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Image: squinky.jpg   618x325 26916 bytes 2003.06.16

For my old friend Squinky... I'm glad we're friends again. =D Squinky is (c) herself, image (c) 2003 to me.

Image: Etherrawen.jpg   722x426 48002 bytes 2003.06.15

Someone should tell Eth that that much mint chocolate chip ice cream isn't good for her. Etherrawen (c) herself, image (c) 2003 to me.

Image: orca.jpg   650x450 48574 bytes 2003.06.15

Gift art for Orcabloo, because she's so cool! Such a nice person. :} Orca is (c) herself, image is (c) 2003 to me.

Image: bloodthirsty.jpg   727x506 57008 bytes 2003.06.12

Ahahah! Stress relief art = good. Started and finished this today, when I should have been doing homework.. XD (c)2003 to this mean bitch!

Image: rani1.jpg   533x450 30539 bytes 2003.06.12

Rani Angerona, my new chara on Furc. She's a mute telepath clouded leopard... ^^ (c) 2003 to me.

Image: screech.jpg   684x489 40960 bytes 2003.06.10

Stress relief. Would have done worse, didn't have energy, creativeness, or time. (c) 2003 to me.

Image: mask.jpg   498x650 41231 bytes 2003.06.10

Finished when under stress. A project worked on for most the weekend, finished today. (c) 2003 to me.

Image: dragonandgryphon.jpg   650x425 46220 bytes 2003.06.10

(c) 2003 to me.

Image: free.jpg   500x600 53862 bytes 2003.06.07

For my best friend.. because that's what she is. My best friend. (c) 2003 to me.

Image: glance.jpg   280x386 29804 bytes 2003.06.01

Mmmm, trying to kill my wrist is so much fun... Self portraitish.. thing.. Image is (c) 2003 to me.

Image: stargaze.jpg   525x381 16429 bytes 2003.06.01

Just a little pic I did today when I had absolutely nothing better to do. Image (c) 2003 to me.

Image: abstractmulelj2.jpg   1000x1143 46817 bytes 2003.05.24

Mule. Mmhm. (c) 2003 to me.

Image: breadragoncl2.jpg   500x550 45096 bytes 2003.05.21

Same picture, without the background. Mmhm.\r\n\r\nimage is (c) 2003 to me.

Image: dragoncliffft.jpg   369x480 53361 bytes 2003.05.21

A birthday present for my best friend. Background ripped from corbis...\r\n\r\nimage is (c) 2003 to me, thanx

Image: grounded.jpg   300x300 19218 bytes 2003.05.19

Can I just fly away, please? So I can be free..\r\n\r\n(c) 2003 to me.

Image: mom.jpg   470x485 72908 bytes 2003.05.11

A picture for my mother, in celebration of Mother's Day. A quickie, cause I have to do homework... background image from\r\n\r\nI love you Mom! Image (c) 2003 to me.

Image: sistersleep.JPG   290x420 19016 bytes 2003.04.09

A pic for my sister (my real, blood one) because.. well, she told me to. I don't do so usually, but I had nothing better to do in digital imaging class. ^_^ Image (c) 2003 to me, sister is (c) herself!

Image: gargouille.jpg   550x500 40292 bytes 2003.04.07

Aha! I have been working on this piece for-freakin-ever.. this is the Gargoyle, the dragon that Gargoyles are named after... he's supposed to be a water dragon but I loved the head so much that I didn't actually try to change it to something I imagine a water dragon would look like. Oh well... Image (c) 2003 to me.

Image: dragonsleep.jpg   529x540 29663 bytes 2003.04.06

For muh dragon-sis because she was feeling a tad bit down and she wrote for me and I was a bitch in return. So this is for her, because I lub her. Image (c) 2003 to me, Dragon (c) herself.

Image: Etherrawensm.JPG   329x564 30127 bytes 2003.04.03

A belated birthday present for the person who has this character, Etherrawen. Drawn in my Digital Imaging class, with Adobe Photoshop... Etherrawen (c) 2003 to Michelle Rodriguez, image (c) 2003 to me. Thanks.. ^^

Image: contemplation.jpg   741x360 33821 bytes 2003.04.01

Sorry for the re-upload, however I found it absolutely necessary to add the whiskers.\r\n\r\nPrevious desc:\r\n"Just a little thing I just finished. The pose was kinda iffy, but I went ahead and colored it about a week after I'd drawn it, just because I didn't want to have to draw something else. So, this is me, in my wolf-cougar form. (red kite coloring and wingless, but, feh) \r\n\r\nImage and self.. (c) 2003 to me. ^^"

Image: contemplationsmudge.jpg   741x360 34412 bytes 2003.03.31

The same picture as before, with smudges to simulate fur. I didn't know which I liked better, so I did both...

Image: happiewuff.JPG   630x450 29582 bytes 2003.03.29

Drew this in my Digital Imaging class. Started out as a doodle on my math quiz.. I was drawing it there because I had no idea how to /do/ anything on my math quiz, and had nothing to do, so.. I drew.. a happie picture. Hehe, oh well.\r\n\r\nImage (c) 2003 to me.

Image: slumpy.jpg   300x300 15176 bytes 2003.03.27

I was feeling slumpy (still am, "this" was only an hour ago..) and lethargic, so I doodled something up on Oekaki instead of doing homework. Ho hum. Image and self (c) 2003 to me.

Image: orcainbloo.jpg   300x300 19422 bytes 2003.03.25

For teh Orcabloo. She still hasn't told anyone that I know of of her new colors/markings, so it was in black in white until I did a bloo wash. Because Orca is teh Orcabloo, o'course... Yay for Oekakis. Orca is (c) herself, image is (c) 2003 to me.

Image: tehugleh.jpg   300x300 13716 bytes 2003.03.22

"I am teh ugleh" says teh Ugleh Dragon. "I was only drawn becuz 'Mara needed to prove that she could and would color something" \r\n\r\nhehe. Um. I could have drawn something big and symbolic for the war 'n all that, but I don't really have an opinion except people dying is not cool. Hehe.. \r\n\r\nthis Oekaki (c) 2003 to meh

Image: animalfriends.JPG   660x550 43073 bytes 2003.03.20

Aha! This, my friends, is an example of a rushed goodish work. I did this in about 20 minutes, references from squirrel and polar bear poses included. This was just a quick thanks for my friends at school.. I take them all for granted. So, for my poorple polar bear, rabid squirrel, and my hermana bread dragon.. thanks! You guys are too good for me. Btw, this was done at school in the last 20 minutes of class using Adobe Photoshop 6.0! Image is (c) 2003 to me, my friends are (c) themselves. :b

Image: callforhelpsm.jpg   600x500 30182 bytes 2003.03.16

Mmph. Call for help... myself (c) 2003 to.. mee.

Image: wyverncolor.jpg   434x537 40361 bytes 2003.03.16

Some ice wyvern I drew in Digital Imaging class. (c) 2003 to me.

Image: wolfrain.jpg   300x400 14503 bytes 2003.03.03

This was my second Oekaki try with the new Oekaki format. Just experimenting, really\r\n\r\n(c) 2003 to me, thanx ;}

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