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Image: Des_warrior_BnW.jpg   1000x726 116115 bytes 2006.02.12

it looks rough, but hopefully it will look better when I color it

Image: dragonkitsunesketch.jpg   700x964 125711 bytes 2005.09.14

resized. a friend of mine put the dragon/kitsune idea in my head, had to get it on paper. image and character (Elise be her name) are copyright Seth Desmoen

Image: felinepair.jpg   1200x923 177013 bytes 2005.09.18

rough... needs digital work, but I like poses, and the anatomy on the male.. especially the placement of the anterior superior illiac spine. the female's got problems though.. the waist is too long. copyright William Bell

Image: foxspear.jpg   1179x1164 114303 bytes 2003.02.05

yeah, he's got a spear. I suppose he's hunting, but I don't think its a good idea to read roo much into it.

Image: hunter_on_the_plains_sketch.jpg   800x1128 84956 bytes 2006.02.09

the original sketch.. I think I actually like it better than the colored version. he doesn't look so off balance and his the detail on his neck and shoulders looks better.

Image: kitsune2.jpg   964x1684 88048 bytes 2003.02.18

this is an old one from my sketchbook.. I did have a computer colored version in my main directory, but it sucked- I need to learn to color someday.

Image: kitsune_pms1_copy.jpg   1000x1376 144576 bytes 2006.01.29

a quickie. I guess kitsunes get pms too.

Image: kitsune_warrior3_vcl.jpg   1200x872 119650 bytes 2006.02.08

much more developed than I usually draw my vulpines, but I think he turned out well

Image: kitsune_warrior_copy.jpg   1000x726 91543 bytes 2006.02.06

god I can't wait for my lighbox to get here...

Image: leonine_sketch1.jpg   700x907 83297 bytes 2006.01.28

really just an anatomy sketch. started to add detail on the legs, but got bored. In fact, if you only look from the waiste down, he looks kinda cool.. I only just noticed that- its th rest of him that looks so... bland. Hopefully I'll soon complete a finished version of a more dynamic pose.. or not, whatever

Image: lupfembnw.jpg   800x1134 160397 bytes 2005.09.18

I really like how she turned out, soft and feminine

Image: lupine_mage1_copy.jpg   700x964 116288 bytes 2006.01.29

I intend to ink and digitally clean this one up, the head's a little small and the left arm frustrated me, I think I needed to move the distal incertion of the biceps to the other side, exposing more triceps... just live and learn I guess

Image: mananole2.jpg   758x1000 82579 bytes 2005.09.19

none too happy with this one... thats why its in sketches

Image: mananoletrunkdisplay.jpg   1000x726 145438 bytes 2005.10.24

new sketch of man-anole, to be cleaned up digitally when I have the time. I have to redo every line it seems, my inking is just aweful.

Image: tavaris_arttradesketch.jpg   758x654 151987 bytes 2006.02.17

prelim sketch of an art trade with tavaris on the DA. HOpefully I can color it this weekend, though I can't be sure of that. First I'll have to redo it with my lighbox, its very messy.

Image: vulpinefightergirl.jpg   550x1113 199641 bytes 2005.09.14

just something from a composition book.. been so long I needed something new in here

Image: winged_sketch.jpg   821x1313 82240 bytes 2003.02.05

copyright moi I guess. Haven't uploaded in about a year.. oh well. I think I'll stick to sketches since I can't ever convert them to any kind of quality finished product. If anyone is interested in getting me to finish one, or do a request (free, if I can draw it), contact me at

Image: wingeddude2.jpg   751x563 100834 bytes 2003.02.13

okie.. lets try this one again (first upload failed, it got recognized as some weird file type). \r\n\r\nI actually plan to finish this one someday; I like how the musculature came out, and except for that odd left arm his proportions and perspective seem ok. In case you're curious, his name is Chirrus and he and the image are both copyright me .

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