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Image: Alter-egos.jpg   513x600 82017 bytes 2002.04.29

Alter Egos

This picture was part of my first art trade. B-dog (a sweet young lady with a gallery here on the VCL) took a chance on me without having ever seen my artwork - a wonderful boost to my confidence.\r\n\r\nShe runs two characters on FurryMUCK - cute li'l non-morphic B-dog, and an anthro snow-leopard/cheetah cross named Silverwind. I was fascinated by the idea that someone could choose two characters so different from one another to represent herself online. And so here we have a picture of them encountering each other, and realising that they are part of the same whole. Mind you, B-dog doesn’t look to shaken by this revelation...\r\n\r\nSilverwind and B-dog are the property of their player, S. Yeap.\r\n\r\nOh, and I now understand what people say about scanners eating colours. :o/

Image: Autumn_fox.png   201x600 32192 bytes 2002.04.29

It's autumn now.\r\n\r\nThe wind sighs, heavy with the scent of winter. Overhead, the moon is round and ripe - for days we could not see her for the clouds, but tonight the sky is clear. The trees have thrown the last of their energy into a riot of colour, and now they disrobe, readying themselves for sleep. And foxes run swiftly about their business in the cold, their coats fluffed against the chill and their breath steaming in the still, still air.\r\n\r\nIronically enough, my Autumn Fox was drawn six months ago, in spring. But still he sits, contemplating the turning of the seasons...

Image: Aya_Braeden.jpg   494x546 39745 bytes 2002.09.18

There can be few browsing the VCL who don't know of Aya Braeden; she burst into the scene a few months back, swiftly winning the respect of many. As much as I admire her wonderful art, however, I am more awestruck by the heart behind it. The love and warmth that she bestows with such abundance on so many is a pleasure to behold, and it makes my world a better place just to be able to witness it. That love is an amazing, powerful, positive force - and she amazing for being able to give it, and give it, and give it... I wanted to celebrate that.\r\n\r\nMixed media; copyright info on the pic.\r\n\r\nOh, and if you're not sure what the toy bunny has to do with all this, go read "The Velveteen Rabbit," a gorgeous story about what love can do. Hell, go read it anyway - 'tis a damn good book! :)

Image: Beija-Flor---Earlicks.jpg   451x542 70206 bytes 2005.07.02

A good number of the furs I know seem to be fond of greeting friends with hugs and affectionate earlicks. Unfortunately, some of us don't comprehend the appeal of the latter, so this doesn't always have the desired effect...\r\n\r\nA gift for the lovely Beija-Flor of Tapestries, who of course remains the creation of his player.

Image: Can't-hold-a-candle.jpg   782x560 36115 bytes 2002.04.29

It seems somehow fitting that my first upload should be a piece of shameless fanart.\r\n\r\nThis piece is dedicated to Silverblue, a charming and talented artist whom it is my privilege to call friend. A lovely woman, a masterful storyteller, and a magnificent artist, I simply cannot hold a candle to her in terms of artistic talent. Not that I would -want- to hold a candle to her; I'd probably singe her fur, and then she would have to hurt me. ;o)\r\n\r\nSilverblue also possesses that rare talent: the ability to\r\nfinish what one starts. I seem not so lucky; this piece was inked in January 2001, but was only finished recently, after I'd bought a computer that could cope with my tweaking it in Photoshop...\r\n\r\nSilverblue the Gothbunny is the property of her creator, Ceredwyn Ealanta.

Image: Cat.png   248x600 17526 bytes 2002.04.29

"The smallest feline is a masterpiece." - Leonardo da Vinci\r\n\r\nContinuing my experiments in the minimalistic style first seen in 'Autumn Fox,' this seemed to flow out of my pen with little input from me during a roleplaying session last October. Eventually I hope to be able to do these with ink & brush, but for the moment it's painstaking pen strokes all the way.\r\n\r\nIn case you couldn't tell, I like cats. :o)

Image: Cheese.jpg   317x500 115532 bytes 2002.12.08

Friends who've travelled in China tell me fox-spirits there eat babies. Kitsune in Japan are said to feed on the yang energy of a man until he's nearly dead. Korean fox-fairies pull the livers out of beasts and eat them, raw and bloody.\r\n\r\nFor myself, however, I'd much prefer a good cheese platter!

Image: Gillian-the-fair.jpg   423x598 126065 bytes 2002.12.08

A picture of the lovely Kanawinkie in her SCA persona, Gillian of Clan Connachy. She is apparently to be spotted dancing barefoot around Renaissance Faires in the US, and strikes me as just the sort of person who'd love to feel the wind in her hair...\r\n\r\nThis was actually completed some time ago, but kept off the Archive in order to surprise Kana when it turned up in her mail. *grin* \r\n\r\nKanawinkie and Gillian are the creations of Kathryn Letts.

Image: Grasshopper.png   360x509 92796 bytes 2006.12.27

Recipe Portfolio - Grasshopper

My contribution to the forthcoming recipe portfolio - a banded linsang and a drink with an unusual garnish.\r\n\r\nMore info on the portfolio is available at\r\n

Image: hello-silverblue.png   289x416 45015 bytes 2003.01.13

Hello Silverblue. No doubt coming to flay me or something.\r\n\r\nBecause Ceredwyn was silly enough to ask what was more demented that Powerpuff Silverblue...and I couldn't resist.\r\n\r\nI am disturbed by the fact that this is the swiftest execution of a pic I've ever managed - it took little over an hour from concept to completion. Yay me...I think.\r\n\r\nSilverblue the Gothbunny © Ceredwyn Ealanta.

Image: Hunters.jpg   600x557 108133 bytes 2005.08.12

A bit of silliness, that crept into my mind as my online world filled with people bouncing about the "Serenity" preview screenings in Melbourne.

Image: liger-bw.jpg   514x550 42594 bytes 2002.12.08

My half of an art trade with Liger (whose work can be found here on the VCL), who may well have given up hope of ever seeing this finished. Cursed scanner troubles...\r\n\r\nA coloured version of this will probably follow, as soon as I work out what I want to do with it!\r\n\r\nLiger is, of course, the property of his creator.

Image: Liger.jpg   408x502 38113 bytes 2003.03.02

The coloured version of my art trade with Liger - an artist of talent, and amazing patience!\r\n\r\nLiger is the property of his creator.

Image: Masquerade.jpg   490x498 29170 bytes 2002.08.21

Ah, the masks we wear.\r\n\r\nFor someone whose alter-ego is a fox-spirit, I do an awful lot of meowing, purring and otherwise acting feline. Truth is, foxes aren't much liked in my part of the world, and much of the time, it's easier to quietly downplay my love of the species, don the mask and go on with life than get mired in pointless arguments. There are those who would argue that I'm not being true to myself if I do this, and perhaps they're right.\r\n\r\nBut people don't shoot cats on sight here.\r\n\r\nSimple pen and ink, but I'm rather proud of the rubber-stamp look this has to it. :o)

Image: Misbehave.jpg   650x457 48006 bytes 2002.04.29

"We're all alone, no chaperone\r\ncan get our number - the world's in slumber...\r\nLet's misbehave!"\r\n\r\nDesmond had high hopes for his first date with Lillian; with any luck, after dinner and a movie, he'd be allowed to hold her hand on the way home! You can imagine his surprise when he discovered that Lilly's parents were out for the night, and that she had other things in mind...\r\n\r\n"They say that bears have love affairs,\r\nand even camels. We're only mammels - \r\nLet's misbehave!"\r\n\r\nInspired by the delightful lyrics of Cole Porter (quoted above), and out of a desire to portray a poodle as something other than the prim & prudish stereotype I've always seen associated with them. This is also one of the first coloured pencil pics I've done in many years, and I feel I managed to achieve some actual subtlety with the shading. Yay, me! :o)

Image: Monster-Girl_Easter.gif   358x453 42282 bytes 2003.04.13

Easter is for Monster-Girls, too!\r\n\r\nBallpoint doodle from the vet surgery, inspired by Peganthyrus and her "Xenogrrls."

Image: moving.jpg   753x523 71674 bytes 2005.06.30

A picture done up late in 2003 as a Change of Address card - designed for black & white printing (hence the simplicity) with the box being the space for our new contact details.\r\n\r\nI wish I didn't think we'd be using it again before long.\r\n\r\nPen & Ink, coloured in Photoshop.

Image: Poetry_In_Motion.png   600x291 16803 bytes 2002.09.18

There is poetry in the rush and pound of hot heart's blood, in the bunch and stretch of muscle, in the sliding of skin over fluid form, in the joy of running, of being alive. There is poetry...

Image: rhiaddun.jpg   379x600 75434 bytes 2002.05.05

A portrait of the gypsy pickpocket, Rhiaddun. A perky Turkish Van cat with busy hands, Rhiaddun has recently joined our Ironclaw will be interesting to see how she fares with our motley assortment.\r\n\r\nRhiaddun © S. Williams.

Image: Shadow-sidebar.jpg   227x498 31689 bytes 2005.06.30

Well, hi there!\r\n\r\nA quick self-portrait, as I slowly learn to shade & texture things in pen. It wouldn't make a bad sidebar image for a website, if I ever get one up & running...

Image: Spring-Fox.png   207x600 26191 bytes 2006.07.12

A companion to the Autumn Fox. It's probably no surprise that there are at least two more to come (Koori cultures around my city noted the passage of five to seven seasons, as I recall, so there may be more than the usual four).\r\n\r\nJust as the autumn pic was completed in spring, spring was completed in winter. I guess that means winter's next on the list...

Image: VinGen-photobooth.jpg   415x600 38389 bytes 2002.08.28

An Art Trade with the talented VinFox, whose work can be found here on the VCL. He described himself as very romantic, if a little too serious, and his mate GenGen as the happy, ditzy, playful sort, and I could just imagine them doing the silly-couply thing in a photobooth somewhere...\r\n\r\nPen, ink, and huge amounts of Photoshoppery.\r\n\r\nVinFox and GenGen are, respectively, the creations of C. Cox and L. Frazier.

Image: vixen.jpg   429x600 48986 bytes 2002.05.05

Ever have one of those moments of perfect synthesis, where everything just seems to fall into place?\r\n\r\nI get them, occasionally. And every time, I end up drawing something that's light-years ahead of my usual standard...and then the moment slips away, leaving me too scared to touch the picture for fear of ruining it. This is the product of one of those moments; it flowed out of my head during a quiet day at work, and shows an understanding of light and shade that I simply don't have yet. \r\n\r\nInspired by my younger sister, and her ability to fold herself into incredibly strange, contortionistic positions and still manage to look both completely comfortable and utterly irresistible...

Image: worksign.jpg   795x564 117632 bytes 2002.08.21

I meant to upload this months ago. Oops.\r\n\r\nBack in February, the height of the Australian summer, I doodled up this sign for the vet surgery where I work. We had the curtains drawn and the blinds down in an effort to keep out the 40-degree-plus heat, and despite the sign in the window declaring us to be open, folks just didn't get the idea. I mean, people were standing on the front steps and calling me on their bloody mobile phones, rather than trying the door! So I threw this sign together during a quiet afternoon...\r\n...and then the cool change hit, so it was completely redundant. :o)

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