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Image: mylie.JPG   340x436 32812 bytes 2004.11.10

Today on ways your spine doesn't bend! Every once and a while I realize what a bad person I am. I blame it on Mylie (anagraaaams are fun). Trying to express my sea of depression. I don't think I'm doing a good job. D'oh :P She's supposed to be pretty thin.... I think. Mylie is me.

Image: nair.jpg   300x583 44292 bytes 2005.03.15

I'm writing sort of an 'alternate universe' story about my character Emily... And I realized that for it to be even slightly plausable, she'd have to be bald.\r\n\r\nThat, and I watched the first two episodes of Star Trek: TNG this morning. Does it bother anyone else that Patrick Stewart has looked the same for the last twenty years? Emily is me.

Image: newlucky.jpg   300x705 38089 bytes 2005.01.07

I've been told to stop inking with whatever I can find >.>\r\n\r\nI should probably be told to stop inking ^^\r\n\r\nLucreatia is Disney

Image: next.jpg   356x408 61967 bytes 2005.04.19

I thought this was pretty dumb and poorly drawn when a first did it, but now that it's a few months after the fact, this strikes me as rather amusing. I love the squirrel that's apparently yelling 'KAHN!' on Emily's head. Emily is me, Lisa is Juston DeCristofaro

Image: octacali.jpg   539x633 162252 bytes 2006.01.13

Somewhere in between 'Casino Royale' and 'You Only Live Twice', I most certainly went mad.\r\n\r\nAnyway, Cali's been giving my little Tauren warrior new toys, and in the same night reminded me of my tria markers :D And quite clearly earned (bribed?) this. This would have been so, so much simpler with a working skin tone. I don't lile parts of it... but really, there's too much ink used on it to not show it :P\r\n\r\nCalista is Michelle Latta.

Image: oczcat.jpg   500x500 92265 bytes 2004.07.29

Results of an OC session with the wonderful and patient Nick Bliss ^^ He drew his character, I did mine, and strange things wrote themselves on the image >.> <.< Raei is Nick Bliss and Emily is Shannon Fowler

Image: OMG.jpg   400x284 38128 bytes 2005.04.09

Since I can't look at this without laughing or burning my eyes out, why not give it to a community that can. I have no idea what to do with it... and doubt I should try. I promise no more of these O.o Winterwing and Emily Me.

Image: outcast.jpg   350x811 73998 bytes 2004.08.04

A long outstanding commission. Though I'm not sure if it counts as such if it's free ;)\r\n\r\nStill don't quite got that inking thing down. It's crazay! O.o\r\n\r\nHagusa is Eric

Image: ow.JPG   300x267 14213 bytes 2006.01.25

Oh man. I broke some of my *own* rules in there. :/\r\n\r\nEmily Shannon Fowler.

Image: penguin.jpg   450x666 51977 bytes 2006.12.29

I have mixed feelings about 'Happy Feet'. I think it was improperly marketed as a children's was too long, had no less than four seperate political undertones, and the plot lacked a lot of originality.\r\n\r\nBut I'll be damned if I didn't like watching the little bastards dance \r\n\r\nThe entire thing is vector - including my signature. Damn, I do love the live trace option \r\n\r\nArt belongs to me.

Image: ravenfin.jpg   475x708 58007 bytes 2005.12.11

It's a crime against humanity, how much I had to tone down that shirt. The shirt was f'in awesome XD But then it turned out he commissioned me for the raven, not the shirt ;) This is probably the final version of it, I'm waitin to hear back from him. COMPESSION IS MY ENEMY. Nalfemi is M. Carpenter Edit: Sorry for re-up, requested change by commissioner.

Image: real.jpg   504x615 55301 bytes 2006.01.29

I've owed art to the FAX2 community for a while, so I nabbed a character who didn't get art last month from their secret-santa-ish person.\r\n\r\nHer creator's reference pictures seemed to give her a more humanoid face, so I went with that. I don't even know how many times I had to redraw this thing before I got it scanned in. Blaerg!\r\n\r\nThe best part was when I had to take a break to spend 2.5 hours on my drawing homework (ps, 6.5 hours to go).\r\n\r\nWillow Seifteye (the character used) is Squirrelygurl

Image: reald.jpg   500x592 62340 bytes 2004.06.03

Gryllus yelled at me because my ducks were too 'Disney-esk'. Honestly, ducks are the ugliest things I ever saw.\r\n\r\nQuack. Emily and Winterwing are Shannon Fowler

Image: redgrey.jpg   500x733 46992 bytes 2005.10.08

Just something where myself and 5 other artists of the duck variety chose a color. Most everyone chose emotional qualities. Red being something of a lustful AND insane emotion, I'd rather just stick to the horrid color itself. This isn't the 'final' version, as that had to have a white background, btu I found that ruined a lot fo the contrast of saturation and non. So, grey it is.\r\n\r\nI don't much like red. Working with RL pigment, red is one of the weakest, and hardest for factories to fix correctly. Most reds I come accross are faded or icky. PLUS red is one of the first colors to fade from images, or painted rooms, etc. \r\n\r\nRed's all nice when you first look, but what primitive uncouthness lies benethe? \r\n\r\nThis looks an awful lot like Senotay. Senotay's me. lol.

Image: rival.jpg   340x767 77847 bytes 2006.07.10

The similarities between Emily and Starbuck kind of worry me. Both are snarky little blond girls, with a fracked up right knee, and pilots.\r\n\r\nThe only thing for it was a flightsuit based off that horrid brown/blue color scheme. Whoever designed those boots needs a good whack with a champagne bottle filled with acid.\r\n\r\nEmily belongs to me, as does the art.

Image: road.jpg   450x370 81750 bytes 2006.03.29

Hmm. Winterwing and Emily meet.\r\n\r\nThis conversation goes something like:\r\n"Who did this to you?"\r\n"Well. He's about nine feet high and cranky."\r\n"*What*?"\r\n\r\nI'm not too worried about her. Most of it isn't hers. MWAHAHaaaaaa.\r\n\r\nLame background.\r\nWinterwing and Emily are me.

Image: sand.jpg   477x317 52959 bytes 2004.01.12

A sand demon concept. RAR! Isn't he just evil? He's me

Image: saph.jpg   400x533 83237 bytes 2004.10.25

Another commission I've owed for a while. This is somewhat different from the concept sketch I had, but I think it's much cooler anyway (I would). I promise I will stop doing pinuppy stuff. Later. Sapphire is Ravette

Image: sedia.jpg   450x743 79955 bytes 2004.05.15

I'll be willing to ignore the fact it's drawn on the back of my Choir events calander if you are.\r\n\r\nUh huh.\r\n\r\nSedia (name and design pending....) are me.

Image: sepiafox.jpg   350x693 75369 bytes 2004.09.19

Not even I'm too sre what it is All I know is that I was bored and everyone needs a generic fox-like furry. She's Shannon Fowler

Image: sesasep.jpg   400x712 106432 bytes 2005.05.26

The jury is still out on this one. May dissapear fairly fast, may not. All I know is I won't be joining the watercolor society anytime soon. Late submission for the Yerf Secret Santa-esk trade of october. Like. Really late. Ambrose is Jenny Biggs, artwork Shannon Fowler

Image: sheep2.jpg   316x362 35415 bytes 2005.02.02

Have you had your surrealism today?\r\n\r\nSomeone said that the human head was made up of a sphere and a cone. I obviously heard something different. Fleecy the Unfortunate Sheep is me.

Image: smew.jpg   500x613 85691 bytes 2005.05.09

Sorry if there's any splotches I missed. I learned today why we don't play with india ink next to our open sketchbooks (we're smart artist, yes we is!). Anyway, uhmn. It's a duck. Winterwing is me, the logo on his jacket is probably Disney >.>

Image: soma.JPG   400x410 22334 bytes 2004.02.03

Technicolor and oh-so fine. Soma is Shannon Fowler (because my name is apparently still not me >.>)

Image: squirrel.jpg   400x581 56664 bytes 2005.02.10

To answer the question.... NO, these aren't going to be made into prints. Finding bizzare ways to eat cute, fuzzy animals is not funny. You're cool if you get it. Squirrelly is me

Image: talnew.jpg   450x680 85632 bytes 2004.10.11

First off...GAH. This now holds the record for the longest time I've ever spent on a photoshop peice. So much....FUR! *hair ripping*\r\n\r\nIn any case, a little fun with Talathia. Back when I first drew in her '99, her hair was blond. It's changed now, but I kinda liked it better this way. Heh. Tala struts on the beach, carefully re-arranging her clothing and the black pearls she stole from someone's wife. It's impossible to do an image search for 'black pearl' and not get Johnny. That's right. Just try it.\r\n\r\nTalathia is Kristi Nichols

Image: titanic.jpg   400x544 88402 bytes 2005.03.15

Uhmn. I suppose you can't tell it's anthro, expect the hint of the beak attatched to his head... but it is! I also promise you he is not smothering her.\r\n\r\nI'd forgotten how hard it is to draw 'bed scenes'. Especially when no one really feels like posing for you. Hense the bizzare place it cuts off. Winterwing and Emily are me

Image: tommy.jpg   400x660 79168 bytes 2004.01.18

Pencils are fun!... I like how dark this looks. Mind you, I've been in a bad mood of late. Emily and Tom are me.\r\n

Image: tora.jpg   418x600 63536 bytes 2006.12.29

A bizzare thing that came out of the sketch-group this week. The idea for him came to me last night. I fear a story on the horizon. Damn. \r\n\r\nParts I like, parts I don't... but it really is just a bunch of marker over a sketch \r\n\r\nArt and character belongs to me.

Image: tp67yerf.jpg   450x600 62486 bytes 2004.08.14

Uhmn. Doodle, mostly, for the 67th Yerf Trading Post. Fun, if messy and stupid. \r\n\r\nDawndra is Shelly Monahan\r\nArtwork 2004 Shannon Fowler\r\n

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