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Image: dinaroo.jpg   506x636 38093 bytes 2003.09.29

It's a dinosaur kangaroo thing.. I think.\r\n\r\nart (c) me

Image: elephant.jpg   463x710 62816 bytes 2003.11.04

Wow, I actually did a background. Bricks are evil. The elephant needs a name.

Image: elephant1.jpg   491x990 42675 bytes 2003.10.26

I'm like uber happy with the inking of this so I'm uploading it. I'm planning on drawing her warming her hands over one of those trashcan fires so that explains the odd pose.

Image: evalcritter.jpg   733x770 87577 bytes 2003.10.01

Another of them critters. This is a pretty much evil one. It has three black crystals. It's blood is pretty normal though. It takes a lot to get black blood. It's right hand is bound so that all of it's strength goes to the left which to them represents darkness or evil or whatever. The "evil" ones aren't really all that evil it's just that they're weird and not good. As you can see it's eyes are mostly black unlike the good critter. \r\n\r\nevil critter (c) me shank shannon hill etc.

Image: goodcritter.jpg   579x807 50403 bytes 2003.10.02

Grr I put it in the wrong directory. \r\n\r\nAnyways, I made up a lil' race of these things and they do magic. This is a semi-good one. They imbed crystals into their heads. The white around the crystal symbolizes blood and it's white cause he's supposed to be good and pure. He would have completely white eyes but he's not completely pure so there is some black. His left side should be bound not his right. I forgot cause I started it a couple months ago, stopped then finished it recently. I think I originally meant for him to be evil. Oh well.

Image: lazynoir.jpg   583x461 41153 bytes 2003.10.25

Noir being a lazy bum. I have no idea what he's wearing.

Image: noir1.jpg   497x820 58267 bytes 2003.10.20

OMG!!!1 I did a background... kind of.. yay. I'm thinking of naming him either Noir or Violet (pronounced vee-oh-lay). I'm pretty sure I'll go with Noir.

Image: origblake.jpg   671x354 52710 bytes 2003.09.28

A fluffy dragon-ish thing based on Blake.\r\n\r\nart (c) shank

Image: pvpage1.jpg   872x616 53843 bytes 2003.10.20

French speaking Raoul! I had to make a comic for French class about a bad day. Poor French speaking Raoul. \r\n\r\nI did backgrounds. Teehee. ^_^

Image: pvpage2.jpg   891x648 49459 bytes 2003.10.20

French speaking Raoul and Noir/Violet!! Yay! Noir's acting as a girl in this one cause stuff. He even shaved his chin for the part. Yay.

Image: raoul1.jpg   516x611 28920 bytes 2003.10.20

Made up a new character. His name's Raoul. Say hi to Raoul everybody. I think he's some predator/prey hybrid.

Image: raoul2.jpg   580x886 53354 bytes 2003.10.20

More Raoul.

Image: rappyrar.jpg   819x1020 171963 bytes 2003.09.28

Rapscallion sitting there doing who knows what.

Image: rarshank.jpg   564x665 86271 bytes 2003.09.28

Shank just standing there.\r\n\r\nShank is (c) me

Image: troistongues.jpg   913x542 49835 bytes 2003.10.03

Poor three tongued thing.

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