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Image: gulocolor.jpg   509x446 72830 bytes 2004.03.30

I tried to color him, but he has some serious issues.\r\n\r\nGulo still hates you. Wolverines hate everyone.

Image: guloline.jpg   622x461 53684 bytes 2004.03.30

Gulo looks at least partially right now.\r\n\r\nGulo doesnt hate me any more. \r\n\r\nHe wants color.

Image: happyotter.jpg   782x800 128859 bytes 2002.10.26

It is a happy otter, doing the happy otter dance!\r\n(two people get the joke)\r\n\r\n

Image: happysushi.jpg   310x360 42495 bytes 2003.12.05

Lantech, like her "sister" Seaweed, LOVES the sushi, if ya can't tell. :)

Image: herbie3.jpg   551x800 85582 bytes 2002.11.02

This is a pic done for a local friend of mine. He has the original now, but this is a pic I did quite a while ago, and I think I can do better now. \r\nCharacter copyright his player, art copyright me.

Image: illucianlj.jpg   481x590 81604 bytes 2004.03.30

I did this for one of the Live Journal contest. I didnt win, but Illucian liked it.\r\n\r\nThis is her gryphon character. I hope ya like it to.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n(Gulo doesnt like it.)

Image: isushi.jpg   479x479 27988 bytes 2003.12.05

Look! I love a bandwagon!! I can do the iPod thing too... Of course I don't have a Mac, and have NEVER seen an iPod, but that isn't the point, now is it??

Image: kawaiiseaweed.jpg   530x500 77198 bytes 2003.12.05

OMG!! WTF is wrong with Seaweed?!?!\r\n\r\nMan, that is one SD otter there! (I need to quit watching Samuraii Pizza Cats. Ugh.)

Image: lantrech000.jpg   800x703 140010 bytes 2002.10.25

Lantrech the Ottergryph with a really badly funky looking back leg.\r\nOther than that I like the pic alot. I think my wings are improving.

Image: lantrech_color_scheme.jpg   186x720 35536 bytes 2003.01.12

If anyone ever wants to draw Lantrech (I have no idea why), then this is the color scheme to use.\r\nI usually color her in Photoshop. I use Photoshop 5.5. In theory anyone should be able to import these colors to whatever program they are using. \r\nI would suggest looking at Lantrechsit.jpg. It has what I call the "official" Lantrech colors if one is computer coloring.

Image: lantrechfull.gif   683x491 75048 bytes 2002.12.07

Lantrech Ottergryph, in all her glory!\r\n

Image: lantrechname_copy.jpg   483x600 100591 bytes 2003.12.05

Besides the fact that her ears are too big (they would be smaller and rounder, like otter ears), that is almost exactly how I see Lantrech's head. \r\nI like that silly gryphiehead.

Image: lantrechsit.jpg   702x800 96626 bytes 2003.01.12

Here is Lantrech, with her "official" colors. These are her true colors and markings, even though the drawing itself isnt very good. If someone wants the color swatches, look for the color scheme pic. Should be right below this one if one is looking by date.

Image: mahto2.jpg   800x632 112898 bytes 2002.10.24

Done for a "beary" good friend of mine.\r\nColor pencils and Micron pens.\r\nMahto copyright his player, art copyright me!

Image: manyheads.jpg   611x800 91313 bytes 2002.10.26

The many faces of Seaweed.\r\nThese were going to be icons for my Live Journal, but I dont update it any more. Oh well.

Image: mikefish.jpg   635x800 65596 bytes 2002.11.02

My first ever furry character (yes, I know he is scaly, but he still counts)!\r\nHe is also the main character in a comic book I made years ago, Before I knew of furry. There is a story behind this little guy. Email me if you are curious. I will give you a hint. It has to do with a certain band from Athens, GA that I love.

Image: naotter2.jpg   554x800 117087 bytes 2002.11.02

Another old pic that I really like. It took me a LONG DAMN TIME to get all these details in, ans in all honesty in the scan it is missing some of the smaller details. \r\nI dont like the way it was colored. I have changed my coloring style since then to make it more deep and rich. Also things arent REALLY as yellow as my scanner makes me out to be,\r\nBAD Acer! BAD!!!

Image: nativeotter.jpg   507x650 91605 bytes 2003.12.07

Yes, another re-upload.\r\n\r\nI know there are some things wrong with it.. (why is he leaning?) but I wanted to upload it because I wanted to show that I can do things with details as well as simplified things.. \r\nIf anyone wants me to do a pic for them, PLEASE email me! Holiday money is always good.. </desperation> \r\n

Image: nedry2.jpg   922x537 250681 bytes 2002.12.29

I asked my mate if he had to be a gryphon, what kind of gryphon he would be? \r\nThis is what he answered. It is Nedry, the backwards bear-gryph.\r\nNedry copyright Timber, art copyright me.

Image: oscar.jpg   666x493 224121 bytes 2002.12.29

I did a darwing of my fish at work. It is Oscar, the grouchy Betta. He is also named that because with his coloring he looks like an Oscar Meyer wiener. \r\nI love my Oscarfish.\r\nOscar copyright his grouchy self. Art copyright me.

Image: ottaurgryph.jpg   800x677 143723 bytes 2002.10.25

I went on a 'taur kick for a while. And I have an obsession with ottergyphs.\r\nSo.... here is the bastard offspring. And Ot-taur Gryph! (Oh, the puns kill).\r\n

Image: ottercolor.jpg   586x800 66555 bytes 2002.11.02

This is a picture that I did about a year and a half ago. I was still developing my coloring style, but it show how it was developing. It is a kind of boring pose but I still kinda like it.

Image: ottergryph.jpg   689x795 157055 bytes 2002.10.24

A more morphic (and male!) version of an ottergryph character I created, cel shaded in Photoshop.\r\n(My inagural post in VCL!!! YAH!)

Image: ottergryph2.jpg   325x800 78881 bytes 2002.12.10

An ottergryph, looking at something. A fish, perhaps?

Image: otterhorse.jpg   358x800 60508 bytes 2002.11.18

half otter, half seahorse, all silly.

Image: ottersketch.jpg   450x796 64342 bytes 2002.11.02

Yes it is really rough, and yes it has problems, but I like how it isnt really totally statcic, your eye kinda flows down the image in a shape matching the otters. \r\nOr maybe I am full of it.

Image: otterswim.jpg   800x656 58689 bytes 2003.01.12

Otter: "Ooh! I love to swim!"\r\nFish : "Uh, yeah. Just dont run me over."\r\n\r\nOkay, so it doesnt reallt look like the otter is under water. I need to work on that.

Image: paws.jpg   490x680 56832 bytes 2002.11.02

I have a problem drawing hands, so I did these a while ago as a test of not only paws, but also rendering in pen and ink. There are red, green, blue, and black pens in there, if I remember correctly. I still love this pic.

Image: possum.jpg   620x514 75917 bytes 2002.11.02

For a while I wanted to get a D&D game together, but I never could. It is a shame because this is one of the creatures that I wanted to throw at people.\r\nYou thought normal possums were kinda scary, take a look at this!

Image: possum2.jpg   800x688 74601 bytes 2002.11.02

This is a very old pic, and yes, I know noone could really do this, but it was a pic for a possum loving friend of mine. He seemed to think it was alright for the time. \r\nCharacter copyright his player, art copyright me.\r\n

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