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Image: sprinter.jpg   495x694 27520 bytes 2001.06.05

Don't know if cheetahs would be able to reach 70 on their hind legs but I thought this would be good for a laugh... (ooh, look, more spots! ;-))

Image: Doby1.jpg   580x694 55778 bytes 2001.06.03

A non-anthro Dobermann. Front legs came out a bit flat for some reason.

Image: MONGWARR.JPG   504x694 22099 bytes 2001.06.03

Decided to have a go at drawing an anthropomorphic figure other than the cats, dogs, rabbits, horses and other ungulates that I usually draw. So I drew a spear wielding mongoose. 'Twas fun!

Image: Dominatr.jpg   482x694 17528 bytes 2001.06.03

Yep, cats really do want to take over the world. Didn't you know that the upcoming movie Cats & Dogs is actually a film-doc!?! :-) (By the way this pic was drawn years before said movie was even heard of, so please don't go pointing and shouting 'FAN PIC! FAN PIC!' 'cos it ain't!)

Image: HORSKITD.JPG   383x694 22322 bytes 2001.06.03

A drawing based on a character that I had built and animated in 3D Studio DOS v4 years ago (without the extra gear, though). Dedicated to Paf and Dalia. :-)

Image: tigataked.jpg   504x694 60476 bytes 2001.05.31

A territorial dispute gets out of hand as one tiger actually carries out his threat, much to the horror of the weaker challenger. An exercise in facial expression.

Image: L2Kc30.jpg   481x694 38193 bytes 2001.05.31

Gah! Colour!!! Umm, actually this is one of a *few* of my pieces that I bothered to set my colour pencils loose on. You can see why I hardly do it! :-( This is a 'promo' pic for a story that I had began to write but ditched on account that the idea was a bit unoriginal. L2000 image 1995 Sean Alpha Bernard.

Image: Cuban.jpg   481x694 22755 bytes 2001.05.31

Well I don't know what else to call it. Heck, I don't even know what a Cuban cigar looks like! This drawing just seems to bring to mind tropical sunshine and easy-going atmosphere and, for some God-known reason, the Buena Vista Social Club! Image 2001 Sean Alpha Bernard.

Image: snowleopard.jpg   562x694 26231 bytes 2001.05.31

A young snow leopard staring into space. No reference material was used for this sad looking beast. Can you tell? I thought as much!

Image: ServCara.jpg   540x694 26636 bytes 2001.05.31

The Serval And The Caracal. I don't know where the idea for this came from. Probably from my opinion that they have an certain air of sophistication about them, despite being feral wildcats.

Image: ibexclim.jpg   504x694 38558 bytes 2001.05.29

An experienced ibex puts his young charge through his paces in scaling the higher mountains.

Image: deegJRT.GIF   504x694 136561 bytes 2001.05.29

"Greetings!" Dee offers a friendly paw to his nonplussed neighbour. Dee Mann is 2001 Sean Alpha Bernard. \r\n

Image: kungfual.jpg   504x694 26474 bytes 2001.05.24

Alsatian prepares himself for some chop-socky action. <mouths three words > "So! You think you can beat me? Hrmmph! Let's fight!!!" <mouth shut before last word heard> :-D

Image: Tigeprof.jpg   504x694 36047 bytes 2001.05.24

I drew this head of a tiger while on a flight to Egypt back in '97.

Image: frcehors.jpg   487x694 23370 bytes 2001.05.24

...Well he ain't too happy, that's for sure. Just to note that horses DO have canines! (Though they may be further back than that.)

Image: 21KRecep.gif   482x694 26551 bytes 2001.05.23

Ungulate office girls. ;) This image is linked to a comic that I was going to do about the 22nd century.

Image: uni_wh.gif   480x694 30091 bytes 2001.05.23

A unicorn battles with a winged horse. Came out a bit badly, so I decided "Oh, what's the use..."

Image: Tige&cub.gif   580x694 25173 bytes 2001.05.23

Tiger playing "Upsee" with a frisky little cub. I think she's looking to scare the little tyke a bit... ;-)

Image: persecut.gif   568x694 14633 bytes 2001.05.21

Another reactionary pic, this time on the misunderstood image of the pit bull terrier.

Image: NatShowr.gif   475x694 12388 bytes 2001.05.21

Same horse featured in Hrsclsup.gif washing herself in the rain.

Image: Hrsclsup.gif   482x694 17940 bytes 2001.05.21

Close up of a horse that I saw in a dream once... \r\n\r\n

Image: Grief.gif   1048x694 50815 bytes 2001.05.21

A bit of a reactionary pic this one, dedicated to the plight of the tiger.

Image: anthcoug_.GIF   490x694 75911 bytes 2001.05.20

Anatomy study of difference in male and female anthropomorphic figures. A pair of cougars in this case.

Image: defihare_.GIF   492x694 50782 bytes 2001.05.20

A hare who looks like he's leading a revolution or something...

Image: Pantwgun.GIF   409x694 59755 bytes 2001.05.20

Panther (or puma or cougar, whatever floats yer boat) in a root'n' toot'n' shoot'n' spaghetti western type pose. Oh yeah, and he's got what is supposed to be a gun.

Image: AnthDach.GIF   368x694 35450 bytes 2001.05.20

Just an experiment in different body structures in bipedal stance. I thought a dachsund would be a decent enough challenge, but, well here it is.

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