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Image: jrlongng.jpg   480x694 108417 bytes 2001.04.04

I sat in bed one evening, wishing I coudl visit a land terribly far away and had a hopeless feelingthat I woudl never get to visit there. Its a real place, one I dream of visitng andmaybe even living in. ifonly dreamscoudlbe true...

Image: jrlonroo.jpg   350x490 44004 bytes 2001.04.05

sometimes you just feel alone. Worked froma sketch I did in the afternoon when all was silent

Image: jrmagfam.jpg   800x516 100006 bytes 2001.11.06

just a young ringtail mage and perhaps a little familiar he picked up along the way, or just some little joey who came across the right person.

Image: kestralc1.jpg   332x600 41324 bytes 2002.01.27

Finally made a picture back for a wonderful lady cheetah who drew me a few times. Kestral, this one is for you! Hope you like the rose.

Image: reflectn.jpg   809x489 153248 bytes 2002.08.29

they sya water shows true reflections. some of you might know what I am hinting at. Its an IC type thing.

Image: remorse.jpg   677x600 124045 bytes 2005.07.07

Based loosely from a pose in a photograph by Boris Vellejo. I ended up extrapolating from it to make this one. Still experimenting with pen, trying to use a bit less ink on the page.

Image: RHA.jpg   822x620 121629 bytes 2004.08.28

Made a few small inking mistakes, though largest is the title. Should have been Raging Henati Apathy. Inspired by a story from a few friends of mine. I swear the phrase will forever be burned into my mind.

Image: rohoKes.jpg   387x316 31478 bytes 2002.08.29

Roho and Kestral, two wonderful friends of mine. Wish I could do them justice on the paper.

Image: roomage.jpg   578x806 64790 bytes 2000.11.13

something I put some time into. The paw didn;t turn out as I liked adn the scan doesn;t make very good on the transitions of darkness into the deep black. sometimesscanners are too sensitive. but ehre goes anyway. I will prolly be toying with the original for some time anyhow :o) its supposed to be a roo in darkness holding kind of a fire spell\n

Image: shada4.jpg   300x521 29515 bytes 2001.12.02

Finally getting the new dsign closer to what I like. And finally stuck clothes back onhim, though its a shame to cover the pretty stripes. This be me though :o)

Image: shadsheet.jpg   600x521 48172 bytes 2005.06.06

A small sheet showing off Shadowstalker's markings. Hopefully will have sheets up for some of my other characters and forms later.

Image: shd-kyt1.jpg   655x510 119050 bytes 2001.09.08

Had to patch this picture up one, repaired a small mistake that mad ea big difefrence. This is Shadowstalker having a little snack of a very spiffy dragon, Kyteriah. A bit of an experiment with new paper and materials as well

Image: sinkabies.jpg   800x496 120923 bytes 2005.07.14

doodled on a request and a bit of a whim, a few wallabies sinking into a tarpit

Image: slums.jpg   681x522 383420 bytes 2002.08.29

listening to a little too much music and got somethign stuck in my mind. about as close as I could get to it

Image: snkshad2.jpg   741x1037 168692 bytes 2000.10.31

kind of a voreish piccie I guess. little of my fetish *blush* playing with backgrounds and the like. Not very good at them yet. learnign other techniques from drawing classes and trying to apply them. This is just my char, Shadowstalker, stuck in a bit of a bind\n

Image: snowroo1.jpg   489x600 40126 bytes 2001.12.15

I really miss snow, among other things

Image: SS-aarlynn030307csmall.jpg   500x813 82713 bytes 2007.07.22

Decided to give Aarlynn a new outfit.

Image: ss-aarlynnforflinthoof.jpg   700x555 59762 bytes 2007.07.22

Flinters seemed to like my succubus, Aarlynn, so I gave him a date with her!

Image: ss-aarlynnforflinthoof2.jpg   800x629 65870 bytes 2007.07.22

Careful there, Flinters. She's a dangerous date!

Image: SS-coffee-enforcer-ink.jpg   500x458 31197 bytes 2006.12.01

Coffee Enforcers

Ryan and myself in our coffee slogging gear. Well, we wish they'd arm us. It would help fend off those fools who want the 172.5 degree, 4 equal, sugar free vanilla, no whip skim white mochas...and then whine when its 173 degrees....\r\n\r\nCoffee enforcers Ryan as 'Decaf' and Shadowstalker as 'Regular' See, caffeine will stunt your growth!

Tags: lemur wallaby coffee humor  
Image: ss-cookiemouse.jpg   500x365 66172 bytes 2007.07.22

PLaying with pencils. Inspired by some real mice I work with.

Image: ss-duncanvsshadow1.jpg   650x837 116071 bytes 2007.07.22

How does a four foot tall wallaby beat a giant kangaroo? By cheating! I need to color any later ones so we all know its Duncan.

Image: SS-fatnhappy.jpg   360x518 18618 bytes 2006.06.16

This one came entirely by accident! Was working on flat colors for a larger piece and realized I had a nice stylized wolf. So here it is! Looks happy. Maybe had a lot of ice cream or something.

Image: SS-GenesisPistols.jpg   500x610 42854 bytes 2006.11.13

Genesis going Guns Akimbo. This is Shadowstalker's opposite.

Image: SS-genesissheet2006-2.jpg   500x572 41316 bytes 2006.09.26

Part of a newer character in the long list of them I have. She normally goes by the callsign Genesis and is actually a relative of Shadowstalker. Like Shadowstalker, she has an elemental form, her element being light which opposes his element of void.

Image: ss-genesistoys.jpg   500x622 48738 bytes 2007.07.22

Shadowstalker's revised counterpart, Genesis showing off her guns.

Image: SS-GoingSomewhere.jpg   600x434 33533 bytes 2006.12.01

You aen't trying to leave Aarlynn behind, are you? She might not like that...

Image: ss-gz-mrk.jpg   1002x693 90328 bytes 2003.07.26

My first attempt at marker coloring. I'll get better at this in time I think, Anyhow, this is Grimzero, an RP char of mine. Rather fatal femm if there ever was one.

Image: SS-Hunters.jpg   500x440 95245 bytes 2006.09.05

A pair of young hunters. They'll likely spend the rest of their lives together through good and bad. That wolf is definitely going to outpace his rider for size though as they grow.

Image: SS-Jamey-Bed.jpg   500x639 78787 bytes 2006.11.05

My lil ringie self hoping for company.

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