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Image: swann.jpg   478x800 69304 bytes 2003.09.25

My first 'real' commission. Yes, I am on Tapestries, and, yes, I do wander down to the auctions, ostensibly to sell art commissions for MUCK money. This is the result, from a highly over-priced purchase by a cute bunny named Swann.\r\n\r\nSwann is, as usually, (c) himself. Art is (c) 03, t hughes.

Image: hatiwuff.jpg   481x800 52757 bytes 2003.09.25

Close friend Hati, from Furreality. This was a 'thank you' sort of thing. In his paw is a jar, with a heart (those adorably cute hearts from whenever someone kisses someone else in an extra cute way), if you were wondering.\r\n\r\nHati is (c) himself, art (c) t hughes.

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