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Image: renaLOGODONE.jpg   614x460 110886 bytes 2006.10.27

Just a logo I made for my DA page, nothing else.\r\n\r\nArt (C) C.Smith 06

Image: HALLOWEENBIG.jpg   900x675 176715 bytes 2006.10.27

For my bf Metal-Kitty on DeviantArt. It's of his character Kitty, wanted to do something Halloween.\r\n\r\nArt (C) C.Smith 06\r\nKitty (C) K.Rose 06

Image: queenyDONE.jpg   1050x750 261284 bytes 2006.05.02

Another trade I did with my friend Queeny over at Deviant Art. She wanted me to draw her character, so I did and made it into a wallpaper size for her.\r\n\r\nQueeny (C) Herself 06\r\nArt (C) C.Smith 06

Image: jennabeach.jpg   1024x768 252578 bytes 2006.05.02

A gift I did for Protomantails over at Deviant Art, this is his character Jenna. I made a wallpaper for him, hence the size of this picture.\r\n\r\nJenna (C) Casey 06\r\nArt (C) C.Smith 06

Image: AyaDONE.jpg   510x642 125513 bytes 2006.05.02

Just a new character I made up, an artic fox named Aya, whom is also a Shinigami. \r\n\r\nAya and Art (C) C.Smith 06

Image: Eeee_Locker_Room_X3_by_SerenaH.jpg   1024x768 164807 bytes 2006.04.13

Heh, just a little wallpaper I did of my character Rena, heh nothing more, nothing less ^_^\r\n\r\nArt (C) C.Smith 06

Image: Cream_for_Jazz_Chan_by_SerenaH.jpg   800x600 112195 bytes 2006.04.13

Umm a wallpaper I did for my good buddy Jazz-Chan aka Jasmine Andrews. It's of her character Cream. Cream is a nurse, so I did her in chibi form for Jazz-Chan.\r\n\r\nArt (C) C.Smith 06\r\nCream (C) Jasmine Andrews 06

Image: Christy_Magic_Form_Commission_by_SerenaH.jpg   472x620 110195 bytes 2006.04.13

Commission I did for my friend Timothy aka Otaku-Of-Tomobiki of Deviant Art, it's of his character Christy in her magical form. I suck at magical effects very much ^_^\r\n\r\nBut he liked it, so I'm happy with it.\r\n\r\nArt & Character Design (C) C.Smith 06\r\nChristy (C) Timothy 06

Image: newCHAR.jpg   473x614 112547 bytes 2006.02.13

A character my friend wanted me to make for them. They came up with her name Christy James, and he wanted me to design her, so I did. I think she's so adorable, I love her =3\r\n\r\nChristy James (C) Timothy 05\r\nCharacter Design and Art (C) C.Smith 05

Image: Ritsu2.png   492x594 82951 bytes 2006.02.13

My character Ritsu the Weather Guardian I gave her a cute robe and a cool staff =3\r\n\r\nRitsu (C) C.Smith 05

Image: xmas1.png   445x631 83758 bytes 2005.12.19

Winterfied Rena!!!! heh Merry Xmas everyone!!! =3\r\n\r\n(C) C.Smith 05

Image: Happy_Birthday_Suki_San_by_SerenaH.jpg   432x642 109242 bytes 2005.12.19

B-day gift for Suki-San aka Inuki. It's her character Chris with an ice cream cone. Happy Birthday Suki, I luv ya =3\r\n\r\nChris (C) Suki-San/Inuki 05\r\nArt (C) C.Smith 05

Image: Trade_for_Becca_Kitten_by_SerenaH.jpg   443x509 79238 bytes 2005.12.19

My half trade with Becca Kitten of DA, not too happy with this.\r\n\r\nBecca (C) Becca Kitten\r\nArt (C) C.Smith 05

Image: ichigocuteDONE.jpg   420x637 107976 bytes 2005.09.14

My character Ichigo wearing an oversized PJ top. She's a tween (not a kid and not a teen), she's very cute =3\r\n\r\nArt (C) C.Smith 05

Image: berryDONE2.jpg   492x599 93236 bytes 2005.09.14

My half of Jazz-Chan/Caramel Kitteh's trade, this is her character Berry Babbit in a chibi form.\r\n\r\nArt (C) C.Smith 05\r\nBerry (C) J.Andrews 05

Image: danielpetform.jpg   502x577 121330 bytes 2005.08.09

Rena's father Daniel in "pet" form. I borrowed the pose from Yuliya of DA =3\r\n\r\nDaniel (C) C.Smith 05\r\nPose (C) Yuliya 05

Image: hanaclothes.jpg   329x615 79830 bytes 2005.08.09

My character Hana, and she's wearing clothes this time. These aren't her warrior clothes, she wears this when she's relaxing and not fighting =3\r\n\r\nHana (C) C.Smith 05

Image: sataruPET.jpg   437x543 69478 bytes 2005.08.09

My character Sataru (he's a boy) in "pet" form =3\r\n\r\nSataru (C) C.Smith 05

Image: yumishark.jpg   442x649 91487 bytes 2005.08.09

This is Yumi my shark character =3\r\n\r\nYumi (C) C.Smith 05

Image: ichigodreamguardian.jpg   500x635 111813 bytes 2005.07.19

This is my character Ichigo she is Coco's little sister. They're both the same spieces (lep/fox mix) but they're different colors. Ichigo and Coco are also the parents of Ritsu (weather guardian).\r\n\r\nAnyways this is Ichigo she is the Dream Guardian (hence her bright colors) she controls all the dreams on her home planet. That's about it for her heh. She wears that outfit all the time by the way.\r\n\r\nIchigo (C) C.Smith 05

Image: sat1.jpg   500x610 91110 bytes 2005.07.19

Did this VERY quick it's a chibi picture of my character Sataru. He is the guardian of the past and he is a demon/fox type character. YES he is a boy, but I don't draw chibi boys very well heh. \r\n\r\nSataru (C) C.Smith 05

Image: QueenNula.jpg   463x643 115695 bytes 2005.07.19

I did this picture real fast, but this is Serena's mother, her name is Nula and she is the Queen of NE. Not much to say about Nula she's non magical, but she DOES have wings. She wears that outfit all the time except on special occassions.\r\n\r\nNula (C) C.Smith 05

Image: renamagicseal.jpg   466x608 92378 bytes 2005.07.19

My main character and fursona Serena Hikariwa or Rena for short. She is the princess and magical seal of her home planet. She is a warrior and always fights for what is right. Unlike the other seals who only have one magical ability, Rena has several, making her the strongest of all the seals. \r\n\r\nSerena (C) C.Smith 05

Image: shaothebully.jpg   300x629 74418 bytes 2005.07.19

This isn't my favorite piece, I don't like this at all, but this was a quick picture of my panda girl Shao. She is a normal mortal, but she is very artsy and knows some magic. She is mostly though the bully at her school, she loves to bully people. She always wears an artist's cap on her head as well.\r\n\r\nShao (C) C.Smith 05

Image: weatherguardian.jpg   488x644 91479 bytes 2005.07.19

This is my character Ritsu she isn't a certain species, she's a mix. She was created by Coco and Ichigo (via a spell that went wrong and they got her instead). Ritsu is the Weather Guardian of NE. She controls the weather by emotions since she's too young to talk. When she's sad it rains, when mad it storms, etc. She's just a tot now, but she will grow up someday.\r\n\r\nRitsu (C) C.Smith 05

Image: cocomaid.jpg   454x634 119066 bytes 2005.07.19

This is my character Coco in some PJ's. She's a castle maid and also she is the Guardian of Creation. She creates everything there is on NE (her home planet), but since she's done creating, she's mostly a maid. Coco is a blue lep/fox mix by the way.\r\n\r\nCoco (C) C.Smith 05

Image: sarahDONE.jpg   501x573 123200 bytes 2005.06.20

I did this picture for Chalo and SoulKat (Devin). It's of their character Sarah from the "Las Lindas" comic. I did this real fast.\r\n\r\nArt (C) C.Smith 05\r\nCharacter (C) Chalo and SoulKat 05

Image: Changes_for_Ichigo_by_SerenaH.jpg   300x433 47885 bytes 2005.02.28

My character Ichigo. I gave her some changes. I put wings on her shoes, gave her chibi type wings on her back, gave her piercings, and a symbol on her forehead.\r\n\r\nIchigo (C) C.Smith 05

Image: Metal_Kitty_Art_Trade_Part_2_by_SerenaH.jpg   487x468 65558 bytes 2005.02.28

My half of a trade with Metal Kitty. I drew his character Metal for him.\r\n\r\nMetal (C) Metal-Kitty 05\r\nArt (C) C.Smith 05

Image: moraDONE.jpg   501x646 97499 bytes 2005.02.28

My half of the trade with Chalosan. I did a picture of his character Mora (a cow) in chibi style.\r\n\r\nMora (C) Chalo 05\r\nArt (C) C.Smith 05

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