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Image: Fapping.gif   794x611 29615 bytes 2008.08.12

Fapity fappity

Image: Cartoonfurryus_copy.jpg   478x536 122571 bytes 2008.08.12

Cartoony furry us

Image: Ourhouse_copy.jpg   369x572 104119 bytes 2008.08.12

Our Home

Image: Gorgon.jpg   626x932 103989 bytes 2007.09.13

Image: wingedfairy_copy.jpg   463x382 30044 bytes 2007.04.18

Havent quite finished it yet, but I love it.

Image: drag4.jpg   440x527 62327 bytes 2006.07.03

an updated dragon painting..almost done. yay\r\n\r\noils

Image: dragon1.jpg   420x554 60921 bytes 2006.06.29

A painting I am working on for my nephew. you cant really see it but theres gold and white highlights on his mane thing and gold on his belly scales and on his claws.

Image: hula.jpg   471x619 60913 bytes 2006.03.03

Issa me wishin to be somewhere warm and tropical. Drew em up this morning watching the snow start. \r\nDone in illustrator.

Image: buggie-copy.jpg   617x767 92060 bytes 2006.02.17

Trying my hand again with illustrator. This is what I came up with. A lil piece of a bigger drawing I have but used the one piece from it. I think hes cuter in the drawing but.. I am pretty happy with the turnout.

Image: lifescruel.jpg   572x554 65012 bytes 2005.12.22

I realize that it is a bit off topic, but it is a piece i am really proud of. It represents how life can just be cruel at times. When your thinking things arent so bad, sure life sorta sucks, but it gets worse. And you can lose everything if you arent careful.\r\nHope your holidays are safe, healthy and happy.\r\nDone by sketch, and photoshop.

Image: thanksgiving2_copy.jpg   663x399 45462 bytes 2005.11.24

Who says the turkey wont be juicy?\r\nsketched and colored in photoshop..\r\ndamn corn took me forever to do!

Image: taz.jpg   734x417 54259 bytes 2005.10.20

A lil drawing I did for a friend of mine.\r\npencil, sharpie, pen, colored pencils photoshop.\r\ngood stuff

Image: halloween.jpg   563x471 61290 bytes 2005.10.05

Part of a bigger image I drew this morning.

Image: merfer3.jpg   581x445 48411 bytes 2005.10.05

An old..very old drawing I did. One of my very first actual at the time good finsihed pieces. \r\nSketched and then photoshop.

Image: Brooklyn_copy.jpg   512x384 29747 bytes 2005.06.11

Image: shivawolf_copy.jpg   509x504 63548 bytes 2005.06.03

and old drawing I had done of myself after seeing an ad in a playstation magazine. thought it was kinda cool when I did it anyways.\r\n

Image: Dragonsky.jpg   408x547 59835 bytes 2005.05.10

Half of a bigger drawing...but I liked this half better so I colored it in until I get the other half done...offtopic i guess..but..the whole drawing has furry topic in it :)\r\n\r\nps7

Image: backview.jpg   404x442 43211 bytes 2005.05.10

A Bit of the sexy on this one. Figured I hadnt done something remotely female in a sexy-ish way for a while so.\r\nPretty alright with how it turned out...gotta love the pink panties.\r\n\r\nSketch/ps7

Image: foxflower.jpg   310x404 43867 bytes 2005.05.02

A bit of of something I just did in the last...4 hours or so...Yeah bout four hours. All dun pretty now. Im rather proud of it. Havent done anything really fantasy-ish in a while. Glad it came out alright. Love my flower...muchly.\r\nsketch/Photoshop

Image: 3some.jpg   551x516 48062 bytes 2005.04.21

Soon to be colored, and it shall please the masses...

Image: Superprawn.jpg   449x561 65022 bytes 2005.04.07

Well its been a while...and not to much is new. Forgot to upload this a long time ago. a image for a shirt for my baby. haha..

Image: pregnantbunny.jpg   503x541 49559 bytes 2004.12.16

another older piece i had though I uploaded but hadnt. \r\ncolored in photoshop.

Image: palmdragon.jpg   485x606 38356 bytes 2004.12.16

and older drawing i did, and colored, thought I had uploaded this but..surpise i didnt.\r\nanyways...done in photoshop, pleases me.\r\n

Image: snorkboxer.jpg   426x420 66605 bytes 2004.12.16

Art on boxers, who said you cant draw on your clothes?!\r\nthis and the mlp ones were inked with a cool pen, and colored with sharpies. they are great arent they?\r\nsnorks, gotta love em!

Image: mlpboxer.jpg   397x474 43220 bytes 2004.12.16

Art, not just for paper anymore.\r\nDrawn inked, and colored in on a pair of boxers....\r\nlets hope it stays through the wash!!!\r\n

Image: Yellowsnowman.jpg   624x456 67153 bytes 2004.12.16

Just a lil holiday humor...the deer pleases me.\r\nsketched then colored in photoshop.

Image: Pez.jpg   466x520 50570 bytes 2004.12.07

Just some off the wall dark funny I said to someone. Some people just are made to be Pez heads.\r\n

Image: Bonvoyage.jpg   563x448 49673 bytes 2004.12.03

Ah...this is a good one, hate the water but like the rest. Inside joke with my friend, this bunnyhunny. \r\n\r\nsketched on paper Done in photoshop

Image: Goldenstars.jpg   604x456 96095 bytes 2004.12.03

Heres a lil early morning had no sleep sketch I did of a few friends of mine. Told them either be nice or get gold stars tacked to their foreskin..they didnt listen. Either way it amused me.\r\nSketched and colored in photoshop

Image: showercap.jpg   331x735 58079 bytes 2004.11.22

Here is another one of those drawings inspired by a running gag....(sure makes me wanna gag! haha) Anyways, this is the showercap, in all its glory! \r\n\r\n Suds are really hard to do by the way, pain in the rump truely.\r\n\r\nsketched, and coloroed in Photoshop\r\n\r\nHAHAHAHAHA Enjoy it showercaphead!

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