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Image: saph.jpg   400x533 83237 bytes 2004.10.25

Another commission I've owed for a while. This is somewhat different from the concept sketch I had, but I think it's much cooler anyway (I would). I promise I will stop doing pinuppy stuff. Later. Sapphire is Ravette

Image: calicat.jpg   300x583 44811 bytes 2004.10.19

I've owed this for a while, though I'm not terribly sure if anyone quite remembers why. Cali seems to get a lot of art out of me that way. A silly, worhtless pinup. But it makes me happy. It also makes the guys next to me in class go 'Hey baby'. Calista is Michelle Latta

Image: 8000.jpg   503x707 62010 bytes 2004.10.18

For Z-Cat, the 8000th hit to my website. The last 4 hits or so I've offered, Z's always missed it by 1 or 2, heartily complaining to me each time. At last, he is satisfied, and now dances with his free picture in hand. I tried a new coloring style, I guess I like how it turned out. The background is an hour speed painting, the snow and cobblestones was another fortyfive minutes or so. The character took some time too ;) I'm happy, it's not often I can finish coloring in a day anymore... especially on something so complicated ^^ Varian is Nick Bliss

Image: talnew.jpg   450x680 85632 bytes 2004.10.11

First off...GAH. This now holds the record for the longest time I've ever spent on a photoshop peice. So much....FUR! *hair ripping*\r\n\r\nIn any case, a little fun with Talathia. Back when I first drew in her '99, her hair was blond. It's changed now, but I kinda liked it better this way. Heh. Tala struts on the beach, carefully re-arranging her clothing and the black pearls she stole from someone's wife. It's impossible to do an image search for 'black pearl' and not get Johnny. That's right. Just try it.\r\n\r\nTalathia is Kristi Nichols

Image: sepiafox.jpg   350x693 75369 bytes 2004.09.19

Not even I'm too sre what it is All I know is that I was bored and everyone needs a generic fox-like furry. She's Shannon Fowler

Image: loonie.JPG   500x578 58396 bytes 2004.09.17

At last! It is complete! More work on my loon character, who is now in desperate need of a name! (I swear I had one last week. I think school pushed it out of my brain) Not a perfect peice, but indeed better than I thought I could ever do. Photoshop's brick filter from now on, I swear ;) Loon is Shannon Fowler

Image: loons.JPG   400x699 27095 bytes 2004.09.03

I felt like drawing a loon. I'm not very pleased with where the focus of the image is (by accident) but ohwell. It's a loon. With blue. Next time I promise it will be a reasonable color. Loon is Shannon Fowler

Image: mold.JPG   450x535 46507 bytes 2004.08.28

Playing around with Painter's brush effects and a limited pallet. 5 colors, the blindness was a side-effect I wasn't going for. A lot of symbolism, I'm sure, but I'm too tired to real ly, truly notice. Emily and Mylie are me\r\n\r\nOn a side note, I'm holding a print auction on furbid: if you're interested. Thanks!

Image: tp67yerf.jpg   450x600 62486 bytes 2004.08.14

Uhmn. Doodle, mostly, for the 67th Yerf Trading Post. Fun, if messy and stupid. \r\n\r\nDawndra is Shelly Monahan\r\nArtwork 2004 Shannon Fowler\r\n

Image: treecalikat.jpg   600x559 82793 bytes 2004.08.10

Compress poorly much?\r\n\r\nI don't remember how or why I owed this, but alas, it is finally complete, with stupid things that may be symbollic representations of trees.\r\n\r\nThis actually turned out quite well, I think. The only white used in the picture is the CREEPY EYES that kitties have. Some of you will displeased she has clothes, unlike what kitties have (ie none). Haha.\r\n\r\nSomeone call a fire truck.\r\n\r\nCalista Kitty is Michelle Latta

Image: aseka04.jpg   400x550 76806 bytes 2004.08.04

I'm not actually sure what would compell someone to stand on a streetcorner in downtown LA, lean back, and ignore the searing paint of a lightsaber in your butt (and not notice that the lightsaber isn't casting any light). And yet. Here we are. A late birthday image for her owner. The first inked background I've ever tried. Yes. I know the perspective is off. Damn you and your vanishing points.\r\n\r\nAseka is Michelle Latta\r\nArt Shannon Fowler

Image: winter1.jpg   350x699 65290 bytes 2004.08.04

My first try with my new pens of love and peace. God I love my pens. I still suck at drawing tho. But... Peace! Wintering is Shannon Fowler\r\n\r\n*dramatic music plays*

Image: outcast.jpg   350x811 73998 bytes 2004.08.04

A long outstanding commission. Though I'm not sure if it counts as such if it's free ;)\r\n\r\nStill don't quite got that inking thing down. It's crazay! O.o\r\n\r\nHagusa is Eric

Image: bluethi.jpg   300x622 52829 bytes 2004.08.01

Concept work for a joint comic me and my 'buds' are planning, with the working name of 'Blue's a Funny Color'. If she's so wannabe goth you think your head will explode, then good. She's supposed to be a parody of all those types you find in the furry universe. (you know who you are). She's a Raven, btw. I suppose it'd be funnier if she were like, a bluebird, but tough :P\r\n\r\nThi is Shannon Fowler

Image: oczcat.jpg   500x500 92265 bytes 2004.07.29

Results of an OC session with the wonderful and patient Nick Bliss ^^ He drew his character, I did mine, and strange things wrote themselves on the image >.> <.< Raei is Nick Bliss and Emily is Shannon Fowler

Image: deadblade.jpg   400x945 70387 bytes 2004.07.21

For an AU fanfiction, I suppose. What would happen if such-and-such never occured? Answer: Not a happy ending. Heh. I never have happy endings. That'd be too rewarding to the reader. Emily is Shannon Fowler

Image: awrenac.jpg   400x575 44962 bytes 2004.07.21

Doodle, me testing out my new Wacom Tablet of Love and Peace. (No more doom!) I think it's really cool, and a lot easier on my hand (plenty of doom there). Anyway, a Swan character I've decided to name Awrena. You may see her in a comic eventually-once I learn to draw. Awrena is Shannon Fowler

Image: calikbeach.jpg   600x581 109334 bytes 2004.07.07

Collaboration with the talented Michelle Latta. Hopefully will become prints available at AC04. If not, it's just something pretty to look at ;D Linework and Character Michelle Latta, Color-like stuff Me. MEeeeeeeee.

Image: yerfjune04.jpg   400x627 69544 bytes 2004.07.06

For the June Yerf Secret Santa Trade. I really enjoyed doing this, despite the fact it took forever just to find working hardware to do it :P S'trinsha is Xazy

Image: yerftp58.JPG   450x670 83213 bytes 2004.06.10

For the 58th Yerf Trading Post. It's apparently a rare zebra-thing called a Quagga. The birds are Peachfaced Lovebirds, also native to africa. The background is a 45 minute speed painting (or I think it is. I didn't time it, but I know it couldn't have been longer than that) done with a photo reference of African grasslands. Quadiva is Tarah Fae

Image: wings.jpg   550x381 33468 bytes 2004.06.08

This one probably deserves to be stuck on VCL Horrors. With a caption of 'What the hell is that?' To answer the question, I honestly don't know. All I know id it's ugly and the anactomy is off. But ah, at least I admit it.\r\n\r\nAnyway, if anyone's interested, I'm taking free commissions/art trades for one long push until after Anthrocon... when I'll probably move myself to furbid. Yum. Thingy is me.

Image: cheta.jpg   450x584 54723 bytes 2004.06.03

Watching documentaries does this to me. Meow. She's Shannon Fowler.\r\n\r\nThat's me.\r\n\r\nMeow.

Image: reald.jpg   500x592 62340 bytes 2004.06.03

Gryllus yelled at me because my ducks were too 'Disney-esk'. Honestly, ducks are the ugliest things I ever saw.\r\n\r\nQuack. Emily and Winterwing are Shannon Fowler

Image: sedia.jpg   450x743 79955 bytes 2004.05.15

I'll be willing to ignore the fact it's drawn on the back of my Choir events calander if you are.\r\n\r\nUh huh.\r\n\r\nSedia (name and design pending....) are me.

Image: life2.jpg   500x597 62831 bytes 2004.04.08

Random Kitty for Shoomlah's second life drawing thread. I really like her.... graphite really is a lost art ^^ She's to me

Image: leather.jpg   500x522 30356 bytes 2004.03.09

A painting I did two days ago in...well, Painter. It was more a study on leather than anything else, but now that it's this far, it probably needs a background. Within 5 minutes of uploading it to Devart some guy faved it, so yeah, I decided to give her eyebrows... I mean, if people are going to fav it, she may as well have eyebrows :P\r\nArtwork 2004 Shannon Fowler\r\n

Image: wolflye.jpg   550x348 63289 bytes 2004.02.29

Woof. Knowing little about wolves and less about drawing, I decided to combine two bad things. I suck. She's Shannon Fowler

Image: 30710.jpg   200x300 34340 bytes 2004.02.17

Meow. Orange Kitty. Dolcea is Shannon Fowler. Says me.

Image: soma.JPG   400x410 22334 bytes 2004.02.03

Technicolor and oh-so fine. Soma is Shannon Fowler (because my name is apparently still not me >.>)

Image: fake.JPG   450x540 17700 bytes 2004.02.03

Pink duck + glowly eyes + yellow backlighting = STOP SNIFFING GLUE. *bows* Winterwing is Shannon Fowler, because the instructions say I'm not named Me O.o

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