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Image: ss-jamey-soft.jpg   455x700 91946 bytes 2006.12.01

My ringtail persona with a lil more texture. Had fun working on this one.

Image: ss-jameylab.jpg   500x585 75132 bytes 2007.07.22

My ringtail persona, Jamey, doing some of what I do IRL.

Image: ss-lilringie.jpg   500x384 44606 bytes 2006.12.01

Just a lil ringtail for practice.

Image: ss-ooeygooey.jpg   600x545 57833 bytes 2007.07.22

Borrowed a pose from a anime pose book and just had some from there.

Image: SS-PandaButt.jpg   500x470 36673 bytes 2006.11.13

A cute lil red panda dressed up for a night out.

Image: SS-RedPandaPose.jpg   400x651 29775 bytes 2006.12.02

Working up a little red panda for a friend of mine. Put her on bristol this time so I can try doing some decent coloring.

Image: SS-RPandaPract.jpg   350x568 47312 bytes 2006.12.01

Trying to practice texture with colored pencil

Image: SS-Ryknix.jpg   1024x512 67599 bytes 2006.11.13

Character sheet for a new species I brewed up. I needed something batty so here we go. One more for the menagerie.

Image: ss-sabre.jpg   600x776 165382 bytes 2007.07.22

Shadowstalker's "daughter", an android kangaroo named Sabre.

Image: SS-Sahnket.jpg   400x497 35017 bytes 2006.12.01

My pretty lil Ryknix linguist, Sahnket, in her usual clothing.

Image: SS-TubRoo.jpg   500x510 46260 bytes 2006.11.13

Bathtubs and bubblebath. You can play dirty there and still come out clean.

Image: ss-voidshadowc.jpg   523x700 83853 bytes 2007.07.22

Shadowstalker and his elemental form looming behind him. Messing with some new markers. Haven't got the hang of them yet.

Image: ss-zombies.jpg   500x410 34572 bytes 2007.07.22

For all those coffee addicts out there. We're not much different from zombies before that first cup, are we?

Image: tarot.jpg   436x500 69748 bytes 2005.06.27

Ink drawing of my ferret incubus, Tarot. There's plenty of stroy behind him but thats not for here. Practicing with pen drawing. I rather like how it looks.

Image: terraumbra.jpg   1022x1156 181951 bytes 2003.01.19

a li piccie I worked up for a friend of mine. also a bit of experimenting in this as well. didn;t turn out too bad though.

Image: umbra-1.jpg   660x343 67573 bytes 2002.08.29

One of my chars, Umbra, duke'n it out with one of her own kind. You can guess who won.

Image: UmbraKiro1.jpg   640x408 29145 bytes 2004.10.11

Working on some doodles of Umbra this time around. Toughest thing of her is she is black, fur hair everything, well not the eyes of course. Experimenting some with fabric in some spots as well.

Image: Umbraroof.jpg   600x569 74514 bytes 2004.12.30

Messing around again. PLenty of things to fix here but otherwise not horrid. Umbra doing a bit of after xmas shopping...using a five finger discount!

Image: voodoo_otter.jpg   549x588 142878 bytes 2002.01.13

This is a little something Tarka ended up with in his sketchbook after I visited him. was just havign a good time and tinkering about some. Now I can tickle him no matter where he is!

Image: wufpilot.jpg   434x703 57099 bytes 2002.01.13

Was muddling about with this one. Had no reference for drawing the plane though so I stopped it where it was. Another sketch I did on a fur's sketchbook while I was out in Oregon wandering

Image: xyanth1.JPG   432x554 52984 bytes 1999.09.15

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