay to rest on a slippery slope, it seems. ;-)

Image: muaythaihoss.GIF   366x547 11075 bytes 2004.07.30

Re-applying anatomy after several tries of actually drawing real horses. Based a tad loosely on an Akhal Teke. In the process of colouring. Really, this time. Honest. ;-)

Image: standnroun.GIF   430x640 12815 bytes 2004.07.30

I don't usually draw anthros wearing clothes, nowadays, so this is a bit of a rarity. The pose was based on a photo of a real dog (named Faith) that had no front paws and ran around on her hind legs. The clothes were taken from a fashion catalogue shot.

Image: TIGZAVA1.jpg   400x400 54906 bytes 2004.06.11

Full size version of an avatar for TigerZero (character property of fellow NAA assessor, Larry Dinkel). For the Avatar Pot Luck event that ran in the VCL Forums.

Image: chmarrrr_c3.jpg   583x800 112217 bytes 2003.09.27

The soul still burns (moves, deletes, closes, renames inappropriate thread names, gets shouted at, gets mad and burns some more).\r\n\r\nCh'marr and his Nerf-Bat of Administration is copyright Chris Cogdon. Go geddem cheetah! :-)

Image: vegenosattack.gif   800x585 55960 bytes 2003.08.18

Yes this is a late, late entry, I missed it, I know. \r\n\r\nBut I have a good reason why. Soon after the comprehensive nostril transplant, my ravishing root of a radish was ravaged in a raid by a rutless band of ravenous rag-eared rabbits. It was horrible. They didn't even bring any mayonnaise! Swine!!!\r\n\r\n(Oh alright, I left it till the last and was too late. *grumble*)

Image: haredefence.jpg   700x509 37591 bytes 2003.07.06

Oldie. Or at least I don't *remember* uploading this 'un before, anyway. ;-) Brave hare protects his friends.

Image: TUSHARKS.GIF   700x476 20055 bytes 2003.06.14

Post feeding frenzy japery. Two sharks in desperate need of some fashion sense and a toothpick.

Image: anttigcol1.jpg   600x437 35091 bytes 2003.06.14

Two things I haven't done in a while - drawn a tiger and used colour pencils. Shows, really, dunnit? ;-)

Image: anthosstudy.GIF   441x640 16548 bytes 2003.06.14

Nothing particularly exciting with this one, just an anatomical exercise of an anthro horse.

Image: anthrosaluki.jpg   481x700 67899 bytes 2003.04.03

Based on a saluki I met while on tour in South Morocco last year.

Image: anthropoodle1.gif   495x700 48546 bytes 2003.04.03

Just a poodle that I saw in my dreams. :-) Decided to try a different fur texture for a change, then discovered that I'll need a lot of work trying to get this particular one right.

Image: Avatarpose1.JPG   591x694 44826 bytes 2002.06.02

Another ever-so-slight redesign of my avatar.\r\n\r\nBe warned. An unhealthy obsession of arcade beat-em-ups can lead to bouts of uncontrollable character impersonation. The characters themselves may look cool bouncing up and down on the spot and throwing their arms about, but believe me, *you* do not. And your clothes will *not* thank you for it. (Which is why it's best to do it naked if you're going to do it at all.)\r\n\r\nThe above may be regarded as complete horseradish. ;-)

Image: Avatar3c.JPG   464x694 66155 bytes 2002.05.06

CG colour version of my avatar, complete with extremely dodgy shadow.

Image: Avatar3.jpg   467x694 52082 bytes 2002.05.06

Well this is probably going to be my 'fursona' for now, although it will always be suject to change. No monicker as of yet.

Image: jiraff.JPG   443x694 32478 bytes 2002.02.24

Head shot of a rather snooty giraffe. Hm, yars.

Image: anthsalernoish.JPG   445x694 39057 bytes 2001.12.11

Yes, it's another prancing horse. Yes, it's in pencil. Yes, it's black and white. Yes, there's no background. Yes, I spend too much time on the forums. Yes I'm slowing down to a crawl on my uploads. Yes, I should be in bed! Yes, I'm starting to abuse this description field. Yes, I will address these (self-imposed) issues when I'm good and ready. Really I will.\r\n(By the way, love the new admin functionality, Ch'marr :-) )

Image: anthrosmil.JPG   463x694 60148 bytes 2001.12.11

Inspired by the "Walking With Beasts" TV series, after seeing this bloke hanging around bus stops everywhere! Based mostly on the web site model.

Image: UNALpg5.JPG   489x694 135929 bytes 2001.10.31

Sprite isn't based on anyone in RL in particular, but it occured to me back then that I never really had any japanese friends, and since I was quite into Japan it would be pretty decent to have one. I also desired an opposite in nature for Alpha; while Alpha is cool, calm and easy-going, Sprite is disciplined and hot-headed. Did I not mention that I was into polarity? ;-) (see UNALpg1 and UNALpg4 desc)

Image: UNALpg4.JPG   488x694 115282 bytes 2001.10.31

Yes, Alpha was based on me. I look back and chuckle at how I so wished to be a carefree martial arts dude like the Ninja Turtles were (come to think of it, I wouldn't so much mind to be one now). You may have noticed the whole Yin/Yang influence in the pages you've seen so far. I'm a great fan of balance (being a Libran and all ;-) ), and was aiming to balance out the amount of darkness and light, as well as the presence of the two characters with each spread. Whether it has worked or not I'll leave up to the viewer to decide. (see UNALpg1 desc)

Image: UNALpg3.JPG   489x694 102304 bytes 2001.10.31

(see UNALpg1 desc)

Image: UNALpg2.JPG   493x694 106897 bytes 2001.10.31

(see UNALpg1 desc)

Image: UNALpg1.JPG   492x694 89078 bytes 2001.10.31

*CRUSTY ARTWORK ALERT!* *CRUSTY ARTWORK ALERT!* The following set of images is from an unfinished comic book made in 1992, featuring Alpha and Sprite. I did a lot of inking back then, using a Berol drawing pen, but this was the first time I used a stylus and brush with bottled ink. As you probably will see as we go through these images, it was a messy experience. Anyway first page (BTW it's Unheard Noise, ALIVE Silence).

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