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Image: Quiky.jpg   500x656 72439 bytes 2003.03.17

\r\n\r\nQuick sketch I did in math (this could be why I'm failing) he's random and I guess feels\r\n\r\ (c) Ciara P.\r\n

Image: reallyoldralph.jpg   410x453 25115 bytes 2002.10.21

One of the first demons I ever came up with(its an old pic)... His name is Ralph, he only turns up when art thieves come sniffing around, God this is an old crapy pic, everything that could be wrong with him is. Oh well just some flashbacks for all you people.\r\nRalph (c) Ciara(SheWolf)

Image: ReleaseTheDemons.jpg   500x651 84118 bytes 2003.02.21

These demons are my own, they've eaten away at me for most of my existence here. Now that I have finally released them I have taken the final step in destroying my sense of well being. There is a reason that clock is set to 6:00, but I will never pens never died so shamelessly.\r\n\r\nart puke (c) Ciara P.

Image: sillyshewolfy.jpg   300x297 20488 bytes 2002.10.20

Just a silly little doodle of She Wolf cuz she's wierd (like me)

Image: Skizm.jpg   500x585 118039 bytes 2002.12.05

He was inspired by pain and extreme angst. He represents revenge and all it's glory. It felt good drawing this, after having my trust and heart recklessly shot down yet again. Skizm always has a single blood tear down his left eye, the right one is blind, showing that even though he is blind to the world he still witnesses the torment humans cause. For this he cries blood...not in pain, but in pitty, for those too reckless and stupid to see the pain they cause. There is more "symbolism" to him, but i wish not to share anymore....i need to feel better \r\nSkizm (c) Ciara P

Image: SpiffyMe.jpg   500x712 87420 bytes 2002.12.20

Yes eets meh anthro form. Not much to her, she has her SPIFF trench coat and her green pants, red shirt...and her *dramatic music* purple crowbar! *shrugs* I dunno, I love crowbars and this is Nokomis' weopon of choice. Yes her name IS Nomokis (Komi or Noko for short) it always has been, but She Wolf is just what she goes by either way sometimes eh. Neways yeh this is pretty much me 24/7 angsty and semi psycotic because of all the filthy morons that I have to deal with..oh well. Oh yes, she always has that rain cloud over her head...notice the pink hair band thingy, its just fer shits and giggles cuz one day it was all I could find to put meh hair up, so now it stays on\r\nShe Wolf (c) me

Image: SpitefulComfort.jpg   450x465 74843 bytes 2002.11.24

As I have said, Skizm is the demon that represents revenge. He is seen here comforting the broken innocence that is the young she wolf...interpret the blood on his claws how ever you wish for I will not explain what it means to me. Vengance can be self therapy in a comforts the soul as you restore order back to the universe...make sure everyone gets his or hers in this lifetime, if someone pisses you off get even, thats justice...plain and simple. So stick a spork in their pants! lol \r\nShe Wolf & Skizm (c) me

Image: TornApart.jpg   500x826 145988 bytes 2003.01.01

There's a side of me that is ruled by savage instinct and a constant want for vengance against the human race and what it does, then there's the side that still longs for affection and acceptance into their cruel world...I am torn by these two every day of my existence. \r\nNokomis/Messina (c) Ciara P.

Image: Wolfen_Tears.jpg   500x569 128763 bytes 2003.04.30

"A beast cries as only a beast can, for it is weeping over a lost fellow" -Me\r\n\r\nI had to put a friend of 14 years to sleep on April 28, 2003. I watched as she slipped away into nothingness. I wanted to go with her. I'm in such pain now. Nokomis is seen here with the limp body of her fallen friend, a small siamese cat by the name of Wally. I had her since I was 2 and I can comfortably say that a void is ripping through my very soul right now...I feel like such a child.\r\n\r\nNokomis & Wally (c) Ciara P.

Image: WordsKill.jpg   500x617 115662 bytes 2003.03.11

Words CAN bring you down! Just a pic that contradicts that song there. Anyway, this pic was done out of sheer amusment and some late night musings (I am not a sick person) and don't think of me as a depressed anitsocial, I just had a few bad months is all, but I'm getting better *shrugs* aww look he's sad...hanging there like that lol. (I don't really like that song)\r\n\r\nTrisket (c) Ciara P.

Image: YoteySnooze_copy2.jpg   400x391 18547 bytes 2002.10.18

Yeh...It's Yotey...and he's\r\nYotey(c) me

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