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Image: Pitcher_Plant_Girl_By_Shetira_Anwae.png   858x1088 137394 bytes 2007.11.15

Pitcher Plant Girl

A pitcher plant girl with a far too curious cheetess. Inspired by a forum thread on Eka's portal.\r\n\r\n©2007 Shetira Anwae (Shetira,

Tags: Vore Plant Cheetah Pitcher  
Image: Shetira_Cave_Slime_by_Shetira_Anwae.jpg   1446x907 261266 bytes 2007.10.20

Shetira and the Cave Slime

You just know the girls like to watch their films in wide-screen! Shetira and the Cave Slime... sounds like a classic, cheap special-effects sci-fi flick to me! Only... there's no special effects. It's a first-hand experience documentary! ^.^\r\n\r\n 2007 Shetira Anwae (Shetira,

Tags: Tales Purrfect Explorers Furry Explorer Shetira Anwae Slime  
Image: Worms_Advert.jpg   835x1090 289667 bytes 2007.07.21

Worms Contest Advert

This is yet another illustration of my Worms of Se'durra, being an advert for a contest where the losers have to slide themselves into the creatures and be transformed into disgusting mature worms. This also happens to be my first ever posted drawing with a human (called Ashiri in my world).\r\n\r\n 2007 Shetira Anwae (Shetira)

Tags: Shetira Anwae Cheetah Chi'ta Ambwassi Worm Vore Transformation   [More Info]
Image: Living_Latex_by_Shetira_Anwae.jpg   973x1017 204672 bytes 2007.07.21

Shetira Meets the Living Latex

The living latex creature depicted here is the property of Razul (, used with permission). It was originally featured in this story by Razul (see the comments link for the story on FurAffinity)\r\n\r\n\r\n 2007 Shetira Anwae (Shetira)

Tags: Shetira Anwae Cheetah Chi'ta Ambwassi Latex Slime   [More Info]
Image: The_Making_of_a_Pleasure_Slime_by_Shetira_Anwae.jpg   1200x1150 259556 bytes 2007.07.03

The Making of a Pleasure Slime

So... where do those love-making bright green pleasure slimes like the one aboard the Furry Explorer come from? Here's the answer!\r\n\r\nA pleasure slime was featured in my recent ultra-short story The Bath which is contained in Tales of the Purrfect Explorers Adventures, Volume 1 (in my stories folder).\r\n\r\n 2007 Shetira Anwae (Shetira)

Tags: Shetira Anwae Ambwassi Slime Transformation   [More Info]
Image: Robot_by_Shetira_Anwae.png   878x918 81487 bytes 2007.06.13


Just an idea for a sex-bot I came up with while playing with my brush pen.

Tags: Robot Sex Ambwassi Lep'rd   [More Info]
Image: tentacles2.png   740x906 57525 bytes 2007.04.24

Tentacles 2

Yet another tentacle drawing, this time of my character Sunawi Miwa, who is a senior pilot aboard the Furry Explorer. What it's doing to her? I have no clue.\r\n\r\nThis is my first attempt to use DAZ Studio as a pose reference in order to get my perspective and proportions right, something which has been lacking in my prior pieces.\r\n\r\nSunawi Miwa and Image are 2007 Shetira (

Tags: Sunawi Miwa Tentacle Shetira   [Comment]
Image: applications.jpg   673x974 123782 bytes 2007.03.21


Proving once again that I can't draw straight and clean lines to save my soul. Here, Miarra Nirra, a deck hand aboard the Furry Explorer, has agreed to let Kanuri Isha, a sciences xenobiology specialist aboard the Furry Explorer, pump gooey pink "tentacle juice" into her body. What she doesn't know is what Kanuri plans on doing with her once she is under the powerful effects of the tentacle juice.\r\n\r\nPencil, india ink pens, digital colors.\r\n\r\nKanuri Isha, Miarra Nirra and image are 2007 Shetira (

Tags: Ambwassi jag'wr lep'rd Kanuri Isha Miarra Nirra Furry Explorer Shetira   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: zuka_comic.png   694x1036 123049 bytes 2007.02.09

Zuka Comic Page

This is another oldie that I decided to color and, this time a full page. I'm not sure what the characters thoughts/speech but it depicts a character being tempted into transforming herself into an amorphous creature of pure pleasure.\r\n\r\nSome of the finer details of this image are obsolete, world-development wise, but I posted it as a contrast to my more recent work.\r\n\r\nZuka, zuka transformation device and image are 2007 Shetira (

Tags: Zuka, Transformation, Ambwassi, Furry Explorer, Shetira   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: alienpornshoot.jpg   760x718 136275 bytes 2007.01.29

Alien Porn Shoot

A pair of would be porn stars are about to find out just how risky alien types of porn can be... lesbian sex while being slowly digested by an alien beast. The lesson: Always read the script before you sign on the dotted line.\r\n\r\nPencil and India ink, colored and effected in Paint Shop Pro 7.\r\n\r\nThis image is 2007 Shetira (

Tags: Ambwassi alien vore porn jag'wr pan'tyr   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: worms_contest.png   775x703 109922 bytes 2007.01.26

A Truly Altering Experience Of A "Reality" Contest

"Give people something bizarre and disgusting and they'll make a contest to try to get people to inflict it upon themselves for your viewing pleasure."\r\n\r\nMechanical pencil and architectural pen with digital flat colors and text blocks. Another worm related image and a worm related short story can be found in my gallery here.\r\n\r\nThese generic characters and image are 2007 Shetira (

Tags: Ambwassi, worms, transformation, alien   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: tentacles.png   761x455 82488 bytes 2007.01.10


Ah, the obligatory tentacle drawing. This colored doodle features my characters Luri Senwa and Emwi Amara getting it on with some sort of alien thing.\r\n\r\nSketched and inked on 100lb non-acid inkjet cardstock, colors and textures in Pain Shop Pro 7.\r\n\r\nLuri Senwa, Emwi Amara and image 2007 Shetira (

Tags: Tentacle Alien Ambwassi Luri Senwa Emwi Amara   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: worms.png   491x634 45378 bytes 2007.01.09

Sliding In

In a bit of bizarreness: Shetira (me) is sliding into a strange, wet, worm-like thing to try out what it is like to be transformed into one of the strange, green caterpillar-creatures also depicted here.\r\n\r\nSketched on 100lb non-acid inkjet cardstock, inked with a Faber-Castell Fine tip India ink pen, colored in Paint Shop Pro 7.\r\n\r\nI have a story related to the worms seen in this image: [url][/url]\r\n\r\nShetira Anwae, worm-things and image are 2007 Shetira (

Tags: Shetira Anwae Cheetah Chi'ta Ambwassi Transformation   [More Info] [Comment]

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