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Image: Smow_fearie.jpg   600x964 79636 bytes 2003.02.01

A faerie i did about a year ago. Doing it in boutique too.\r\n\r\n--derwent watercolour pencils and a ffineliner.--

Image: unicornsea.jpg   700x682 117179 bytes 2003.01.31

Last upload of the day, i promise, you won't have to suffer my shocking art any longer.\r\n\r\nDid this over christmas, and scanned it the other week, and did a better bg than this, although it was the same layout ect, but we had a powercut, i was moody and cursing, lol. So i've just tried to make it how it was...ah well.\r\n\r\n--pencil, ink and adobe.--

Image: Lucy_Dwagon,_BG.jpg   700x495 79082 bytes 2003.01.31

A picture i did for my girlfriend. She likes pink, lol. \r\n\r\n--pencils and ink--\r\n\r\nLucy's dragon is both of us. =^-^=\r\n

Image: 3242.jpg   600x588 82880 bytes 2003.01.31


Image: cyborg_model_woman_thingy.jpg   600x848 89325 bytes 2003.01.31

One of my favourite ever pictures! OT though. Did it for a really good bestest friend of mine, lol. Hey Jake. He has a massive version painted on his wall, too me 10 hours to complete that one, and 4 for this one, i'm slow. I suppose it didn't help that i started it at 12:30pm, and finished it at 4:30m, ah well.\r\n\r\n--pencil--\r\n\r\nmetal me!!!

Image: gothicthing.jpg   300x428 29909 bytes 2003.01.31

I might have this as a logo. Anyway, i stayed at a friends house over the weekend and drew this, quite like it! Wish i'd've done more outlining over the arm and face like that on her shoulder though.--Fineliner!--

Image: dragons__blaze.jpg   500x615 61138 bytes 2003.01.31

An old request from neopets ( It's a skunk krawk, and they don't usually have wings, but they asked me to put them on so...--pencil + my fineliner!--\r\n\r\nKrawks

Image: birocrapscan.gif   479x844 158466 bytes 2003.01.30

i did it in chemistry, well STARTED it in chemistry, then did a bit in every lesson. It scanned really poorly, eand i tried lots of times. So..grrr!\r\n\r\n--A blue and purple biro--

Image: shaebikini.jpg   1061x750 171010 bytes 2003.01.30

I don't like her face. Or the colouring, lol. But Shae in a bikini! Doesn't happen often...

Image: bestpicofshae.jpg   620x877 164613 bytes 2003.01.29

Definatley my favourite of Shae. I love her face, but her rigt hand is a bit screwed. I promise i'll do a charachter sheet for Arli and Shae soon too,lol.\r\n\r\n-Sarah

Image: Arlian.jpg   300x456 47709 bytes 2003.01.29

Just a pic of Arli...with quick bg, lol. ;o Like the writing tho. \r\n\r\n-Sarah

Image: Arli_and_Shae2.jpg   585x774 179315 bytes 2003.01.29

I did this over christmas, lol. I rushed the bedclothes, but i wish i hadn't now. Shae's markings are a bit fooked, but i'm really happy with Arli, and i love her hair, lol.\r\n\r\npencil

Image: Arlian_and_Shae.jpg   400x475 60380 bytes 2003.01.29

Sorry it's so blurry. And hello ppl! I'm new..ahem..anyway.\r\n\r\nThese are 2 charachters of mine, Shae and Arlian (or Arli).\r\n\r\nArli: "I love you."\r\n\r\n(Shae cries)\r\n\r\nArli: "What?! What did i do?"\r\n\r\nShae: "I love you too you stupid bitch."\r\n\r\nThat's just the sort of dialogue going on, lol. Derwent Watercolour pencils and shamefully used Adobe.\r\n\r\n-Sarah\r\n

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