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Image: Avatar2.JPG   471x694 76920 bytes 2001.10.31

Proposed head end to go with tail end. ;-)

Image: masaiele.JPG   472x694 30809 bytes 2001.09.24

Started drawing this during the flight back from Kenya. Only just(kind of)finished now. Horrible two weeks after returning to London. Don't really want to talk about it... :-(

Image: masaibeest.JPG   527x694 42239 bytes 2001.09.23

Image based on a maasai warrior I met at Hell's Gate who guided us out of the gorge and then proceeded to tell us of his encounter with a lion. (The tale was so long and we got so engrossed that the rest of the safari group went without us, and we had to walk eight kilometers back to the entrance gate.)

Image: benscope.JPG   506x694 35339 bytes 2001.09.04

Another member of the LAPD in Nikki Silver's universe. Officer Ben Newark scopes out a crime ridden district. Apparently he's an old hand at this...

Image: NikkiKamila.JPG   487x694 25449 bytes 2001.07.26

Another 'cover' pic of Nikki Silver and his partner, Kamilla.

Image: Konamecheck.JPG   501x694 23947 bytes 2001.07.14

Another member of the LAPD, this time it is Lt. Koname. Cerebral, strict and hard-working while on duty, she is very sociable and fun-loving otherwise. Doesn't really show in this drawing, though...

Image: Arunrun.JPG   514x694 27149 bytes 2001.07.08

Well I think that it's about time that I introduce the rest of the crew in the Nikki Silver story. In no particular order of preference. ;-) This is LAPD non-uniform officer Arun, a big friendly guy with a (un)healthy yearning for action.

Image: catwsword1.JPG   483x694 32107 bytes 2001.07.04

I have a confession to make with this one. After seeing the trailer of Cats & Dogs for the first time, I was gobsmacked and the excitement was too much for me to bear, so I leapt for the pad as soon as I got home! Saying that, though, after seeing the trailer another few times I'm not looking forward to it so much now... :-( Anyway, here is the result of my once gleeful anticipation.

Image: frcehorsflsh5.gif   600x480 43895 bytes 2001.06.28

We've finally migrated to Flash 5. YAHEY! Lots more new shortcuts to learn, a whole new set of ActionScript commands to memorise, a ton more quirks to get used to... erm, yes. Sarcasm aside, I'm actually starting to love this program. Once I can get my head around 'smart clips' and dot syntax, I suspect I'll love it even more. Anyway, the miffed horse 'Flash-ed' as part of an ActionScript experiment.

Image: AntCcol1.JPG   490x694 95108 bytes 2001.06.24

My first try at CG colouring one of my drawings. Hm. Might not be doing this *too* often...

Image: danchors.JPG   535x694 31349 bytes 2001.06.23

This was drawn after the first night at my sister's house looking after the house and my nephew while she was sunning it in St. Lucia. This was after I had lost all will to draw anything, and then... well I think it must have been the change in the environment or something, but I couldn't put the pencil down for... Oh yeah, description, sorry; this is a lovely dancing horse. *ah-heh* :-x

Image: angrycat.JPG   435x694 31617 bytes 2001.06.17

Trying to see how I handle anger wrinkles on a big cat. Think I went a tad overboard with this one (Ah, the wonders of understatement)...

Image: zebclsup.JPG   484x694 64117 bytes 2001.06.17

A close up of an anthro zebra (or zeebra? ;-) ).

Image: cbdoghug.JPG   455x694 32325 bytes 2001.06.17

Awwww! (Alright stop laughing at the back there!) I'm not usually one for drawing kwoot 'n' kubblwy, but I was walking down the street while at lunch break one day, and caught sight of this lovely shepherd and I-don't-know-what cross sitting at the bus stop looking at me with big gorgeous eyes. Well I went all gooshy there and then. When I got home I couldn't get the picture of that dog out of my head, so I relented to draw an anthro version that was, well, all-giving. :-D

Image: lioclsup.JPG   483x694 52159 bytes 2001.06.17

My pathetic attempt at drawing from a photo (not directly copying, just trying to imagine what it would look like from a different angle).

Image: hangstable.JPG   482x694 46340 bytes 2001.06.15

A punky lookin' 'orse 'angin' roun' th' gaff, mate!

Image: Differen.JPG   539x694 138270 bytes 2001.06.13

A leopard finds out the hard way about picking a race with a cheetah. Put me off drawing backgrounds, this one. :-(

Image: Alph&Spr2.jpg   516x768 109313 bytes 2001.06.13

During my TMNT fanboy period I invented these two characters to join in their adventures. Alpha (left) is, basically, based on me (What was I THINKING!?! :-x) and is an all-round unarmed combat expert who loves computer games and uses a pair of yo-yos as weapons. Sprite (right) is a orphaned Japanese immigrant who happens to be an electronics wiz and proficient with a bo staff that can section into two shorter staffs for close combat. 1992 Sean Alpha Bernard

Image: deewbord.JPG   631x694 71446 bytes 2001.06.13

A "promo" pic featuring Dee catching some air on one of them snakeboard, er, thingies. 1997, 2001 Sean Alpha Bernard

Image: Dprofsyn.jpg   982x694 93989 bytes 2001.06.11

A little insight into the story of Dee Mann, complete with some before/after profiles.

Image: Jack_Dee1.JPG   543x694 55079 bytes 2001.06.11

"We need to re-establish who's in charge here, pal!!!" Jack is Dee's owner, or at least was before the botched reincarnation. (Yep, groans all round from all who noticed!).

Image: AnthroMe.JPG   551x694 28849 bytes 2001.06.11

N.B.: This is NOT necessarily my 'furry persona' but the animal that I mostly see myself as. (Aren't they the same thing? Dunno.)

Image: Bella.jpg   379x694 22489 bytes 2001.06.10

Character that exists in Nikki's universe. Actually I thought "Okay, plenty of horses, but no donkeys? Need to sort that out!"

Image: L2k1.jpg   464x694 23350 bytes 2001.06.10

Another 'promo' image of the story I ditched. Basically it was about two lab animals who were part of an project launched by the military to use animals for covert operations by augmenting advanced mental skills into their 'psyche'. The rabbit was given the skills of computer expert and survelliance operator while the hare was a weapons expert who also happened to excel in unarmed combat (however useful THAT was going to be...). Anyway the two escaped and blah, blah, yackety-shmack...

Image: catsmile.jpg   494x694 17391 bytes 2001.06.08

This turned out to be interesting, since I wasn't entirely sure what big cat species I was drawing (purely out of my head, no references or anything). I sure don't know how the slightly "feral" aspects got in there...

Image: Deeshuka.jpg   463x694 27644 bytes 2001.06.08

There are dogs that can dance. There are very few dogs, though, that can do the Shuka-Luka (whatever that is). Dee isn't one of these dogs, but he sure can mooove to th' groove! Yip-yeah!!!

Image: Nikkinak.jpg   441x694 31259 bytes 2001.06.08

Already my mind was set on doing a swimsuit issue, so I threw Nikki into this slinky little number... I'm - just - kidding! The acorn that he's holding in his hand isn't his snack between meals, by the way. It's meant to illustrate the title of the series of stories that I was going to write about him and his universe.

Image: Nikkiholdup.jpg   487x694 29091 bytes 2001.06.08

Nikki doing his duty, armed with LAPD standard issue "Trigun".

Image: DeeKeys.jpg   533x694 40850 bytes 2001.06.07

"Ya ain't gon' anywhere 'til I get my kicks for the night, pal!!!" Dee shows why he's a very effective guard dog. Dee Mann is Sean Alpha Bernard.

Image: Nikiprt1.JPG   489x694 167872 bytes 2001.06.05

Portrait of a character that I was in the process of writing a story around. His name is Nikki Silver, and he is a private dick who resides and operates in twenty-second century Los Angeles. He is supposed to be a Grey/Red cross, but the Red genes seem to be dominant. (Or was it that I forgot to colour in any hint of grey? D'oh!!!) Nikki Silver, P.I., is 1993,2001 Sean Alpha Bernard.

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