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Image: Comelittlechildren.jpg   1008x1293 405873 bytes 2002.04.25

Come little children, its time to play, Here in my garden, of magic. Come little children, its time to play, Here in my land of enchantment.\r\n\r\nCome little children, the moon is high, come to my garden of magic.

Image: WarlordCase.jpg   512x760 73800 bytes 2002.04.25

Case, drawn for the C.O.W (Coming of Weres) project. Case is the leader of a rebel group.

Image: Casehead.jpg   210x209 16221 bytes 2002.04.25

My loveable craig. No matter how much I get angry at you, or how much I threaten, I will never ever leave you. I promise that with my life. *hugs*

Image: MatesCO.jpg   604x966 231218 bytes 2002.04.25

My mates are special, no matter what they say or do. I love them both. *shrugs* \r\n\r\nColored version of "mates"

Image: Mates.jpg   606x948 138962 bytes 2002.04.20

Picture of me and my two mates.. :) \r\n\r\nLEFT TO RIGHT: Karakitty, Craid, Myself.\r\nSoon to be colored.

Image: Sexycraig.jpg   507x560 49882 bytes 2002.04.20

Just a doodle of my boyfriend, Craig. His persona name is actually "Case" (pronouced "Chase")\r\nHis chest is to wide, and promonant. but I liked the drawing.\r\n\r\nIch Liebe dich, craig. :)

Image: SexyDrawersblock.jpg   801x1089 197649 bytes 2002.04.18

I had drawers block (yes, I scan out of order.. O.o) I decided to give it a run for my money, and sketch a bit, she came out.. (hence the HORRABLE head and hands..)and so I finished it. Normally when working with OTHER medias I get ride of the block. So I pulled out ALL my pens, pencils, markers, and highlighers. And here we have our sexy woman.\r\n\r\nFunny thing: I really don't like this picture to much, I mean, I love the background, and her belly, thats it. But the guy infront of my in one of my sicence classes (same one buying join my war..) decided he wants to buy THIS one because he " Loves my art and the characters " so.. yea. Sold it for $5.

Image: Kangaroorat.jpg   610x1116 111025 bytes 2002.04.18

Drawing something different is *ALWAYS* fun. :P I was remembering back when I used to watch rescuers down under. So i decided to draw my won Kangaroo rat. :P

Image: JoinmywarCO.jpg   544x575 87671 bytes 2002.04.18

I decided to color it, I got modivation. Some guy infront of me in one of my sicence classes said he'd like to buy it (it was only the sketch) I colored it and he said he'd pay $15 for it. So, He got the original.\r\n\r\nThe message? I don't know. I honestly don't know where the hell I came up with that message. It might have to do with my fight for idividuality, and to fight the norm, but honestly, I can't tell you. XP

Image: FluteSelCO.jpg   548x736 89193 bytes 2002.04.16

i colored it, the scanner murdered it, and VCL loves it. I think. XP \r\n\r\ncolored pencils and ink.

Image: BrokenPromise.jpg   200x209 6947 bytes 2002.04.10


Image: mousekitty.jpg   1198x840 104862 bytes 2002.04.10

My OTHER kitty, slacking off in the summer rays of the sun. Shes a sweet heart, he name is Mouse (yea, we've given her a complex.. XP) \r\n\r\nShe was sitting like that saterday afternoon, and I couldn't resist drawing her. yea.. working on the cat drawing skills

Image: Duude.jpg   567x673 55766 bytes 2002.04.07

There's this guy next to me in my boteney class, he draws amazing humans, more of a punk style, yah know. Well, He inspired me to draw this guy.. dunno, random person. Generally how people that I hang with Dress. I thought he looked good. :P\r\n\r\nHis eyes is screwy.

Image: Indiana.jpg   202x466 25362 bytes 2002.04.06

All colored and shit.

Image: FoxWolf.jpg   717x1158 115058 bytes 2002.04.02

This is so much darker/better looking in rl. My scanner MURDERED it. If anyone knows how to set your scanner to pick up more.. please e-mail me (\r\n\r\nThe original will be for sale on furbid soon :) Done in red colored pencil.

Image: Kaltag.jpg   860x690 125178 bytes 2002.03.30

My half of an art trade with Kaltag, or Zidane. *shrugs* I don't normally do art trades, but hell. \r\n\r\nDone with acrylic paints. My first painting.. o.o Looks better in RL. Much better. I might actually sell it as abstract art. (You don't see to many bright blue wolves running around :P)

Image: Indy.jpg   453x936 80961 bytes 2002.03.30

Its my kitty, indy, as a gothic basterd. Yea, hes fucking hot, no? \r\n\r\nYea. You stay up till 11:30 at night and you'll start finding yer fucking cat attractive too. .

Image: LoversdanceCO.jpg   342x470 42995 bytes 2002.03.29

Colored it, as promised. :)

Image: LoversDance.jpg   560x900 102973 bytes 2002.03.28

A lovers dance is a delicate thing. Unknown to the world around them, their dance consist of touch, and thought, rarely speach. As they twist and turn in their very own world, They excape into an entire demention of their own reality. \r\n\r\nCraig and myself. *Snuggles him* Gotta clean it up a bit more, then I'm going to color it.. :)

Image: LARPwasfun.jpg   354x886 100991 bytes 2002.03.26

Boyah, bitch. it was. I got to try my first CLOVE Cigerette, and I got to play a kick ass goul. CRAIGS goil..yea. I'm that awesome.\r\n\r\nSelly is a tad to dark in this picture, but I was using a water color pencil, which was reeeaaallllyy dark. and I don't have a normal brown pencil anymore. O.o Gotta save up and get a new pack of pencils

Image: CaseTotem.jpg   606x870 111290 bytes 2002.03.26

My mate, once again. I think he has the spirit of a hawk or eagle, because of his bravery, and truthfulness. I really love Craig, no matter how many fights, or bitching fests we have, or however snippy we are. I love him, and he loves me. *mrrs*

Image: Wolftomoonpastel.jpg   498x489 74503 bytes 2002.03.20

As the moon raises high, it shifts into the wolf, the moon gains the wolfen markings, and the wolf still glows of heavenly light. \r\n\r\nAs dawn breaks, the wolfen shifts back to the moon, the wolf gaining celestial markings. \r\n\r\nThis uniting Wolfen, Moon, and Humnan, for the human spirit dewls between.

Image: SpiffyCiggy.jpg   364x491 28897 bytes 2002.03.20

yea.. Drew out some depression and shit. Trying not to pick up the bottle as much as I used to. I also enjoy this new sort of painting I started in PSP. It's abstract, yet pretty. and nice looking too. :P\r\n\r\nYea.. Anyhow.. O.o

Image: B.F.jpg   500x404 37075 bytes 2002.03.19

Damned finger, With it broken, I can't draw very well. (this was drawn with it broken.) I can draw a little better now, but shit man.. >.>

Image: Adorableglowingselly.jpg   308x812 36972 bytes 2002.03.13

I am THAT cute.

Image: Spirit.jpg   435x511 74981 bytes 2002.03.13


Image: FadeingInnocence.jpg   522x1116 98972 bytes 2002.03.10

mmm.. The crys of an angel.

Image: Blackdresshands.jpg   412x938 103466 bytes 2002.03.10

I wanted to do a drawing where Selunca was looking at all the rings and markings on her fingers, but I was in such an art slump, I couldn't pull off anything but the head and hands, and the hands were so small I couldn't put the rings on, well, all but the engagment ring. \r\n\r\nWhy the black dress? Because. I want one. Just like that. so.. neyah. Also, I know there needs to be more folds. I'm telling you it's "Unfinished".. yea.

Image: Maconnel.jpg   462x978 92795 bytes 2002.03.09

Commission for a friend at school. he's a lynx.. he wanted one.. so hee gotted one. \r\n

Image: MaconnelCO.jpg   462x964 106985 bytes 2002.03.09

it's a Lynx! YAY. How speicail. It's not totally done. I'm working out the kinks now, but hell. this is him ^__^\r\n\r\nI hope matt likes 'em.

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