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Image: MechanicalCupid.jpg   451x570 49232 bytes 2004.11.22

before compression hit, his body looked pretty cool. Just a cool looking bearsort of thing I drew up

Image: froggie2.jpg   526x439 51692 bytes 2004.11.22

Image: BirthdayFairy.jpg   584x442 75129 bytes 2004.11.19

Two of my favorite things to draw, my psycho fairies, and them lil goblin lookin furry people. Ha!!...they please me.\r\nanyways, I hope this isnt too off topic..they are lil furry people an all in there so.\r\nFairies are Mine Mine MINE!! hah..\r\nPhotoshop...

Image: froggie.jpg   553x474 49552 bytes 2004.11.19

Dont you love when inspiration hits as your trying to fall asleep, and you say to yourself, if I dont do it now I will forget about it when I am awake. This is one of those drawings. cute lil froggie, I will call her...uh....magpie. \r\nSketched,then colored in photoshop.

Image: orientalrabbit.jpg   471x510 64982 bytes 2004.11.10

and Idea I got from the baggies on the noodles from the chinese resturant. um yeah, it pleases you!

Image: rain.jpg   465x642 78676 bytes 2004.11.05

An older picture I revamped a while ago... I Didnt know what to do with a single character just floating on a page of doodles...So this is what I did... not bad I dont think. Love the mushrooms. they please me greatly

Image: wolfhead.jpg   621x286 12848 bytes 2004.11.05

Part of a bigger picture I had done after a dream. Anyway I was really proud of the way this wolf head came out, didnt draw it on paper, but did it all with the mouse...

Image: butterlovin.jpg   636x486 67860 bytes 2004.11.05

An older picture, I did about a summer or two ago. Inspired from joking around with my friend about another friend of mine. haha...still cracks me up! \r\nSketched while playing pool on the net and colored in photoshop....\r\nuh....Yay...and stuff

Image: Queenscourt.jpg   460x666 77097 bytes 2004.11.04

Well finally this is done, not as good as I hoped it would turn out...damn that dias! Oh well. I still think it is good though at least the characters.

Image: hallowseve.jpg   599x439 86428 bytes 2004.10.22

This heres an old photo I remade into something better of my siblings an I at halloween. I just took a lil creative twisting of the actual thing. not very spooky I guess, cept that 70's lesiure suit!!\r\nsketched on paper, done in photoshop.

Image: Frank-n-furry.jpg   409x650 40182 bytes 2004.10.10

Was babysitting my nephew the other day..and he decided we needed to draw halloweenish sort of I did my own stien..yeah..Anyway...Yeah. \r\nDone on paper then in photoshop..cuz it rocks..\r\n\r\n

Image: wackyracoon.jpg   530x578 52941 bytes 2004.10.06

A friend and I were talking one night, we were bored so we decided to make homework for ourselves...haha ..anyways so the thing he decided was a racooon...but something not exactly normal.. and this is what i came up with. finally finished coloring it tonight...about uh a month later. \r\ncome to find out...yeah love the racoons...they please me.\r\nphotoshop..

Image: grifflogo.jpg   447x617 34442 bytes 2004.10.06

A logo for a friends website....sketched and then done in photoshop...He liked it a lot pleased me.

Image: Amazonfox.jpg   432x597 58038 bytes 2004.09.24

Just a bit of an Idea I got from watching something on Carnival, though it looks more amazonish the the dancers in carnival.. Thought it was the cool though..\r\nAnyways done in Photoshop

Image: Rengang.jpg   608x445 80612 bytes 2004.09.23

Loving my lil ren gang here...drawing and colored in Photoshop.

Image: paddlewhoremlp.jpg   588x420 42522 bytes 2004.09.23

My very first mouse drawn image. All done in photoshop. mlp's are so fun to corrupt...dontcha think?\r\n\r\ndone in photoshop..\r\n

Image: balancingact.jpg   470x498 30586 bytes 2004.09.17

This is a cute little racoon I doodled up while chatting one night. Just love his raised hand..came out so good.\r\n\r\nColored in photoshop

Image: danceingdred.jpg   296x505 50151 bytes 2004.09.10

I notice something about my stuff, the worse the sketch is in the notebook, the more I want to fix it up and make it look good. Like this one....just noticed she doesnt have a tail.>_<..huh...wonder where it went??\r\n\r\n

Image: witchwabbit.jpg   410x675 66438 bytes 2004.09.10

One of my favorite drawings, not really cuz of her but.. the bird. and the tattoos....but mostly the bird.\r\nhes pimp.\r\n\r\ndone in photoshop

Image: Dragon.jpg   361x546 38569 bytes 2004.09.09

First time post!!\r\n\r\nThis is a dragon I redid from its very undetailed sketch in photoshop...what a great program....

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