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Image: glance.jpg   280x386 29804 bytes 2003.06.01

Mmmm, trying to kill my wrist is so much fun... Self portraitish.. thing.. Image is (c) 2003 to me.

Image: grounded.jpg   300x300 19218 bytes 2003.05.19

Can I just fly away, please? So I can be free..\r\n\r\n(c) 2003 to me.

Image: gryphon.gif   562x544 32670 bytes 2003.01.05

Ahah! Me as my gryphon-self. From early janurary/feb/march, before I changed my coloring to that of a red kite's. :> My face marking's have chaged slightly, also. Image (c) 2003 to me!

Image: gryphonhat.jpg   300x300 45089 bytes 2003.01.05

This is me. This is me with my hat on. Phear my hat. Mwahaha.. Image is (c) 2003 ta meee.

Image: gryphtear.jpg   250x400 40347 bytes 2003.01.11

"How can you call yourself my 'sister' if you're never there for me?" Just angst art. My gryphon-self.. 'nother oekaki. Image is (c) 2003 to me.

Image: happiewuff.JPG   630x450 29582 bytes 2003.03.29

Drew this in my Digital Imaging class. Started out as a doodle on my math quiz.. I was drawing it there because I had no idea how to /do/ anything on my math quiz, and had nothing to do, so.. I drew.. a happie picture. Hehe, oh well.\r\n\r\nImage (c) 2003 to me.

Image: headache.jpg   300x300 46245 bytes 2003.01.23

Heh, I had a headache that felt like that.. so I oekaki'd it instead of doing homework. o_0 Image is (c) 2003 to me.

Image: homeworkangst.jpg   300x200 14831 bytes 2003.01.23

:lol: After only 20 minutes of homework, I already felt like this, so I drew it. This is an older version of me--you can tell because I don't have the red kite coloring. Image is (c) 2003 to me.

Image: illucian.jpg   300x300 23204 bytes 2003.01.11

An oekaki for Illucian, just because she's so pretty. Pretty ludrakoni.. Illucian is (c) herself, Image is (c) 2003 to me.

Image: kimbo.jpg   300x300 25710 bytes 2003.01.23

Hm, it's Kimbo, dancing in rays of sunlight or something. Kimbo is (c) herself, Image is (c) 2003 to me.

Image: kimbostalksm.jpg   592x349 25584 bytes 2003.01.25

Yay! A piccy for Kimbo, because she's teh awesome and she deserves better than the little sketches I tend to do for her. However, the compression kinda killed it. o_x Here--I'm back in the line for doing piccys for the people on my lj friend's list. Yay! Kimbo is (c) herself, Image is (c) 2003 to me.\r\n

Image: mask.jpg   498x650 41231 bytes 2003.06.10

Finished when under stress. A project worked on for most the weekend, finished today. (c) 2003 to me.

Image: modernwere.jpg   250x600 17437 bytes 2003.01.20

I call this one "When the Human and Were collide".. 's not the best I've done, but I tired of it quickly and just.. finished it. Issa me. Image (c) 2003 to me!

Image: mom.jpg   470x485 72908 bytes 2003.05.11

A picture for my mother, in celebration of Mother's Day. A quickie, cause I have to do homework... background image from\r\n\r\nI love you Mom! Image (c) 2003 to me.

Image: nambrothsm.jpg   735x546 45083 bytes 2003.02.05

This is what I've been working on for about a week now. A birthday picture (late!) for Nambroth, because she is a forkin' good artist and she deserves salad dressing. It's not half decent, but I tried. Nambroth is (c) herself, Image is (c) 2003 to me.

Image: novawuffsm.jpg   450x450 23267 bytes 2003.01.19

Mwahahah, I did my worst! Uhm, yah, still on a picture-for-friend kick thing. This one's for Nova, because I've been meaning to draw her... she's very cool.. and nice. ^^ I left out the redtail hawk sections of her because I'm kinda lazy. Speaking of lazy--the pose of the wolf is referenced from a wolf picture on \r\n\r\nImage is (c) 2003 to me, Nova is (c) herself. (ps, that sad stuff in the bottom left corner? that's my attempt at dead grass! it's kinda hard to draw yellow grassy stuff when you don't have any in your region! it's all green up here.. o_o)

Image: offerheart.jpg   300x300 51283 bytes 2003.01.23

Heh, was being moody. I was actually feeling okay when I drew this, I just wanted to try drawing a gryphon offering it's ripped out heart. Perhaps I'll try a better/updated version later. Image is (c) 2003 to me.

Image: ofrededredsm.jpg   600x600 40388 bytes 2003.01.23

Hey! I drew this one today (1/22/03) and spent most of my afternoon on it. Was working on texture, I like the fur, but the tail is kinda wonky and the feathers.. need work. I <3 the beak! ;> My mom named him 'Ofrededred' which would be a mix of the words 'Oded' 'Red' and 'Fred.' :lol: Ofrededred is (c) 2003 to meee!

Image: orca.jpg   650x450 48574 bytes 2003.06.15

Gift art for Orcabloo, because she's so cool! Such a nice person. :} Orca is (c) herself, image is (c) 2003 to me.

Image: orcabloo.jpg   550x300 16825 bytes 2003.01.19

This is a picture for Orca, just because.. I didn't want to draw myself again, and Orca's often depressed, just like me, so I wanted something to cheer her up. She has orginal coloring, it makes me happy. ^^ Image is (c) 2003 to me, Orca is (c) herself.

Image: orcabloosparkle.jpg   550x300 20444 bytes 2003.01.19

The same picture as before... with a sunburst in the backround. I couldn't decide which one I liked better... so I did both. Image is (c) 2003 to me, Orca is (c) herself.

Image: orcainbloo.jpg   300x300 19422 bytes 2003.03.25

For teh Orcabloo. She still hasn't told anyone that I know of of her new colors/markings, so it was in black in white until I did a bloo wash. Because Orca is teh Orcabloo, o'course... Yay for Oekakis. Orca is (c) herself, image is (c) 2003 to me.

Image: poorpledragon.jpg   350x400 21033 bytes 2003.03.03

Hrm! Just some random purple dragon I doodled on Oekaki. Had to start over too, when I lost the background. I was sad. However.. it turned out okay, la? Picture (c) 2003 to meeee. ^^

Image: prettigryphon.jpg   300x300 37423 bytes 2003.01.05

It's a pretti gryphon. The end. Image is (c) 2003 to me.

Image: purplemagicdragon.jpg   300x300 31731 bytes 2003.01.11

Yay for oekakis. This is just a purply/lavender dragon thing. That.. stuff... was supposed to be magic or something because I was too lazy to actually try and fix a messed up hand. Image is (c) 2003 to me.

Image: rani1.jpg   533x450 30539 bytes 2003.06.12

Rani Angerona, my new chara on Furc. She's a mute telepath clouded leopard... ^^ (c) 2003 to me.

Image: ravendances.jpg   500x300 54145 bytes 2003.01.11

I've been sleep deprived for a whole week now! What am I doing up at 12:32? Well, you see, oekaki is so addictive...\r\n\r\nActually I was looking up "bobcat as a totem" and really came across a few Raven things. Seeing as how Raven is my other totem, I was like.. kewl. And then I saw something that said how Raven's medicine was "blending human and animal". I thought that was pretty cool, so I had to draw an anthro Raven.. I like the mountains, for once. I wish we had clouds like that, let alone that much snow on the mountains.. :< the Cascades are pretty bare...\r\n\r\np.s... that's paint, not blood. ;> Image, as always, is (c) 2003 to me.

Image: reaching.jpg   300x300 28265 bytes 2003.01.11

"I reach but will never acheive." Drew this today when my teacher told me I couldn't move up to 5/6 Spanish.. depressed. Image is (c) 2003 to me.

Image: redkitesm.jpg   402x569 40136 bytes 2003.01.12

Ai, diós mio! I killed brain cells on this one... feathers this detailed are annoying.. or at least that wing was..\r\n\r\nAnyway, have been working on this on and off for a little over a week now, and I forced myself to finish it today. I like the head, but the colors are a bit off.. too much peach/yellow in the neck, should be more red. The eye is awesome, of course.. ;>\r\n\r\nThis would be a portrait of the vain little gryphon who draws all this art. ^^ Image and self (c) 2003 to me! ^___^

Image: screech.jpg   684x489 40960 bytes 2003.06.10

Stress relief. Would have done worse, didn't have energy, creativeness, or time. (c) 2003 to me.

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