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Image: Sleepinghikisunewhair.gif   100x100 11242 bytes 2008.08.23

Commission icon for Hikitsune.

Image: SeranSelunca.gif   740x240 24564 bytes 2008.08.23

I was doodleing and trying to figure out something for my website, and I came up with this for the 'top banner' of\r\n\r\nBased off of, a drawing I did for my best friend, serandite. Thinking of you, Seran! *smooches*

Image: Slashgift.jpg   581x773 85728 bytes 2008.08.23

Birthday gift art for Slash of the furaffinity livejournal community :)

Image: Seranditeicon.gif   100x100 10442 bytes 2008.08.23

For a very good friend of mine. He needed a ;P icon lol.

Image: Winkingselicon.gif   100x100 9901 bytes 2008.08.23

Winking avatar I created for myself. :)

Image: ShivrasSchmerzornement.jpg   1000x766 169876 bytes 2008.08.23

A over due ornament for Shivra, of her character Schmerz.

Image: Seluncaoncardboard.jpg   400x620 59344 bytes 2008.05.30

This was started in late 2007, and I never got around to finishing it due to more pressing projects. :) But, I sat down the other day to take a break from art for others and finish this for myself.\r\nExcuse the anatomy. Aparently I didn't feel the need to add a ribcage.. lol.

Image: Favesmaster.jpg   1000x769 174784 bytes 2008.05.30

Just before christmas Fave the dragon commissioned me to do a drawing for her very colorful master. \r\nI'm uploading it now, late, because I was waiting for her master to reiceve the hard copy, but it seems as though the US postal system has LOST it. :( I'm so upset that it was lost, becasue I worked so hard on this image. \r\nI'm so sorry Fave, and I'm doing things to correct it at the moment. :)

Image: NikoVantid.jpg   1000x745 91398 bytes 2008.05.30

Yeaaa. So, I attempted to water color this, and it turned out alright, except for the fact that the paper I used did /not/ like the water color. I have water color paper around here somewhere I would like to try this again. \r\nEitherway.. This is my first water coloring in a very very very long time. I tried not to leave as much pigment on the paper and do more of a wash.\r\nExcuse the blurriness of the image, because of the paper warping my scanner couldn't pick it up properly :(

Image: SelbreastfeedingSK.jpg   417x589 37857 bytes 2008.05.30

Just a little doodle I did inbetween commissions.\r\nInspired after seeing the film Juno, which was amazeing. :)

Image: ArtemisPlushie.jpg   568x492 50912 bytes 2008.05.30

So, I was inspired by the plushie I made for Zuki, so I decided to make one for my fiance, Artemis :D Yep, I even included the necklace on his character sheet. Though, no hair on this one because he looks cuter without it. \r\nIts the same pattern as Zuki's becasue it works really well for wolves/foxes. Anyway. He's cute, and huggable!

Image: christmascard07.jpg   1006x1000 95203 bytes 2008.05.30

Full image from the front of my christmas cards. I figured I'd upload it and wish everyone here on FA a Merry Christmas

Image: Zukiwolfplushie.jpg   568x492 71183 bytes 2008.05.30

Commission I sewed for godzuki, of his yellow wolf character Zuki. I'll be making him another one of his gargoyle character here shortly. :)

Image: Artemis&Selunca.jpg   1000x734 86120 bytes 2008.05.29

Artemis and Selunca

A drawing of Artemis (My fiance) and Myself (Selunca). This is probably the best refrance I have for the two of them. I even included my faboo dog tag which always gets neglected. \r\n\r\nI'm really quite proud of this one. The line work came out great and I think th ecoloring came out great aswell. Though, I think I could have pushed the shadows in Artemis's chest a bit more.

Image: Varkin.jpg   315x702 41183 bytes 2008.05.29


Commission for Varkin on SL. He wanted his red wolf character holding a halbert. It was pretty awesome to draw another red wolf character - especially holding a sharppointy. \r\n(MODS: Its on a darker textured paper. Please do not move to scraps.)

Image: malaikawolfcat.jpg   683x1000 89248 bytes 2008.05.29


A gift drawing for Malaika from my holiday giveaway.\r\n\r\n\r\nI went a little over-board with Malaika's "sketch" because I really loved the sketch, after looking over some of her hobbies/things she likes and I decided on the egyptian theme. I love Egypt so this was awesome.

Image: GraphiteeagleSM.jpg   755x1000 102232 bytes 2008.01.22

Graphite Eagle

For a friend who was having a particualarlly crappy day. I asked him what his favorite Animal was, and he said "Bald Eagle" without a thought. \r\n\r\n8.5"x11" Graphite, on cardstock eagle for Dave. :)\r\nCompleted 2007

Image: mehcanicmarkWIP.jpg   867x503 67926 bytes 2008.01.22

Takin' a break..

Image of my mate, Artemis. Just a work-in-progress. \r\n..."completed" 2007

Image: hikitsunecommission1.jpg   1000x774 256979 bytes 2008.01.22

Hikitsune's Summer Splash

1/2 for Hikitsune, who commissioned me earlier this year. He wanted two felines (Unspesified) to be playing in the water. \r\nCompleted 2007

Image: Kairi.jpg   553x516 64087 bytes 2008.01.22


My half of an art trade with the talented Kairi! Her fursona, and her little pooch. :)\r\nCompleted 2007

Image: Monkfish.jpg   585x817 102664 bytes 2008.01.22


For a good friend of mine, a drawing that'd been sitting and waiting for coloring. I finished up her wings and decided to post it. :) \r\nCompleted 2007

Image: Isil.jpg   558x555 53260 bytes 2008.01.22


My half of an art trade with isil\r\nHer serval character, and her friends Dane character.\r\n\r\nJust alittle romantic kiss on the beach :)\r\nI was trying a new coloring thing that Thornwolf was telling me about, about not useing such thick lines. I wasn't going to leave any on the serval but then I decided that a little outline would be good. \r\nCompleted 2007

Image: SeluncaSculptureAnthro.jpg   924x682 147544 bytes 2008.01.22

Selunca Anthro Sculpture

Colored. Though, messy. I'm too irritated with it to re-paint it. \r\ncompleted 2007

Image: Cesarin.jpg   810x646 91656 bytes 2008.01.22


Some gifty art for my good friend thewhitedragon (Aka, Cesarin. :3)\r\n\r\nI know its not colored, but you're all white so it dosn't matter right? >:P\r\n*giggles* I'll color it if I have time, for now I thought you'd like the inks. :D \r\nCompleted 2007

Image: Vertigo.jpg   580x751 134697 bytes 2008.01.22

Vertigo - Commission

Commissioned portrait for Vertigo off Secondlife. :) \r\nCompleted 2007

Image: Chakatwindsheercommission.jpg   600x544 93922 bytes 2008.01.22

Chakatwinshear - Commission

Commissions 2/2 for chakatwindshear\r\n\r\nI enjoyed working with this one. The spots gave me a bit of greif, I ended up useing acrylic paint to finish them off. :D \r\nCompleted 2007

Image: Blayzecommission.jpg   600x517 79641 bytes 2008.01.22

Blayze - Commission

1/2 commissions for chakatwindshear.\r\n\r\nHer Fox/Demon Blayze. Though - as requested - with some of my own artistic liberties.\r\n\r\nScan didn't pick up the blue as well as it should have either. :| \r\nCompleted 2007

Image: Zuki.jpg   763x1000 360087 bytes 2008.01.22


Commission for the wonderful godzuki, depicting a scene in a story he wrote, which included my character Ss'asha. \r\n\r\n(Link to the story: \r\n\r\nCompleted 2007

Image: seluncasculpture.jpg   1000x752 205010 bytes 2008.01.22

Selunca Sculpture

This is a sculpture I started in 2003.\r\nI got inspired tonight and wanted to paint something, either a stone, or a sculpture - I saw this half finished on my shelf and decided to finish painting it. :) I was unable to do a fur texture because the sculpture had been baked so I couldn't add it. \r\n\r\nI want to do more of these, hopefully soon, I just need to be able to purchase the clay. \r\nCompleted 2007

Image: ChanceCommission.jpg   945x726 79808 bytes 2008.01.22

Chance & Juggy

An image for a very good friend, Chance, and his girlfriend, Juggy.\r\nI really enjoyed doing this one, and I hope they both liked it! :D\r\nDrawn early 2007\r\n

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