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Image: Felix_Portrait3final_s2.jpg   528x720 63982 bytes 2012.10.06

I wanted to do some portraits of some of the main Fenra Characters, and started off with Felix! I went about colouring this a bit differently than I normally do, and decided to record myself doing so.\r\n\r\nYou can view the Timelapsed video here:\r\n\r\nAny feedback is appreciated =). Hopefully should have Lexi's Portrait finished off soon as well.

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Image: felix_hellofins.jpg   1200x818 79381 bytes 2011.03.10

Horray, Felix~!\r\n\r\nHe has some personal problems, unfortunately. Inner turmoil and all that. I can't say more without giving story points away! He's such a fun character though, and I just wish I hadn't made his design so painstakingly packed to draw as he's far more involved in the story than he was at the start!\r\n\r\nDAMN YOU FELIX!\r\n\r\nAs an aside, the otterface and I are thinking about possible Fenra merchandise, and would really appreciate some feedback if you guys can spare a few minutes =)!\r\n\r\nJournal is here:\r\n\r\nOr go straight to the poll:\r\n\r\nThanks!

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Image: StormFenra_07finsml.jpg   1200x710 116425 bytes 2011.02.17

Talak and Allora are a pair of Storm Fenra. Talak, on the left, is the leader of the current flight, and Allora acts as his partner. Coming in to their positions while still young, they've taken their responsibility very seriously making their outer demeanors some what cold and overly professional. While Talak has some reservations about his age in regards to his position, Allora goes above and beyond to ensure their flight keeps in line, often seeming too strict for her own good.\r\n\r\n-------------------------\r\n\r\nDue to the character restrictions, please see my deviantart account for more information on the Storm Fenra:\r\n\r\n\r\n

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Image: rockvalentines.jpg   697x1000 147107 bytes 2011.02.15

Something quick-ish done for today of our Rock Fenra hopin' to find a lovely lady~! Hope all those couples out there who like this sort of day enjoy themselves =).\r\n\r\nHappy Valentine's Day all~!

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Image: Rock_Fenra04_fins.jpg   1000x866 154741 bytes 2011.01.14

It's been a while, but finally finished these two! About time I got this done!\r\n\r\nThese guys turned out a bit different than I'd originally imagined, a little less traditional on a few regards, but were fun to work on none-the-less! They started to get their own personalities about them as I worked, so I think otterface and I are fairly pleased with how they turned out =)! The fellow on the right is quite the ladies man in Etris, or so he likes to think ;).\r\n\r\nNow on to the next set! Which we're both really excited about *_*! Can't wait to get them done =O! Hopefully much faster this time now that all those rocks are out of the way!

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Image: felixclean03_bglighten_s.jpg   700x541 122182 bytes 2010.11.19

So what with all the prints having been shipped out (and hopefully almost all of them received) it's pretty safe to upload the smaller version online. This was one of the bonus prints, and was printed a little under 11x14 or so, and came out pretty well~!\r\n\r\nThis picture was printed for the first pre-orders for our Felix Fenra figure, and won't be sold individually at any point in the future. You can find out more about Felix with Patchtogether below:\r\n

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Image: Lexi2_fins.jpg   1200x945 162228 bytes 2010.11.12


" Is... this real?"\r\n\r\n---------------\r\n\r\notterface and I have been wanting to post more slice-of-life pictures with the Fenra just to sort of get a better idea of their world across. This particular one is more story orientated with a scene we're pretty fond of with Lexi.\r\n\r\nMature for lots of blood!

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Image: Felix_rockrough4sml.jpg   653x1200 176649 bytes 2010.09.26

Felix corners a hapless Rock Fenra! With craaazzzyyyyyy weather going on! Clearly he's overjoyed at the fact that he's going in to production!\r\n\r\nDon't know what I'm talking about =D? Check my journal for more information on our Felix Fenra Toy, currently up at Patch Together! More info at the link below!\r\n\r\nAdvertising aside, tried a bunch of different things on this one! Lots of effects with water droplets, lightning and steam. Photoshop withheld powers I hadn't even tapped in to yet! Overall it was a lot of fun trying out effects I hadn't before, and hopefully I can put these new found skills to more use in the future.

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Image: sheriffsvelnasml.jpg   698x900 74590 bytes 2010.08.25

Amigos! Hey all you Bounty Hunters!\r\n\r\nToday we have a rough n'tough Fenra with a large bounty on his head. Felix is lookin' to spread his rootin' tootin' destruction all over the solar system!\r\n\r\nSchucks-Howdy! His last known whereabouts were over with the good folks at PatchTogether. Checkin' out the crime scene may give all you Bounty Hunters a better chance at nabbin' this tricky Fenra!\r\n\r\nHis Bounty is said to be a whoppin' 50 wulongs!\r\n\r\nTime to hit the road! Sayonara!

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Image: StarlingSvelnasml.jpg   900x825 127912 bytes 2010.08.24

Just a little thank you for Starling. Been harassing him with a lot of questions, and he's been incredibly helpful with them. So thank you for the help, and possible help in the future! \r\n\r\n-----\r\n\r\nAs an aside, we have our Fenra toy up for Pre-order! Please check out our journal for more information!\r\n

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Image: Felix_LavaFields.jpg   1000x633 101264 bytes 2010.08.14

Lava Fields

Felix, on the outskirts of the Volcanic Fenra's territory looking to get some potential training time out in the Lava Fields.\r\n\r\n\r\n--------\r\n\r\n\r\nBUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Felix is now available for Pre-Order as a Toy! Yes! You too can own a smaller version of Felix (or perhaps the same size depending on your resolution) to stand on your own desk! Please see my journal for more information:\r\n\r\n\r\nOr go straight to the page to order one:\r\n\r\n\r\nOrder two to save on shipping, or buy one with a friend =D! Seriously though, we appreciate all the support you've all given us so far, and really hope that with your continued support we can see Felix made =)

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Image: 1280385173_sefeiren_tanner_ice3s.jpg   1000x555 125694 bytes 2010.08.07

It's been a while since I've posted any Fenra artwork (and this just being a head shot, too D, to which I do apologize! I'll try and get back in to posting more and completing the other two species the boyfriend and I have brewing.\r\n\r\nThis started out as just a random scribbly attempted background thing. Not a very good one, but, hey XD. Practice is practice. And Tanner ended up in it. Hopefully it'll stew up some more Ice-Fenra environment ideas! \r\n\r\n------\r\n\r\nAs an aside, we have our Fenra toy up for Pre-order! Please check out our journal for more information!\r\n

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Image: Iantur03_s.jpg   578x750 103165 bytes 2010.05.09

One of the otterface's and I's concepts for an early villiany type in the Fenra story. He's kinda responsible for the near-extinction of the Illusory Fenra D=.\r\n\r\n-----\r\n\r\nShameless plug for Felix on Patchtogether:\r\n(Yes, we still appreciate all and any support =D! Thank you everyone for all the support so far with him~!)

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Image: Mossfenra_FNLAs.jpg   1000x606 125084 bytes 2010.05.01

The description... Where is the description? D=?!?!\r\n\r\nLeast to say, we don't have one right now, but we will update with it when we do =D! It has taken a long time to finally get a new set of fenra out, and I have to say, for some reason...they keep getting more detailed. >_>\r\n\r\nWhat I can tell you all is that these guys are moss fenra, and they live in Etris' Maw~

Image: jello_fenra04.jpg   729x760 69988 bytes 2010.04.01

Please find the description of Reese the Jello Fenra here:\r\n\r\nThanks!

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Image: Renix_Lexifnls.jpg   1100x742 174125 bytes 2010.03.02

From otterface's and my Fenra Christmas Kiss Draw, a kiss from Lexi for Renix!\r\n\r\nThanks to all who entered =)!\r\n\r\n[Re-uploaded for technical reasons.]

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Image: Arinmal_Tannerfnls.jpg   1100x830 151634 bytes 2010.01.06

From otterface's and my Fenra Christmas Kiss Draw, a kiss from Tanner for Arinmal!\r\n\r\nThanks to all who entered, expect one more for our final winner in the next little while =).

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Image: Kerazul_Svelna09.jpg   702x1000 153072 bytes 2010.01.02

From otterface's and my Fenra Christmas Kiss Draw, a kiss from Svelna for Kerazul!\r\n\r\nThanks to all who entered, expect two more for the other winners in the next little while =).

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Image: Sun_FenraAgechartmalsml.jpg   900x562 79477 bytes 2009.12.22

Some more Sun Fenra world building.\r\n---\r\nAs an aside, anyone interested in the Fenra Christmas Kiss Draw Otterface and I are holding, please check out the journal here!:\r\n\r\nEnds Dec 24th, 2009 =).

Image: Sun_FenraAgechart4fems.jpg   900x637 82224 bytes 2009.12.14

A Sun Fenra Age Chart, for the females at least. Nothing special, just some more developement =)!\r\n\r\nThe Fenra are a species that are being worked on with Otterface. Please stop by my fA page for more updates!\r\nAlso, before Dec 24th, 2009, we're holding a contest thing-um, for a Fenra drawing. Please check out my journal at FurAffinity, should you be interested =), or copy the link below.\r\n\r\n

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Image: Tanner_Fur_fin.jpg   800x514 64558 bytes 2009.11.17

Tanner before he decided to cut off all his fur and head out FOR ADVENTURE. Or look for better living conditions for his partner, that works too.\r\n\r\nCheck out more on the Fenra at my Furaffinity page =).

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Image: svelna_posterd_finals.jpg   472x700 87765 bytes 2009.11.13

Picture of Svelna, doin' here thing.\r\n\r\nThe Fenra are something currently being worked on with myself and Otterface, please stop by my fA page for more information =D!

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Image: ice_fenrafins.jpg   900x644 88096 bytes 2009.11.06

Tanner and Lexi are ice fenra from the frigid north, a region plagued by sub-zero temperatures, continuous hurricane-force winds, and snow. It is unknown what causes the formidable weather, but the northern ice fenra have become well-adapted to the eternal storm's fury. They are equipped with thick fur and a natural resistance to the cold that work together to make them perfectly comfortable in temperatures that would likely be fatal to other fenra if left exposed for too long. The density of their coat makes them highly resistant to the the region's merciless winds.\r\n---\r\nJoint project with Otterface.\r\nPlease find the full description on my fA page as well as any future updates on the Fenra =D!

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Image: Raku_58fins.jpg   1280x850 274232 bytes 2009.10.04

Finally done! A Felix and Aron picture as Thanks for all the awesome comments and support for all of the Fenra stuff the boyfriend and I have put up so far =D!\r\n\r\nAlso a huge thanks for everyone who's taken the time to vote on him at PatchTogether =D! The positive feedback is great, and we're really excited about getting more done!\r\n\r\n\r\nShameless Felix PatchTogether plug: If you haven't stopped by and taken a look, we'd love if you did =D!\r\n

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Image: Felix_toyAd.jpg   1280x800 184703 bytes 2009.10.02

Phew~! We finally got him up there =D! Thanks for all the awesome feedback with Felix and all the Fenra!\r\n\r\nHe's now up on Patch Together for voting! If you think you, or someone you know might be interested in seeing him made or would like to purchase a figurine of him (assuming he does get made XD!), then please click the link below and and vote for him =)!\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n(It does require people to sign up, but signing up is free, and there's a -lot- of amazing work up there. It's definitely worth a look regardless! Some very talented people submitting, and creating the figures =D!)\r\n\r\nHope you like our awesomely cheesy promo XD!

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Image: desert_01fin.jpg   1100x774 119169 bytes 2009.10.02

Addis and Teagan are members of a nomadic tribe of fenra that reside in the blistering Argus desert. Close proximity to the aggressive volcanic fenra has made the desert fenra distrustful of outsiders. The harsh environment coupled with frequent attacks by the volcanic fenra has tempered Addis and Teagan's tribe and the other desert tribes into small military units. Each tribe has a leader, and that leader's orders are followed immediately and without question.\r\n\r\nFull description can be found by clicking the comment button!\r\nJoint project with Otterface. Please check my fA page for more updates =).

Image: svel_03b.jpg   900x644 90869 bytes 2009.09.18

Anore and Aron, water type Fenras. Unlike the other couples, these two spend their time mostly apart.\r\nAnore being shy, but coy usually attracts the attention of the other males. Her partner never around, she often indulges in their company.\r\nAron can often be found away from the deeper waters and spends his time in the bay. Having spotted Svelna once, he found himself entranced, and since fell in love with her. He often waits, hoping to see her again, even despite her having her own partner of sorts.\r\n\r\nJoint project with Otterface. Please check my fA page for more updates =).

Image: jungle_01fin.jpg   1000x666 120324 bytes 2009.09.18

Shanti and Koda are members of a tribe of fenra that resides in a jungle surrounding the golden city Halo'koti, domain of the sun fenra Lashka and Matief. Because they do not live within the city walls, Shanti and Koda are free fenra and are not subject to the sun Fenras' rule.\r\n\r\nFull description on my fA page.\r\nJoint project with Otterface. Please check my fA page for more updates on the Fenras =)!

Image: volc_01fin.jpg   1200x875 132881 bytes 2009.09.18

Felix and Miriam are two individuals from the race inhabiting active volcanic regions of the planet they reside on. The two are fiercely loyal to one another, each ready to protect or defend the other at a moment's notice, whether or not their partner is right or wrong.\r\n\r\nFull description on my fA page. \r\nJoint project with Otterface. Please check my fA page for more updates =).

Image: Lakshaslm.jpg   1000x815 132030 bytes 2009.09.18

Another race of Fenra. This couple calling from a higher standing than those of Svelna's.\r\nLashka, on the left, acts as a bit of a flirt, showing herself off and using her standing amidst the other races to garner herself attention whenever she can.\r\nMatief, on the right, is more reserved, but no less aware of his royal lineage amidst the other races of their world. Not the best conversationalist, though.\r\n\r\nProject I'm working on with Otterface. Please check my fA page for more updates on the Fenras =).

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